Knitting: French Cancan

Mademoiselle C: French Cancan Shawl

Patterns can be found here.

FCCStartSo I’ve decided that I think shawls will be my thing – plain patterns are a bit dull to knit, especially when it’s a full jumper or blanket of plain knitting. Shawls usually have a bit of fancy knitting to zazz it up a bit, so we’ll see how this one goes.

(Then I already have about fifty more favourited in my ravelry account.)

Using Malabrigo Yarn Arroyo in Prussia Blue, this will take about two skeins and uses a circular needle, then a cable needle or some double pointers to do a french braid around the border.

Already noticed from the photos along the side here that the yarn is a bit hard to photo – the colour looks different in each photo so far. Still, once I’ve finished I’ll try then to get some colour-accurate shots with my proper OMD EM5 rather than just being lazy and using my phone camera which is always on hand.


1st April 2015 – Cast on, ready for a holiday around Australia that would take two weeks. I had grand aspirations of finishing the main body of the shawl whilst away – actually having to stop and huff and wait to get home in order to do the cable and lace around the border. Pulled it apart and cast on again before leaving because the holes (from the yo/kfb in each corner) weren’t even.

14th April 2015 – Came home having done maybe ten rows, cast on a tea cosy whilst away and did woefully on that instead.

25th April 2015 – Currently at 116 stitches cast on, need to work the body of work until there’s 200 stitches. Ross River (similar to chronic fatigue) making it hard to knit more than a few rows a day.



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