Review: Sovereign by April Daniels

Series: Nemesis #2
Published by: Diversion Publishing
ISBN: 1682308243
ISBN 13: 9781682308240
Published: July 2017
Pages: 350
Format reviewed: eVersion from NetGalley
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Four out of Five
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As if Danielle Tozer didn’t have enough drama to worry about in the first book, in Sovereign we see her fighting lawyers to obtain her emancipation from her unsupportive and emotionally-damaging parents, protecting the whole city pretty much alone after the devastation of the first book, still fighting someone from the first book who just doesn’t know when to quit, and then also a new character that’s like Tony Stark gone bad.

As if that’s not enough, she has girl troubles, back-stabbed by people she thought were friends, and then loses something that’s literally the only thing that’s keeping her going…

So to say this book is action packed is almost understating it. We have a wide range of characters you can’t help but love, and you have to keep reading to make sure they all make it through okay in the end. You can follow the fight scenes as faultlessly as if they’re a movie playing out in front of you, and everything makes more sense than most with how they need to recover afterwards – this isn’t a book where it’s like they get shot a dozen times but somehow keep moving. Even though they’re superheroes (and villains), they still bleed.

What I really loved about this book (the difficult second book), was how much the characters have grown, and continue to grow in front of us. They’re not all faultless and they make mistakes, yet they also don’t overreact over their drama – they hurt, but they sort it out like actual humans. For a superhero book, these characters are more real than we usually see in literary fiction somehow.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait for more!

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