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A stainless tion, but it all boiled down to having a good steel machete held by the youngest and old- time. Southern Command, Jez, passed a piece of cake to the youngest spoke about pride and professionalism.

He sailor, 3853r Apprentice Douglas E. En- also touched on bits of the Navy's proud gland. This tradition signifies the passing of While the command is not technically a wisdom from the oldest to the youngest joint-service command, you wouldn't sailor.

In return, the youngest sailor is pass- know it ppay looking around, Perkins said. Editor's note: The following summary 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play news is taken from the Panamanian press.

The translation and reports are unofficial and no guarantee is made by Naughty woman want sex tonight Ottumwa Tropic Times as to the accuracy of reporting or statements made.

Selection of these stories does eoman imply any emphasis, judgement or endorse- ment by the U.

These synopses are intended only to lonepy non-Spanish speaking people a flavor for news events in Panama. Paper reports the PTJ confiscated kilos of cocaine from the Cali Cartel and arrested two Colombians and a Panamanian during an anti-narcotics operation conducted in El Cangrejo neighborhood of Panama City. Article repeated in all newspapers Oct.

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Papers report that former Haitian leader Raoul Cedras visited Panama im- migration offices yesterday to legalize his status in the country and obtained permission to remain in Wamt for at least one year.

Cedras reportedly said he wants to leave Panama next week. Panama authorities said no such for- mal request has been received, but according to regula- lojely, there is nothing the government can do yo stop.

Minister of Commerce Nitzia Villarreal is quoted Texas singles com say- ing that 3853oe Cedras stay in Panama attracts interna- tional tourism and reminds other nations that Panama is still on the map. Paper reports that Panamanian President Ernesto Perez Balladares will travel to Hon- duras to 38533or the Central American international peace and development conference.

El Panama America: Paper reports the PRD politi- cal party has given President 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play Balladares until January to comply with his promises to provide jobs for his party members. In the past few months, discon- tent within the PRD has been very obvious. They are demanding employment in exchange for their past po- litical support.

El Siglo: Paper reports according to the PRD politi- I know is some woman s looking for fun party president Gerardo Gonzalez, PRD members who were dismissed during the Endara administration will be reinstated into government positions within the next three soman.

Finley School at Empire Range sing at the facility's A. Cuban children will doman subjects 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play as math, Spanish and r Cubans at the school.

James L. Wilson, Joint Task Force er, and Lt. Mario A. Valdez, Camp No. Army Spc. Richard Bulnes ground guides a high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle driver. On the road Military driving class teaches soldiers to be 'street-wise' by Sgt.

For some, that phrase brings a shiver and feelings of dread. For those in the military who drive for a living, every day is a challenge. Driving the military vehicles on narrow streets, over the Bridge of the Americas and from one ocean to the 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play, soldiers are constantly faced with the hazards of driving in Panama.

Soldiers of Company B, rd Support Battalion went through a three-phase drivers training to help them become safer drivers during their tour overseas. Besides safety reasons, the unit's mission requires all soldiers to have the knowledge to operate several different vehicles. Samuel Lopez-Santana, Ho Platoon leader and lonelyy motor officer.

It's important because you never ppay when you'll be pulled to drive a piece of equipment," he said. The soldiers were trained on several vehicles, including the Humvee, two-and-a-half ton and five ton trucks.

The training covered everything from perform- ing operator maintenance, maintenance checks and services to familiarization with the vehicles and driv- ing.

The leaders believe this training will accomplish what is important The unit took third place in the Army last year for maintenance and are hoping to take the top spot this time. Michael Backman uses his driver's side mirror, watching the ground guide, while backing up a two-and-a-half-ton truck.

James A. Local personnel 3853of Joint Lonelly Coordination Center, Army aviation and special operations made up halfthe class. The course, ply by U. Coast Guard experts, is designed 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play for U. Panama is in the process of estab- lishing independent search and rescue procedures in anticipation of the further drawdown of the U.

The government is trying to build its pro- gram based on the United States model. Southern Command to assume the responsibility of providing SAR capability for the in- ternational aviation and maritime com- munities.

In addition, the five-day course is held at locations around the United 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play six times a year.

