TTT – Favourite Ships


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Favourite Ships

(Mostly books, but a few others also…)

Today I’m discussing my favourite pairings, whether it be friendships that can’t ever be broken or the romantic sense. In no particular order. Putting this together was a little disheartening in a way because it just made me realise how many, uh, not so healthy relationships there are out there. Joker/Harley? Nooo.

1. John/Aeryn from the TV show Farscape.

I had never had a OTP (one true pairing) before, until I discovered this show. I heard the term OTP thrown around a lot, but never understood how someone could pick just one to focus on. Then this show got me hooked and I finally understood. John and Aeryn. This is mostly thanks to their chemistry which is utterly astounding, it’s in every small glance and the way they interact in ways that aren’t scripted. They seem drawn to each other. They can say just as much in their silence then they do with words and it’s just marvellous. I highly recommend this show. Give it a chance. It’s a bit slow in the beginning but my goodness does it build up over time.

2. Elend/Vin from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn.

These two are important in a way because (spoilers for the Mistborn series if you haven’t yet read it, I’m serious, don’t continue reading if you haven’t yet read it because you’ll want to someday. Turn back now! Don’t continue reading!) they never really got an ending together. Perhaps I say this as someone who doesn’t accept the concept of a resting place where you’re awake and able to experience it with others, but honestly… they’re so sweet throughout, the part where he dances with teasingly holding a book in her face (a running joke by that time) and then their ending? Gah. Way to rip my heart out, Sanderson.

2. Locke/Jean from Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard Sequence.

Ahh, the first friendship. This one I can safely say is platonic – Jean deserves a break from Locke sometimes at all and he can do so much better elsewhere, I say fondly, because Locke is just such a screw up. And he’s perfectly agonising with Sabetha, who I really hope we see even just hints of in the fourth book. These two have been through so much together since such a young age, and yet they still manage to keep going on somehow. How do they do it? Though they’re pretty amazing individually, they’re so much more together. Scott is probably well aware there’s one thing he can’t do in his series… and that’s kill of Jean. We’re watching you, Scott.

3. Mik/Zuzana from Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke & Bone series.

When I was first drafting this I had Akiva/Kaoru down as my pick, then I thought hang on – they’ve been through a lot together, sure, but can anything really top the utter delight and amounts of love Mik/Zuzana seem to explode convulsively with? The short Night of Cake and Puppets will honestly make you want to punch things because it is achingly perfect when it comes to capturing love in all its agonisingness. Honestly. That short is just. Gah.

4. Kaneth/Ryka from Glenda Larke’s The Watergivers trilogy

Because really, who can resist a good ol’ bitter ‘oh we have to marry, whatever’ and then slowly develop feelings for each other as the series progresses. Ryka is an amazingly strong woman throughout and as a bookworm she’s easy to identify with. This is simply a sweet pairing that you can’t get enough of.

5. Fred/Angelina from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series

Because I need one from Harry Potter, don’t I? It’s a hard decision. James and Lily protected harry through love alone. I want to say Remus/Tonks because I adored it when I first read it, but they were a little disappointing overall. They never seemed confident with each other, then they leave Teddy all alone in the world. So I went with another favourite. During the series when there’s dances and such, you always note Fred and Angelina are together. Then, well… you know what happens… and she ends up marrying… George. Which seems a little messed up. And with that epilogue I’m very surprised we didn’t get to read that George had twins and named them both Fred.

6. Sherlock/John from the original stories by Doyle, and just about every adaption since.

Another friendship pairing – yes, friendship, I know that seems shocking. These two however honestly make each other better. John Watson is the caring type and it gives him direction and something to keep his mind busy in a way which works for him. Sherlock needs someone to show off for, and to keep him polite and engaged socially in a healthy way. From the original stories through to each television series, whether it be Brett or ‘batch, we see this in each various format and it rings true. They have a friendship that all strive to achieve.

7. Shaun/George from Mira Grant’s Newsflesh series

This one’s a little messed up. I won’t say why as you either need to read this series or you know exactly what I mean. Most probably won’t agree with me on this one, but all I can honestly say is that I feel it’s realistic. After all they go through, and after what exactly happens… I feel it. I think the ending is accurate and honestly after reading it, it’s what I felt like doing. I needed a break!

8. Marco/Celia from Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus

Because this is a beautiful book, and the romance is handled so very well. Just another pure joy to read and experience.

9. Logan/Veronica from the TV Show Veronica Mars

Thanks to the kickstarter-funded movie we have the ship back that probably has rights to the most perfect and sicking ship-name out there… LoVe (I mean, that worked out a biiiit too perfectly, didn’t it?) but honestly, these two have a ridiculous amount of chemistry together also. Did you see the latest photoshoot of them with the marshmallows? My goodness.

Now, some may say that it’s Veronica/Piz all the way, but I think Piz is too good for her. She belongs with Logan because they’re just as messed up as each other, and they know what to expect. They can handle each other’s brand of awful. Just like Sawyer/Kate from LOST, but they were left out of this list for…

10. The Doctor/TARDIS from the television (and radio, and book) series Doctor Who

Yes, some may fight that Rose is The Doctor’s one true love (in which case, check out some of the original series of Who and you’ll see that he’s been that close with someone quite a few times now, and some may say it’s River as she’s his wife, and some may say it’s The Master or Romana (Romanadvoratrelundar) … but honestly, it’s the TARDIS. When she became Idris for a while it was a dream come true – someone he could interact with so much easier. She has been there for him since the start – she wanted adventure like he did and stole him away. She takes him not where he wants to go, but where he needs to be.


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