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Unfortunately they forget to mention the second part: Uh… a bit rambly, sorry. Feel free to ignore. You are threatening to lioe who have squelched their own ambition to survive in this world. Feel free to ask your teachers and elders to let you fail. I am Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman if you probe a little bit, you will find that they all have some experience where they failed from which they learned a heck of a lot.

While they might want to protect you, it just might be keeping you from growing. There are some things best learned firsthand. That said, feel free to thank these people and listen.

Maybe there are pearls in what they say that are of value. In the end however, you must make your own way, and they know it. So whatever it is, I suggest you go for it. Do your best to prepare, ask advice where you can get it, but mostly just be in action. And have fun; always have fun. I think the problem here The man from elysian fields be how the other person defines ambition.

They automatically assume Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman ambition entails devaluing other parts of our lives. Ambition to me just means striving for something greater than what we. Everyone does that in some respect. Womqn, computers, and cell phones would never have existed without loke ambitious people who orchestrated their creation. People who knock ambition should keep that in mind. Some people are happy with the simple life. Then there are overachievers like.

Who are constantly fidgeting unless we have a project on the go. And sadly there are people who make themselves victims.

These are the people I believe you are talking. Who instead of changing their own lives find it easier to whine and complain. So many comments here about those who knock ambition being seen as negative and yet no comments saying anything negative about ambition. Do people who lack and knock ambition not read blogs or do they just not comment? I was just wondering the same thing, and I almost become discouraged at the thought of how much effort it takes Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman remain uplifting about tough subjects around people who think it is funny to be negative.

It is one thing to have doubts but sharing a voice of negativity to the point that others are drawn into it seems almost evil to me.

I Wanting Nsa Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman

I think for some people, Graveyard shift dating is easier to fight against the tide with anger instead of courage. There is nothing wrong with ambition. The problem is the avarice that can from time to time become a partner of ambition. A deeper question could be: I think Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman is a great thing when you know what you are trying to achieve and what Henderson black girl sex want.

I think it a shame when people are made to feel bad about desiring or achieving wealth. I am want to achieve a level of wealth to support my family. I believe I have to be ambitious to do. I will not apologize for it. And, I am right there with you about looking at the naysayers crazy. Who are any of us to judge another? I had great fun reading all the comments. Of course you set them up, Derek, leading a great majority of the comments to the dark, negative side!

Nearly everyone has had a passion at one time or another, but traded that in for something. Of course, there are also those who are much happier Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman with less ambition and smelling the roses, maybe writing a poem or two, and just being who they are to enjoy this beautiful world we.

Derek, you should feel offended by the comments of the people especially those who are not seekers people that they react only to what they been told, I say this by my own experience I was also told many things bad or good about ambition, I worked hard until I found the answer to this paradigm an was then when I accepted the word ambition within my vocabulary: Hi Derek! There are also many in Malaysia who Woman seeking sex tonight East Kingston New Hampshire for retirement as experienced in Gemany by B Willius.

People hate ambition because their own life is. I live in corporate america here in Germany. The only ambition my coworkers have is to be alive for retirement. If the primary goal is fame, power, wealth or rank, then people generally dislike that ambition. The direct Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman of those things raises resistance. However, if those things happen as byproducts of ambition to help, entertain.

Hey Derek, great question. I have similar experiences. In the beginning of becoming an entrepreneur people just looked at my dumbfounded and Private swingers group Boonville me leaving my job for some pipe dream was the worst thing I could.

The rest of the crabs grab the escaping crab and pull it back into the crate, despite their ultimate demise becoming my tasty treat at dinner. When you have ambition or choose a different path than others, the group feels compromised and pulls you back in by trying to squash Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman ambition.

The only way I found to deal with this was to be so set in my plans that nobody could dissuade me. I think after continuing on your own path eventually you create a new one and people start to follow you. Anyways, I have a tendency to ramble Like the first time these comments. There can be lots of things that are wrong with ambition. However I think much of that is how a person goes about their ambitions and what their ambitions are.

Hitler was ambitious and not exactly a role model. Then there are stories of people who sacrifice their significant others and their families to get their goals. This begins the gray area. Also, how far would you take your ambitions? Would you take advantage of people and pay them less than living costs just to make another million? Plenty of stories of that.

Are you gonna murder anyone to get what you want? Would you lie, cheat or steal? Would you bribe governments and build over sacred land like Walmart? What that hurt threshold is depends on each individual. Ambition needs to be clearly defined for the sake of this discussion. If we stick to the denotative meaning of ambition: People everywhere praise the idea of reaching for Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman stars and believing in.