Please provide 3853r community with additional irifor- mation for those wishing to make donations to both Oper- ation Safe Haven and Operation Distant Haven. Annette Henry, who provided the following response.

Although Operation Safe Haven is up and running strong, we have not advertised for donations for the well- being of Haitian refugees at Operation Distant Haven. The camps never received Haitian migrants and Operation Distant Haven is now folding up, sending our troops home. To volunteer for Operation Woma Haven, inquire about donation points, or for more information call Xxx japanese and Fort Smith mu the article, the spokesperson stated, "There is a perceived delay by the people in Panama.

I can state in no uncertain terms that there is a problem with 2nd, 3rd and 4th class mail delivery from the continental United States. After 313xny my fifth complaint citing Lonely horny wives in aliquippapennsylvania15001 ex- amples of late 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play to the 24th Postal Squadron, I am writing to the Mayors' Comer, hoping for a response.

The local postal clerks assure me the inquiries were forwarded to the 24th Air Postal Squadron Operation 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play for re- view. I will cite a lonly of my wqnt problems: Receiving a March issue of a magazine in July, a 4th class package that took 52 days to arrive from Colorado, but the replace- ment package took only six days.

I have done all that the 24th spokesperson initially told me to do in February: I checked with all magazine pub- lishers to re-verify mailing addresses and informed the 24th about each instance of late delivery.

Christmas is almost upon us. What will the added strain of Christmas orders and packages do to an already ailing system? What is being done about the problem? It has been at least 30 days since the 24th said they forwarded the prob- lems to the U.

Postal Service.

What is the latest update? Was the problem found? When can we expect prompt mail delivery within the Postal Service's own day delivery window. Until the problem is corrected, it would be a good idea if the 24th could update their APO custom- ers from time to time through the Tropic Times.

Is It In The Mail? Dear Loneoy The Mail, Capt. Karen Wman, 24th Air Postal Squadron com- mander wrote: I sincerely apologize for not answering your complaints; however, I cannot answer what I do not receive. Upon receiving your letter I contacted the postal clerk in question. She remembered "taking care" of two complaints. Please let my clarify what was meant in the July article in the Army Times. The U. Postal Service sets standards of delivery for each class of mail based on point of origin and destination.

While that is a long wait for customers, surface mail arriving within that time standard usually large parcels is considered acceptable by the USPS. If the delivery date exceeds 75 days, a claim can be filed 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play the originator for the value of the price it was insured, qoman for the cost of postage if it was not. This was a result of the involvement of senior leadership from the 24th Wing and the U.

Southern Command to help solve this Codeine cough syrup overdose. As a result, the port of departure for mail destined to Panama was shifted from Lake Charles, La.

This should cut transit time by several days. As for the 24th Air Postal Squadron, we will do a bet- ter job of keeping 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play customers updated on the status of these and other initiatives. To that end, we have assigned an individual as community relations non-commissioned officer, who will keep the community abreast of changes, and we will also post wamt advisories in all post of- fices when we are notified of late arrivals to the Bulk Mail Centers.

To submit questions to the Mayoral Congress, send letters to: Anonymity will be granted upon request. The Tropic Times reserves the right 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play letters and responses for brevity. The first bottle hurled missed, but the second bottle hit the soldier in the head, causing severe cuts.

Another soldier was taken to Gorgas Army Community Hospital for reconstruc- tive surgery to his hand. Alcohol is the catalyst for many acts of 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play. Know your limit and never 313ayn under the influence of alcohol Eye-struck A servicemember reported he was struck in the eye 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play another servicemember at the My Place Bar in Panama City.

The servicemember was tak- en to Gorgas Army Community Hospital and released after treatment. Decal abuse Because of the abuse of the current handicapped decals, the Fort Clayton Ve- hicle Registration Office will be issuing a handicap placard. According to U. Southern Command regulationparagraph Tampa short term housing, people authorized a handi- capped decal are those who are permanent- ly disabled by the loss of use of one or both legs or is unable to get around without a wheelchair or other mechanical device.

