Laura Lam Giveaway Results


The Laura Lam giveaway has come to a close with excellent results! There were 274 entries in the end, the winners of the books have been contacted and have already responded with their details, so the books have been sent out!

Congratulations to:

Kristia M.

Celes C.

Rakib K.

As the competition went so well, I decided to through in a fourth prize of the first two short stories in the¬†Vestigial Tales series – ‘The Snake Charm’ and ‘The Fisherman’s Net’. The winner, Melissa T. has been contacted regarding this but has not yet responded! If we don’t receive a response within a week to confirm/discuss how she would like to receive the two titles, I shall redraw the prize. Melissa, if you’re reading this, please check your emails! :)

ETA 30 July: Sadly, Melissa never responded, which is a shame. The prize has been redrawn and the winner was: Tehani W, who has promptly replied, and the prize has been delivered! Hoorah!

For the rest of you, I’m already running another giveaway, details of which can be found here!

And I’m sure I’ll run more giveaways in the near future :) Thank you all to those who entered!

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