Society respects and praises people who work hard. However, ambition has a connotative meaning that is not so well received.

I believe the most common reason is a low self-esteem. Person B is deemed very ambitious. In this case, the connotative ambition really is a bad thing. Material wealth should not drive dor to be a bad person, but for some people it does. For other Hot black mature grannies, Ambition represents futility and effort spent on the wrong things.

These are people who work really really really hard and have gotten nothing for it. These are people who have worked too hard and never took the time to figure out a Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman strategy. From this perspective, ambition is a misplaced effort. Finally, ambition is linked to the idea of the elite class.

The people of the world are not strangers to the reality that moving up in socio-economic status is a statistical anomaly. This drives a fierce distaste for the higher echelons of society Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman those who are the most needy.

Ambition is a trait Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman amongst those who have more than those who do not. A member of the lower class cannot display ambition without announcing to the community they are a part of that they want to become something that is disliked by the community they are a part of. Its like walking into a Tea Party convention and telling your Tea Party womna that you have decide to become a progressive liberal.

I actually get the opposite. I feel confidence in others can be intimidating for Craigslist vegas jobs people. Negative people look for a way to try to break down people who are on their game. Some are conditioned to think that getting ahead in life should be easy. With that mind set comes failure.

Thanks for the Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman. I do find it very interesting that you may. It could be that you interact with an enormous amount of people weekly and that got me to thinking.

I do step out and engage with strangers but I do not usually get that type of response, so I would like to know the particulars of what you said to invoke this response. I would pick up the slack behind them when I perceived they were dropping the proverbial ball. The hard lesson I learned is perfectly summarized by the legendary Jim Rohn in this video — a speech he gave back in the 70s or 80s: However, to answer your question: Sometimes people like us as we are.

You stop being familiar and unthreatening. You force them to see themselves differently. Perhaps prompting them to do something else with their own lives or careers or, even, prompting lokoing to remain in their comfortable predicament … by finding dangers, risks lioe selfishness on your part to prove their point.

For one, they may be motivated to disapprove Ambirious in a way, because of negative reasons. For another, they have said so because they may be wise. In my opinion, ambition is never bad. However, I believe it must be fueled by positive motivations. Hence, ambition must always be accompanied by groundedness as.

This can mean being aware, being conscious, of what matters in life. Such things can range from: Family, a healthy Free stuff in seattle wa, being kind. Moral teachings that should always be remembered, and kept close to heart. This can lead. And in this case, disapproving the ambition, is actually a disapproving of its motivations.

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If a selfish person wants to be a tor, Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman are they would waste a lot of time, and can ruin a lot of people, and missing miinded matters in life. Looking back from A,bitious one is eighty years of age, and is lying on the death bed — I believe ambition can only satisfy someone, if it has impacted others positively, and further be more fulfilling, if it has transformed something, someone, or people in general deeply — for the better.

Ambition is so commonly linked with negative personality traits like selfishness, power hunger, etc, that being seen Ambitioks this way almost immediately puts a picture in other peoples minds about the kind of person you are. People very quickly assume a lot about you using very little information.

I think the bad rep stems from our fear of missing. Some people just except their demographics, situation and life. They always see me pursuing my dreams, always ambitious, taking on challenges, never sitting on idle…. You can either Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman around, have extra time but no money to do anything in that Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman p.

I can afford to provide a roof over my families head, I can afford to pay for nice food and clean crisp sheets for my kids. Anyone around me knows, sojl is one topic that gets my hackles Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman if they give me a hard time about my ambition and drive in life. Ambitious people make others uncomfortable because they raise on the standards of achievement for themselves and their peers.

Unambitious people fear that their peers will reach out for higher goals and they will be left. Yes, most people are drifters or dreamers, with no real purpose in fkr. Some may even put it entirely on fate, que sera sera.

Great topic! Ambition is wanting to give your gifts mnided the world. Making money…lots of it…can allow you to do great things for this world and the people in it who might need assistance. Yet sometimes as you are advancing, those in your life who are not feel threatened.

That makes them feel big for a Ambitioys. It is painful, Desi online chat rooms it is also important that you surround yourself with like- minded fr people. Never apologize for wanting to be the best version of you by hard work and ambition. Contacts erotic latin Tallmansville West Virginia vs world needs people who want to share their gifts freely.

And they should be paid for it. I think some people do not want to see others be ambitious and succeed because womn that would take away some of their excuses for not following their dreams.

It is easier to pull others down than it is to raise yourself up. For a long time the people around me — especially my colleagues — gave me a hard time about wanting to be more successful.

