Review: Steal the Stars by Nat Cassidy

Published by: Tor
ISBN: 1250172624
ISBN 13: 9781250172624
Published: November 2017
Pages: 416
Format reviewed: eVersion from NetGalley
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Five out of Five

Written by Nat Cassidy, this is based on the podcast everyone is currently talking about, Steal the Stars, which was written by Mac Rogers.

First things first – I haven’t yet listened to the podcast, wanting to provide a review from the aspect of someone behind on the times and not yet invested. I assumed the majority of reviews would be from people who are already fans, and so while I download each episode as they come out, I haven’t yet jumped in.

What strikes me immediately about this is the sense of self of Dak (Dakota) – the novel is written in a very personal view which helps, but her attitude and thought patterns shine through. It’s written with stark honesty, which, in a place of secrecy is a weird justification that makes for writing you simply can’t put down.

You’re drip-fed facts. We know she works for a company that is a front for something that freaks out the locals. They think they deal in weapons, that there’s a chance for something like Chernobyl, or god knows what. From the outside it appears to be a company that has ‘marine’ in the title, but it certainly doesn’t repair boat motors. We see her enter her place of work and that immediately there’s a deadline, but also a ridiculous amount of security that needs to be passed… and left wondering why.

Of course we’re given a new guy to follow, which is the easiest way to introduce the readers – everything has to be explained to him, and we get to learn alongside. And he, too, is someone instantly likeable. Possibly because we know Dak doesn’t want to have to shoot him in the back of the head, so we don’t, either. Also because he’s taking in all this utterly batshit crazy circumstances pretty cooly, and is in awe of Dak herself.

I always love seeing that. Two highly-capable people who respect and appreciate the abilities the other has – and especially when the man is military also and knows the woman could kick his highly-skilled ass? Excellent. I’m hooked.

From here it gets real pretty quickly. I won’t say much more because 1. Spoilers, and 2. I’m still reading and don’t want to waste any more time here. Let’s just say this book gets the full five stars, and I’ll be listening to the podcast tonight. Coz I’ll certainly be done with the book by then.

(Review written previously and set to auto-post closer to publication date of the book. Podcast will have long since be enjoyed so come talk to me about it!)

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