Life of a Blogger – Which superpower would you choose?


Life of a Blogger is an original feature/weekly meme created by Novel Heartbeat.

Which superpower would you choose?

To kick off my first post in the ‘Life of a Blogger’ meme series, we’re asked which superpower would you choose?

Everyone’s probably thought of this at some stage in their life. Whether you’re playing cutesy questions between new and old friends, or when you first start dating someone, or you just really like the X-men movies… most people probably already know their answer to this.

Somehow at work, when I used to work in records management, this question came up. I pondered the more usual abilities – flying, invisibility, etc… my co-workers? One reckon he wanted to be able to drink people under the table ‘to beat the Russians’. The other wanted to shoot lemon juice from his fingertips because that would beat anyone in a fight. …Interesting co-workers, for sure.

Personally… I don’t think I would go for the kinds of power that let you hear everyone’s thoughts or be invisible – that’s just asking for trouble, and while being able to move objects with your mind would be quite handy (I’d be able to turn off lights or get books off my shelf without getting out of bed!) it all doesn’t really seem worth it, somehow?

I think I’d have to go for healing ability (although surely that would sap your own life-force!) because being ill for the majority of my life, there is nothing more important than good health.

What superpower would you pick?


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