Knitting: Building Blocks

Knit Purl Hunter: Building Blocks Blanket

Patterns can be found here.

So although I’ve been knitting – well, known how to knit – since I was a child, the only thing I ever made was little pouches for things (like tamagotchis), headbands and scarves. Mum usually cast on and cast off for me and I never tackled anything more than knitting and purling.

I’m almost 30, and now I finally have friends who knit and I go to conventions which is like knitting central, so I figured it was finally time to learn how to knit. I learned casting on and off (so simple), and my tension has always been good but… cable knit? Lace kinda things – how did that even happen? Knitting two together through back of loops, it seems. How did I learn that?

Through the Building Blocks pattern book from Knit Purl Hunter – Michelle Hunter. In this book she has 12 squares that teaches you one or two new techniques in each block, and they’re quite easy to get done within five or so days if you knit a little each night. It’s good for people like me who are still getting used to casting on and off as you have to do it at least once a week, and it really cements stitches I’ve never done before such as tbl, yo, k2tog. Else I’d only do them once and months would pass and I’d forget again. It also has how to read charts in it!

My mum’s also knitting these squares along with me. We’re doing half and half, and will eventually block them all together for a full blanket. I’m using Cleckheaton Country Silk 8ply wool that I originally bought for a brightly coloured jumper-dress type thing, and a blueish open long cardigan type thing. I didn’t realise there were so many wools SO much better than Cleckheaton to wear, and when the wool arrived the colour was significantly different than in the pattern book. In the book the colours looked deep and in reality they were a bit too… eh. There was no way I was going to wear it.

So that’s that! 12 squares each still won’t make a full blanket so I’ll get to double up on my favourite squares – probably the cable-knit ones!


Square One: Knit and Purl









Square Two: Charts








BBs3Square Three: Yarn Over and Bobbles








BBs4Square Four: Simple Decreases








BBs5Square Five: Cables

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