Knitting: Jo Sharp: Raglan Sweater

Jo Sharp: Raglan Sweater

Pattern found in Jo Sharp – Book Three.

RaglanInfoIt bothers me that ‘sweater’ is used in the title. Jo Sharp is an Australian wool designer yet sweater is an American term – though I supposed they’re her biggest buyers. Despite how many sheep Australia has for wool alone, knitting isn’t a well-known hobby here anymore and we have so few wool shops – whereas it’s crazy popular in America.

It also bothers me that she has two patterns (at least?) titled this, and that another one entirely comes up when searching.

This one uses Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran wool, and the pattern and photos show Venetian as the suggested colourway.

I’m not sure when this was started, but records say it was on June 2012 (I think earlier…) where I did about six rows then forgot about it.

RaglanProgressOneI picked it up again January 3rd 2015 with the intention of having enough of it finished by the end of the year that it could be blocked out against my partner (who I’m knitting it for) to see if it needs any adjusting.

My intention is to knit two rows a night – more on weekends – and really get stuck into it. I’ll try to update here with progress shots and thoughts once a month or so, and really track how things are going and to keep myself on track now I’ve told the world what I’m up to – I need to be held accountable!

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