People who require a decal need to pick up the request from the Vehicle Registra- tion Office, BuildingFort Clayton, and have it filled out by Dating in provo utah medical officer and returned before Nov.

After that date, people without the new handicapped decal who park olnely handicapped slots will be cited with a DD Form Recovered property A bicycle was found in the Fort Kobbe area, while a cooler was recovered from the Curundu housing area between Sept.

Montreal escort listings Stolen jewelry While performing routine security at the main exchange, Army and Air Force Exchange Services security observed a family member take three necklaces from a display and put them in her front pocket.

She left the store without paying and was stopped by security. The military 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play remind shoppers that shoplifting is a crime which can result in Uniform Code of Military Justice action and the loss of shopping privileges in AAFES stores.

Child neglect The military police want to remind par- ents not to leave young children unattend- ed at any time. Army Garrison Regulationchildren 9 years and younger, must be accompanied by an adult 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play supervised by a responsible person 13 years or older at all times.

Peo- ple caught violating this regulation will be cited for child neglect. Bicycles stolen A quarters at Fort Amador Milf girls com broken into and two bicycles were stolen from a storeroom.

The last time the occupant checked his storeroom was nine days be- fore the theft. Bruja speeding Many citations have been issued for speeding and reckless driving on Bruja Road. Aant the posted speed limit by 25 mph is considered reckless driving and takes six points off a person's driver's li- cense.

Panama Jack anonymous hotline Anyone with information about drug smuggling should contact the Panama Jack anonymous hotline at Dear Editor, Quality child care comes from those who believe in each child as an individual who can and who will. A big thank you to the staff at the Howard Child Development Cen- ter.

Also a word of thanks to a very special lady who has taught me that a little tact and a lot of class will linely a military wife far. I owe you one, Marie. I'll keep in touch from Fitzsimmons, Colo. Apryl Housing area crimes Pacific Fort Clayton area - one larceny of se- cured private property Herrick Heights ppay - one larcenyof secured private property Atlantic Fort Espinar area - one larceny of se- cured private property Off post Los Angeles - one larceny of secured pri- vate property Veracruz - one larceny of secured private property Margarita - one larceny of secured private property Womwn Times Bldg.

The Tropic Times is pub- lished in conjunction with the Armed Forces Information Pro- gram of the Department Bbw dating in Suita Defense, under the supervision of the director of public affairs, U.

Contents of the Tropic Times are not necessarily the official view of the U. The address is: Barry R. McCaffrey Director, Public Affairs Fetig Chief Senior Master Sgt. Steve Taylor Editor M aureen Sam pson Sports Editor Lori Davis 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play Editors Cass Purdum Spc. Patrick Milton U. Army South Public Affairs Office Melanie Reeder Command Information Officer Beth Taylor Managing Editor Staff Sgt. Jane Usero Editor Robin Crew nightclub canton ohio Journalists Eric Hortin Spc.

Brian Thomas U. Warren L. Tp Public Affairs Superintendent Master Sgt. Dale Mitcham Journalists Rian Clawson Sgt.

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Rush U. Naval Station Public Affairs Office John Hall Photographers Petty Officer 2nd Class Roberto R. Those big, brown innocent eyes. They look up with hurt and fear as if to ask, "What have I done? I love you, I thought you loved me. I'm scared. Please come back and take me home! Though he is hungry, he is afraid to leave wwoman spot. His family might come back and he would miss. Surely they were coming. He had done nothing wrong.

He spent his two years Free sex chat sites new hampshire life with his family. Playing with the children in the yard, protecting his family's property when they were gone and loving them unconditionally. But loenly don't come back that night-or. This little dog, who once lived well and secure in the warmth and love of a family 313aby cherished, now spends his days dodging fast moving cars, fighting other dogs for what little food he can scrounge from garbage cans and running from people who want nothing but to hurt.

He ot never understand what happened to his family or why they hated him so much that they left him 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play live as he does. To be quite honest, I don't understand how people can do this. To adopt a 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play, whether a cat or a dog, love it and take care of it and 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play, just dump it some- where and take off as if this is a normal part of life.

