Review: Okashi Connection December 2014

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Okashi (おかし), for those not in the know, means ‘snack’ in Japanese. Also used for confections, pastries or sweets and can also be written as ‘kashi’. 

For $22 and no more (no money for shipping, that’s already factored in) you’ll get a box delivered almost anywhere in the world (basically to any country that Japan ships to) that contains seasonal product to give you a true taste of Japan. They carefully order in bulk and choose product that are light so they can spend more on snacks and it isn’t wasted on postage.

You get a size 60 box with around a pound (between 400-600 grams) of items. They ‘strive to include things that are difficult or impossible to get outside of Japan’ and they include information and instructions on how to make / eat the items.

But hey, on to the photos and information!


This box was sent out on the 4th December, and arrived on the 24th, just in time for Christmas! Mine arrived in two boxes and they arrived on the same day, despite being sent separately.


Anpanman Chocolate Koro-Koro Ball

I do like the nifty packaging on these sorts of things. There were characters along the side of the box which were nonsensical in an awesome way – I’d love to know why they’re there, and what their advertising schtick is. The flavour of these was quite good, a bit like a malteazer texture.


Lumberjack’s Chocolate Stumps

These were quite cute and I’m sure would be cuter if they weren’t melted then re-clumped together! They had a nice texture regardless, yummy chocolate and decent biscuit that had a lovely crunch to it. This is certainly one of the things I’d buy again when I’m next in Japan.


Pierre-Ojisan’s Strawberry Rollcake

This was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but it was quite yummy despite appearances! It wasn’t too overly sweet and tasted quite fresh even though it’s just a cake in a packet.


Sakeru Muscat Gumi

Now these are odd. I really had no idea what I should expect when I opened the packet – they’re quite sticky with odd texture, and when you first put it in your mouth it’s quite… gluggy? It’s quite yummy though, and muscat flavour (grape) is always quite good – not too sweet, a bit tangy. So this was weird, but good!


Lotte Choco Pie

This was quite sweet but excellent, much like a wagon wheel without the jam part. The texture was good, it had a good crunch and I’ll always be a fan of anything that has marshmallow in it.


Lotte Custard Cake

This one I didn’t like so much – though it could have been another effected by the shipping and the heat we had here recently. I found it a bit overly sweet and just not that nice.


Abetsuko Fruit Ramune

Originally I didn’t receive it in my box. Very, very disappointing because it would have been my favourite piece in the box, and there wasn’t a note to say why – whether they ran out or something, so it just seems like there was a mistake. I let them know on twitter and had a reply within eight minutes, where they asked me to email them and they’d get it sorted out asap – so can’t really complain! That’s service. And mistakes happen. It arrived after a few weeks.

These were amazing. They had a slightly chalky texture – somehow in a good way – it dissolved quickly on your tongue and reminded me a lot of these special lollipop type of things I only had at a friend-of-the-families. Two-tone spaceship lollies – anyone remember them?


Natsukashi Curry Sembei

So these may have been stale when we received them – I’m not sure. The texture was soft rather than crunchy as we were expecting, but the taste and smell were spot on – it tasted exactly like Japanese curry and was incredibly delicious!


Fuusen Bubble Gum

These were yummier than expected! And the little pack they came in was rather neat – just a little tab pull thing to open the little door, but it has such a nice feel you kinda want to keep the packet for other things, maybe mints. The grape chews inside were a nice flavour, though you had to get quite a lot in order for the remains to be a good amount for a wad of chewing gum – most disappeared into yummy flavour pretty quickly.


Bonus item! Fairy Floss! 

In the monthly blog post, we were told: ‘Santa insisted on adding an extra item to the box, but refused to tell us what it was. He said it would be classically delicious, though ;)’ He was right! I’ll always be happy with surprise fairy floss.


Variety Christmas Pack

See the little pink packet in the bottom left corner? These are the best things in the world.


Some months you can also choose to buy extras where they have a limited number of each special item or extras pack, and you get a link to a google form to put up your hand for whatever you want, if you get in on time. Then you get a second charge to your account and volia!

December was one of these months! For $16US, we got the following:


Most were pretty common, but I do want to talk about…


Lemon/Lime thingy

So I have no idea what these are, but they seem to be a lemon and lime sweet – this was easily mum’s favourite thing in the box, and I think it was mine too! These last for ages and come individually wrapped as you can see above, and had a really, really nice flavour. Not too sweet, very tangy and great all round flavour.


They’re on facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram, and they’re really speedy with getting back to you. Their website is still the best place to start if you’re interested in learning more though.

They also have a referral program in effect! If you’d like $1 off your first box (hey, it’s already pretty cheap so that dollar counts!), enter the following into the ‘Referral Code’ box at the checkout:


And hey, if you do this and we can confirm that, then I may throw a little something extra your way – probably in the form of a book!

I highly recommend this subscription service, I looked at all the Japanese ones on offer (Skosh Box also looks good but they don’t ship to Australia!). I can’t wait to see what’s in the next box! I really loved this one and highly recommend it to anyone who loves Japanese things, or who just likes snacks! My co-workers have really enjoyed seeing what new thing I have to share each day :)

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