Three Carols of Cozy Christmas Murder

Three Carols of Cozy Christmas Murder

Author: Beth Byers, Carolyn L. Dean, Angela C. Blackmoore

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 262

Language: English

Publisher: Freeform Publishing

Release Date: December 03, 2017

Description du Livre

ONE...First novel in a brand new cozy mystery series
TWO... Great new holiday cozies by two well-loved authors
THREE... fun full-length whodunits that will make you want to ignore the frost and snow outdoors and snuggle in with a thick blanket and a cup of sweet cocoa!

A Little Taste of Murder-–First in the NEW Brightwater Bay series-- A dead car, a vacation that’s really all about running away, and a guy face down on the steps to her rented cottage make Claire crave home. Even the promise of hopping a ferry for the beautiful San Juan Islands seems like an impossibility when everyone is trying to point fingers at each other. Right in the middle of it all, Miranda has to convince the tight-knit town that she’s not the murderer, even if the clues tell another, horrible story.

Cookies and Catastrophe--The 2nd Chance Diner is ready for Christmas! Rose has taken up knitting and has produced scarfs enough for half the town. The windows are painted with fake snow, the menu has added pumpkin and peppermint in all their forms. They’re even having a Christmas cookie bake-off. Things take a sinister turn when one of the bakers turns up dead. Was it the competition run amok? Was it some secret crime underbelly of Silver Falls? Maybe the gossip is off, and it was just a terrible accident? Rose decides that she won’t have another event at her diner ruined and decides to investigate. With the snarky Zee in tow, the two of them gossip their way through the murder while trying to avoid Rose’s budding romance—the detective who wants neither of them involved.

Winter Storms and Deadly Thorns--The year is 1901, and Katherine, a wealthy scion of a powerful Boston family has just buried her father. She is distraught, but her terror is only beginning when she learns that he was killed by those she thought she could trust. Now, she must wrest her life back from the brink of destruction with only the help from her failing grandfather and an orphaned houseboy. Will they succeed, or will her family’s legacy be irrevocably cast into shadow. Set within the Red Pine Falls cozy mystery series, this prequel explains the origin of the Morgan Family Treasure and the legend of Kat Morgan herself.

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