2015 Midway Progress Report

As it’s the end of June, it’s time for a post to see how I’m currently going with my many reading challenges. Here’s a sneak peak or tl;dr…



Over on Goodreads I’m aiming to read 150 books this year again, and I’m at a woeful 56 books which means I’m 18 behind schedule. Judging is starting to pick up for the new Series award through Aurealis, which means possibly about 80 series to read in the next few months. Surely that’ll mean I’ll kick the figure out of the ball park?


Anticipated Books of 2015

So far out of my list of Anticipated Books of 2015 I have read 12 books from an original list of 33 books. To be fair, 12 of the 33 aren’t yet released. That leaves a few that are out and I’ve just been meaning to get around to them. Eventually.

Some examples of books I have that I need to read asap are:

Karen Memory Armada Lair of Dreams (The Diviners, #2) Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke (Prisoner of Night and Fog, #2)


To Read in 2015

Out of my list of books that I’m aiming to read in 2015, I haven’t really done a single thing. Excellent, no? To be honest I completely forgot about most of the lists. To see which lists I mean, click on the link the line above.

For my ‘bit by bit’ challenge I’m still reading the Jackie French history book (and only up to about 15% or so.) It’s really, really good… I’m just not often in the mood for history. I’m just going to have to start leaving it on my pillow so I have the reminder to read at least 5% each night. If I did that, I’d finish it in a month.

The Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge is one that I totally forgot I’d even posted. I’d probably be able to tick off a few, but does it count if I read a pile of books then go back and tick them off? I don’t think so. Surely the list stating ‘author from Africa’ encourages you to seek out a book, rather than breathe a sigh of relief you happened to do it by accident. I’ll work on this list in the second half of the year.

The ABC Challenge has had one book marked off it, but luckily a few more shall be crossed off soon anyway! Hurrah! (Still hope to finish this one somehow this year anyway.) Somehow. I need a reading holiday.

The Speculating on SpecFic‘s Sequel Challenge – well, judging the Book Series award will garner a stack of points for me here, won’t it? I don’t think it’ll help me with series I wanted to finish this year besides those, though, so I’ll probably have to count this as a missed challenge also.

The PopSugar’s Reading Challenge 2015, probably another list I could check off a bunch without trying.


Basically I’m not happy with my reading so far for the first half of the year. For starters, I can’t believe it’s six months gone. I’m doing more work for my publisher friends and I’ve taken up knitting in a big way, which was taken a surprising amount of my reading time away.

 Anyway. Let’s see what the next six months will bring!


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