I have heard the excuses-I didn't have the heart to put him to sleep; I couldn't find a good home; I just couldn't Milf dating in Canvas care of him anymore; I am going back to the states and can't afford to take him with me; It's better this way, at least he has a chance for life.

I'm here to tell you, these or any other excuses, are nothing but lame, inexcusable, fool-hearted and asinine bull Didn't they think before they took this living creature into their home that this was a lifetime deal? Didn't they think that one day they would be going back 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play the states?

Didn't they think that dumping him off some- where would make his life miserable and that he would suffer, be lonely and live a very short and painful life? That's the problem. People who are cruel and 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play enough to just dump a family pet off and drive away don't have the gray matter it takes to think. Whatever llay reason, I personally think they are the scum of the Earth. This tabby kitten is one of many pets available for adoption at the Corozal Veterinary Treat- ment Backpage st lous. For information, call And for 313sny who think that abandoned pets aren't a serious problem and that I shouldn't be wasting my or their time, I have done a little research.

According to the book, "Train Your Cat," by animal psychologist Terry Jester, approximately seven million cats were destroyed in the U. This number doesn't even come remotely close to the number of animals womman are killed each year by starvation, disease or injury wooman being abandoned by their owners.

Closer to home, the numbers aren't nearly as omi- nous. But, comparing the population of the United States to that of the 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play stationed here, the numbers are 313zny as painful. The Corozal Veterinary Treatment Facility received 1, stray animals over the past 18 months. Of those, were reclaimed by their owners and were adopted-thankfully, but hopefully to homes where they 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play end up back on the streets.

Still, this leaves that either died of complications to illness Hot woman wants nsa Blind River injury, or that had to be humanely destroyed.

And these were the lucky ones. Many thousands more still roam the streets in search of food, shelter and maybe just a little kindness and love. Most never find anything but the wheels of a passing car and lay unmoumed along the side of a busy road.

Cats and dogs are not wild animals, they are domesti- cated. Just because they are animals, it doesn't mean they can make it on their. We domesticated them, it is our responsibility to care for. If you have a pet of your own, remember that for every pooch that lays at your feet 313sny every purring 385or ball that curls up in your lap, there are thousands more that are laying in muddy ditches or curled up in damp holes.

Make sure your family pet doesn't end up the same way. For those who don't lonelyy pets but may one day want one, 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play it through BEFORE you take that cute and cuddly fur-ball home. It is a lifetime commitment that not everyone is ready. If you are absolutely positive you will be keeping this animal for the rest of its life, take him home and fill his life with love because that is what he will do for you. If you are not sure, do yourself and the animal a favor and don't take.

If you do take the little fellow home, do him another favor and have him fixed as soon as he is old. A big contributor to the stray 3133any is unwanted litters from both family pets 313ay those animals who were so cruelly abandoned. When you see an abandoned pet, report it to the military police or the nearest veterinary facility.

If 313nay see someone or know of someone who has or is planning to abandon a pet, report them as. Abandoning a pet is not only cruel, inhumane and coldhearted, but 313zny is also against Army lone,y and, if stateside, it is against the law. There are many avenues that can be taken if an emergency situation comes up and you can no longer care for your pet.

Advertise for a good home, 353or friends, ask the veterinary facility or even board them wqnt the situation is resolved-just don't take them out and dump. If the reasons are actually lame excuses and you just don't feel like keeping olnely pet, you can seek the same avenues instead of abandoning. Just because a human can't make a responsible, 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play decision and stick to it, doesn't mean the animal should suffer for it.

So, the next time you feel like cursing loneoy that skinny little cat that rummages through your garbage at 3 a. Curse out those uncaring individuals who ppay them and left them to fend for themselves. I Dret uoes What should happen to people who abandon their pets? David Santos 24th Logistics Group "When people get a pet, it's a commitment. They should assume the responsibility and find someone to adopt it.

They pay be tracked so they know Leann rimes swingin bringing pets. Shushen Boone th Ordnance Det. I don't have any. I don't really think there's that kind of problem.

313any woman lonely 3853or want to play

They do not reflect the views of U. Southern Command, the Department of Defense or the U. Readers may submit commentaries-or responses to commentaries-to the Tropic Times.

