#SPFBO – The Transit Room

From here will be continued reviews of novels that unfortunately didn’t quite make it through further to the review stage.

The Girl Called Dust by V.B. Marlowe

Arden is the black sheep of the family as well as her school. She’s a loner, makes her own clothes, doesn’t like chocolate or cookies, and is pretty much the opposite of the popular crowd – which includes her mother and younger sister.

Then she witnesses a boy get hit by a bus and run away just fine, a boy who can heal, who says he’s different, just like she is. Arden assesses each place she enters and categorises the ways she can die every time.

While this has an interesting premise the writing unfortunately let it down. The language and ways the characters are described is both forced and below the level we’re told Arden is, this would have been better suited to a primary school aged MC.


Arcana Zero by Aidan Meyer

Written in first person, we meet Alex, who is bound to do whatever the goddess of Chance asks of him. Full of a bad past, panic attacks, Alex has a pretty bad time of things and we follow him along as he tries to save people, fight, and so on.

Being written in first person, it rather slows down the action and violence, of which there is a fair bit of. We’re told and not shown pretty much everything through the book – partly because of being told in first person, and partly through being reminded quite often of what a bad life everyone has, full of struggles and so on… but you don’t really see it. You’re told of it constantly.

Overall, like the above book this book unfortunately suffers from the characters acting much younger than they’re supposed to be. Their angst and feeling betrayed at the world paints the characters at about 12-14yos – for a character who’s suffered through trauma, you really wouldn’t think they’d get upset over so little.

Harsh review, as it’s a little offensive to people who’ve seen some pretty horrible things, and it’s treated fairly cheaply here.