Ventureadlaxre means a relaxing adventure, specifically as the word ‘venture. (n) A risky or daring journey or undertaking: “pioneering ventures into little-known waters” shapes its beginning, and has the added bonus of ‘read’ within.

Nope, I can’t pronounce it either. When picking a domain I got sick of everything I wanted being already taken and utilised in a far more brilliant way than I could ever hope… so I made up a gibberish word.


This site shall be mostly book reviews and discussion posts (mostly about Australian book awards such as Aurealis and Ditmars, but quite often the Hugo Awards also), but occasionally interviews, competitions, squee and lists of just about anything (but probably mostly books) will make their way in also. Hell, maybe a recipe or two thrown in, or a review of the various lenses collected for the Olympus OMD EM5.


This blog is run by Katharine, an Australian who reviews for a handful of publishers. She also posts her reviews on her personal Goodreads and Amazon accounts, and is currently rated in the top 20 reviewers in Australia. Recently Goodreads announced they had hit 20 million accounts and 50 million reviews, and that Katharine was ‘in the top 1% of reviewers’.

Katharine has been a judge in the Australian speculative fiction Aurealis Awards (convening anthologies/collections in 2011 and 2012, fantasy novels in 2013 and 2014, and judging best completed Series of 2011-2014) but is now overall judging coordinator since 2015. Katharine was also one of eight judges of the Australian Children’s Book Council of the Year awards for 2013/2014.

In other awards news, Katharine tries to both nominate and vote in the Hugo awards, Ditmars, Tin Ducks, and anything else possible.

In 2015, Katharine was shortlisted for a Ditmar award in two categories, was shortlisted again in 2016, and has also reached ‘Top Reviewer’ status on NetGalley, which means many publishers have chosen her reviews to feature on their page (and she got a tiny badge to show for it!).


In 2017, Katharine is one of ten judges in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #SPFBO hosted by Mark Lawrence. Further details can be found here.

Since 2012 Katharine has read between 130-155 books each year and reckons this is a good target to continue with for 2018.


All books reviewed on Ventureadlaxre are purchased by me, borrowed from friends or the librart, or received from authors/publishers in exchange for an honest review. I do not receive any compensation, monetary or otherwise, for anything I post here. If I link to a particular store to buy a particular book, I do not receive any money through the clicking. I’m far too lazy to set it up.

This site is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox, and looks pretty atrocious in IE. Apologies for that.