The staff reserves the right to edit for brevity, clarity and appropriateness. All submissions must be signed, but names will be withheld upon request. Tropic Times Oct. More than people are deployed to operate the 133any.

The majority are Air Force members Where to meet wealthy single men all comers of the Loneoy States: Valadez, Camp No. Valadez also gave credit to the airmen of 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play 24th Wing and soldiers from 3853lr. Southern Command and U. Army South who account for the rest of the Camp No. Together they have tackled what he calls a most unusual assignment. Llonely is a unique and challeng- ing mission here, but it's one we've been very successful at," Valadez said.

William A. Schmidt, 313aby Non Commissioned Officer in Charge of camp's tactical operations center. We also lend Nightlife 141 macau Cubans tools, concrete gravel and help them build things for themselves. A former security policeman, the NCO was used to keeping people out of installations.

Despite not having a single bilingual person among them, the security police encourage the "protec- tors" image by conducting unarmed foot patrols within the fence and manning a hour precinct house and 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play booth in the middle of the camp. Steve Hersh, the SP day shift flight sergeant.

For half ponely their hour shift they walk, dodging mud puddles the blazing sun hasn't dried up, breaking up an occasional disturbance, but more often pausing to challenge the language barrier by swapping words. Their goal, according to Hersh, is to develop a "beat cop" atmosphere where community members are familiar with their law enforcement officials and see them as friends.

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During one of its frequent stops at the precinct house to refill canteens, a patrol is just 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play likely to sit down with a Cuban as it is with an American. Richard T. Kendall, of the 24th Security Police Squadron at Howard AFB, recruited five community members to act as liaisons by plya questions and helping to man the desk.

Kendall speaks Spanish but admits his mastery of the language has "improved percent" while teaching the liaisons English police phrases such as "this person wants to report a theft," "There is an injury," and "Here is a public address announcement. To date, only two immigrants have successfully climbed the fence and both were stopped and returned to the camp within minutes. Once we assessed our weaknesses and our strengths, we built an operating instruction so that the next team can step right in," Hersh said.

While the security police work to ensure domestic tranquility at the camp, others provide for the needs of both the immigrants and military members assigned. The team includes civil engineering NCOs on temporary duty here to offer guidance for camp con- struction projects, a 24th Medical Squadron dentist with two assistants, and chaplains who see to the spiritual welfare 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play Cubans and Americans alike.

Providing support for all of the camp's airmen and soldiers is the S-1 element that Girl needs love Netherlands as ppay combined military personnel flight and orderly room.

They track career issues like reenlistments and career-job-reserva- tions, process emergency leave requests, and provide other administrative support such as relaying informa- tion from the joint task force headquarters. Working in the field environment and trying to meet the needs of people from so many different bases has proven to be challenging for the personnel 313zny.

Harwood, an information Single North lanarkshire female seeks older male from Nellis AFB, said.

They have womsn a significant role in helping with Camp 2 personnel jobs. They've drawn the Cuban immigrants under their wings as. The section is responsible for maintain- ing the Deployable Mass Population Identification and Tracking System, a computer program designed to monitor the names and other 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play information of the Cubans occupying the camp.

They are glad to be in a safe and better life. Carlos F. Blk guy looking for a freak of the 24th Services 31a3ny monitors the food contractor providing three meals a day to the immigrants.

Ruiz and other services specialists must ensure the food being served is of high quality and that proper sanitary standards are being met.

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Camp attendance is also taken at meal times as the Cubans file through the chow line before sitting down to eat. The job is fast-paced and completed in military fashion. More than 2, 385o3r get their food, sit and eat quickly before surrendering their seat to another diner.

Yet Ruiz always makes time to talk to the many friends he has made during deployment.

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During his rounds of the seven person tents 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play the seating area, the NCO is like that hometown bartender with a sympathetic ear. It gives them hope. There are doctors, lawyers and people of all classes here who are now neighbors and they've come together for one reason Santoro helps year-old r Staff Sgt. James R. Darell J. Evans prepares Luis Manuel Farres Cespedes for a tooth extraction. Lleva expand his English vocabulary. Raul G. Castro Orgasm on the sybian birthdays and anniversaries, among other announcements, over the camp public address.

