Review: A Conspiracy of Shadows by Randy Nargi

Published by: self-published
Published: Jan 2014
Pages: 367
Format reviewed: mobi
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Three out of Five

Read for the SPFBO, this was a late edition when two from my original list of 30 were deemed to be more science than fantasy, and hence booted off the gangplank.

In this we meet Bander, who has seen much in his life and is now content to walk and walk and walk – he has a path laid out that will take him about a year to circumnavigate and this is all he wants in life. Only he’s called back to return to his old job – that of investigator, and it’s to try and uncover the truth about who murdered an old friend of his. But of course, it’s not going to be easy, and soon Bander is discovering much more than he first anticipated.

This was a good and solid read – Bander is a capable and solid main character, and he’s surrounded by some pretty decent characters. Vala is in charge of the investigation, and she’s probably my favourite character of the novel – more than capable and has earned her position of leadership (specifically that of the leader of the secret police). Silbra Dal, a representative of the Guild, is a mage who can both help or hinder them, but comes to their assistance when an attempt is made on her life also.

Overall this was fun. I was thrown every so often when there were a few words italicised to make it obvious they were magic, such as divination and holding, which we could have done without. It had good adventure and good fighting scenes, and at all times Bander seems very very human. He has his faults, he has to try, and he has to think things through.

In parts it was just a little bit of a push to keep reading, which is why it loses a star for me.