Review: Monstrositea Box 10, November 2014

Here is a review on the teas I received in November – Box 10 of Monstrositea‘s subscription tea service.

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Australian-based Monstrositea promise ‘4-5 different teas for you to try with enough of each to have approximately 3 cups (or one good sized tea pot). All loose leaf (except in exceptional circumstances)’ and offer a variety of different subscription terms whether you want a once off, 6 or 12 month, or bimonthly subscription.


They state on their website: ‘A Monstrositea subscription will take you on tea adventures all around Australia and the world. Try new styles, blends, origins, and techniques that you may have never come across before. No boring tea around here!’

The tea arrives in a nifty little box with nice packaging, and decent instructions to help you along your way. Though the directions on what temperature to boil the water to are specific, it doesn’t mean you have to have a fancy kettle that allows you to pick the exact degree – they also tell you how long to leave your kettle for after it’s boiled for the teas that need to be at 70°

Box10Tea1Info Box10Tea1

A tea with blue in it? Count me in! This tea is infused with passionfruit, kiwi, guava, spearmint – which you can really smell – ginseng and rose hips. Any tea that’s served black has my instant affection since I gave up milk. This has a light touch yet a depth of flavour,and I can really see myself turning to it often at work for a pick me up, or when I want something to settle my stomach or cleanse the palate. It’s really quite lovely and uplifting!

 Box10Tea2Info Box10Tea2

This is a mellow tea that is said to taste of caramel, cacao and sweet potato – I possibly needed to brew it for longer to get those through as it it tasted simply mellow to me. Quite nice, but not much flavour. This one can be used with milk and for blending with other tea, so I may just use it to amp up others.

Box10Tea3Info Box10Tea3

This is quite a lovely one! I had it with dinner and it went down well, with a light flavour and warmth throughout that handles itself well. Oolong’s are usually dependable and I love how you can continue brewing this one throughout the day.

Box10Tea4Info Box10Tea4

I love a tea that can be done hot or cold, especially living where I do where it’s basically a tropical heat all year ’round. I was a little hesitant with this tea at first, seeing as it looks like almost pure sugar (which I’ve been avoiding lately) but I really, really enjoyed it! It doesn’t taste sugary at all, just really fresh from the apples. This is exactly what I can drink from now on whenever I get a craving for lemonade – it’s brilliant! (Yes, it seems sugar is still one of its main ingredients but ahh well.) it’s simply refreshing and lovely to drink!


They have a great presence on Facebook and instagram, and update their twitter whenever they update their facebook, as well as answer any questions posed to them there. I’ve asked them one of two questions and they got back to me within a few hours, if not sooner.

Interested? Here’s the link to them again! Monstrositea!


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