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Trudi Canavan has been an inspirational Australian fantasy writer for many years now. Her latest series is just as epic as her previous, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. You can see my review of it here, and thanks to Hachette, you can click on the link below to enter to win 1 of 5 signed copies!

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I’ve sought her out previously for an interview, which I highly recommend reading – though it’s from some years ago, some of the answers given back then are timeless. A particular highlight about how effective Trudi is on social media follows:

7. You maintain a healthy twitter account which is a rare thing, particularly among Australian authors. Do you see it as a publicity tool, or do you enjoy twitter as well?

Though I decided to give Twitter a try because so many of my fellow Aussie authors were joining up, and my publisher had suggested I establish a greater presence on the internet, if I hadn’t found I enjoyed it I wouldn’t have stayed for long. I find the short format works well. I don’t usually have time to write long blog posts – in fact, I’d often start write a post to announce or comment on something on my blog and find I’d summed it up so quickly I ran out of things to say after one or two sentences. Those posts work much better in Twitter. I also like how it provides links to news and articles that other people recommend, so I don’t have to trawl a lot of blogs and websites to keep my ‘finger on the pulse’, as they say.

And a section taken from my review:

We see a world that is currently in an industrial revolution that is powered by magic – there are machines, but they need a skilled man of magic to power them. Tyen is currently studying at the academy, worried that this is the life that awaits him – he would much prefer to be an adventurer, or, failing that, teach history at the academy. It is on an adventure with Professor Kilraker of archaeology that Tyen discovers a seemingly disappointing book. It’s not even jewel-encrusted or gold-embellished, and is even empty when he first opens it… that is until, words start appearing on the page.



Throughout the novel, it switches between that of two characters – Tyen, as described above, and then also Rielle, a girl situated elsewhere (they never meet in the novel) who, as a female, leads a life of rules and guidance, whether it be from her family or the priests that rule the land. Coming from a family of artisans she’s considered little more than worthless from the rich girls her age she must mingle with, but as her family are wealthy, she is held above the truly dirty, and is pushed from all sides to do the right thing at all times in order to keep her family’s name in good standing. That is, at least, until she meets a very good looking man, who is unfortunately, also an artist.

Combine the above with the fact she has a talent for magic, even though to use magic itself is considered to be stealing from the Angels, and we have an unfortunate life for Rielle. It truly doesn’t seem like a good land to be a woman, especially one that can use magic, and see the taint it leaves behind.


And from there, I’ll leave it at that. Pick up the book – if you have an eReader, get a sample. Then you’ll be hooked, I promise.

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