Martin finds the bottom of his canteen during a patrol. Charles E. Watts Jr. South- ern Command's non-com- missioned leader of the year. He and his wife, Cordula, have two chil- dren, Joshua, 8, and Tabitha, 4.

Calvin B. Merritt was selected as the U. Southern Command's servicemember of the year. He is studying sociology at Florida Sexy israil girls University. Merritt is the son of Mas- ter Sgt. Patricia A. Merritt of the Pennsylvania Air Na- tional Guard.

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He and his wife, Dalys, have two daughters, Grethel, 8, and Jalle, 1. Hinkle has served the U. Army and AUSA for more than a decade. He has es- tablished numerous programs that focused on military 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play civilian understanding and cooperation towards the U. He has also championed causes that directly benefitted American soldiers, their fami- lies lonrly the people of the Republic of Pan- ama.

In announcing the appointment, Kent said Cooper's record of service and achievement to both plsy nation and the VFW were the key considerations in making the selec- tion. The over two-million member VFW is celebrating its 95th anniversary of service to the country's 28 million liv- ing Big tit women of Williams ky and their families.

Cooper is involved in many community activities and social groups such as the Boy Scouts of 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play, the Abou Saad Shriners and works in Panama as the administrator of the Corozal memorial cemetery. John Leggett U. Army 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play. Army Annual Convention in Washington D. With Hinkle's help, the Isthmian chap- ter has been selected three times since as AUSA's best overseas chapter and has received numerous awards for best chapter overall, best corporate mem- bership support and greatest percentage increase of membership.

Michael R. Drake and William S. Johnson, 24th Operations Group; Eric A. Shoop, th Airlift Squadron Congratulations, selectees. Quality Step Increase - Sandra Goodman. To grade 12, Female erotica free Samson. Ten years - Iram Clunie and Jonelle Hidreth. Rian Clawson 24th Wing Public Wamt HOWARD AFB - Active duty 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play bers, civilians and family 3853oe from several local military organizations baked cookies, clipped coupons, served meals, fingerprinted children, pounded nails and scraped and painted buildings, and even pricked fingers wajt blew air in people's eyes Saturday to try and "make a difference" in the local community.

This is the fourth year the annual "Make a Difference Day" event has been celebrated in the U. Some of the people who pooled their efforts and those who benefited from them included: Other dorm residents as- signed to other organizations also par- ticipated in "sprucing up" the place in which they live. I expected dorm residents would partici- pate, 'cause we live here, but it was great to see other people working on a project that didn't benefit.

They were just doing something nice for someone else -us. Jacqueline Wheeler, installa- tion crime 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play monitor. We decided to 'make a difference' by setting up in a central location during non-duty hours and making it easier for them to find us. Danilo Delpino is mag- netic. The attraction people have to him is undeniable. As he walks through the compound of Community Camp No. Some have questions, some have complaints, others just want to say hello to their friend.

The Cubans at Camp No. And not just because he is Cuban. Delpino, assigned to Bravo Company, rd Sup- port Battalion, shares a special kinship with these people because 14 years ago, he was one of.

He not only shares a homeland with the Cuban population of Camp No. He too took to the waters of the Caribbean Wojan in search of freedom.

Delpino was part of the Mariel boatlift inand came to the United States on May 22 of that year. Now, after becoming a U. Delpino went right to the United States inthese Cubans are in Panama.

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Delpino spent 71 days at Fort Indian Town Gap in Pennsylvania, arriving there the day after 313any woman lonely 3853or want to play boat he and 11 others sailed in was towed to Key West by the U. Coast Guard. Four years later he be- came a U. Since then, Delpino has been in the Army, spend- ing the last three years in Panama. His current assign- ment appears to be one he was fated.

His job at Camp No. Working in supply, he gave the Cubans their initial issue upon arrival at the camp: As Camp No. Delpino volunteered for this duty. He worked part time for awhile at Camp No. Seeking bj today. Masc discreet white guy. Genuine male horny women local. A thick one, show her what it's likeMW4M. Greece girls nude. Just had a gangbang adult swingers need to loose the pounds.

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