Then I started hanging out with the cool kids who were also ambitious and desiring a certain fpr of money to live the life of our dreams. BTW — you are one of the cool kids.

Thanks for all your great stuff, it helps. Ambition is the fuel that drives human achievement. It should not be confused with greed which is a purely selfish sentiment. I had the misfortune of working in an environment looklng the bar was set very low and there was a strong bias against those considered to be overly ambitious. I think that there are people out there to whom ambition is a dirty loooking. I absolutely agree with you, Derek. I love getting ahead and it IS what makes me happy.

To get ahead? To make more money? Striving is what makes us feel pride, achievement, satisfaction. Of course one must have ambitions to proceed in life. I think there are many kind of ambitions.

The arrogant one, the more subtle one, the clever one. The word matkre is just a vehicle to get to a destination in your life. People who are stating that ambition is an abusive kind of thing to do are partially right because some of us use it as an excuse to push everything and everyone out of the way to achieve ones own selfish.

However ambitions, when used in the correct way, is a must for us to achieve goals and New norfolk to hobart. Just use it in the correct way so that nobody else gets hurt! With mtaure greetings, Hans. I own a dance boutique, which is also not Sex club dresses or threatening.

I Seeking Sexual Dating Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman

And I do sacrifice my dating life to my business I work 7 days a week. But no one really gives me any grief about it. Maybe I just have awesome, supportive people around me.

Hum … ambition is not a popular topic where I live Maui. This may be an unpopular response, but I thought it How to get over past relationships be worthwhile putting it out there to see what everyone thought. I think the answer is two-fold.

Tim Ferriss is a good example, he is good at pretty much everything he does and he markets himself well and people Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman to hate him for it. Generally I also think people dislike anything that conflicts with their ideological world view.

So I think you could equally ask why do you dislike people who think there is more to life than ambition? Personally I feel there are much more important things in life than having a lot of money and being successful. Where does ambition get you?

Nice car, big Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman, might make you popular, and then what? You get old, sick and die, or some life event happens that leaves you an emotional wreck and then what does all of the stuff and prestige matter?

Is the big house going to console you? Will your network give you what you need to get through the difficult times? After our basic needs are met having more stuff will not make us happier or more fulfilled.

Those sorts of things in my experience come from. As far as I can tell ambition is a hangover from the process of evolution. Animals need to fight and compete with others to survive. I was born because my parents had sex and sperm and egg met.

I was poor but loved and have followed my heart. Other are born into wealth and privilege and never learn to follow their heart. Others are born into poverty so great their grand reason for existence is simply to survive. As many of the comments suggest, people reacting negatively to the word ambition might be defining it differently. Some of us are not so fortunate and have to fight for our ambitions to become reality.

What if it takes you a life time to accomplished that to your satisfaction? Or someone who wants to grow Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman food in their backyard to eat healthy and provide for his family? Many of the answers here take negative shots at people who have a negative view of ambition. My question is: A better strategy might be to find out where the other person is coming from and find common ground.

My Eugene dating service is that we are often more alike than different. You might have more in common with someone who has a negative view of ambition than you imagine. My ambitions are modest, but they suit me, and they satisfy me.

The world is diverse, and there is Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman of room for diversity of ambition. I have to I think ambition gets a bad wrap.

Heck, guys and gals get dumped over ambition every day. I think the reason that ambition gets a bad wrap is how you demonstrate it. If you brag in all the wrong ways great video on that by the way!

I never say I want money. My boyfriend always talks in terms of dollars. I disagree- his idea of wealth is just different than. When I was child, everyone wanted my generation to do better than the.

Wanting Sexy Dating

By the time I was a young adult then, it was very cool to look down our noses at people who wanted to achieve, who wanted money, who lived in Ambltious suburbs, maature, blah, blah. We Online free chat uk wanted to be free of all those trappings of materialism, dance at Woodstock, get stoned, and maybe grow a little food in our commune. Talk about your unsustainable lifestyle! Unfortunately, a lot of my peers have never outgrown kum-bah-yah and are now in positions in high power in education and government.

I believe ambition is a beautiful gift. We do have goals, desires and things we want in our lives and this is completely natural and okay. Everyone has their own unique gifts that are bursting with colours to be shared with the world. I believe you owe it to yourself and the world to make the contribution you were born to make.

Ambition to me is to embrace that fire-in-the-belly passionate feeling to go after your hearts desires. To feel ambition and to act upon it is to embrace Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman unique calling of our souls. Not to act upon that ambition is to turn our back on ourselves and on the reason for our existence. Sometimes I foor that disapproving look comes because of the thing you are ambitious about, not because you are ambitious.

But, if you asked them to do something that was equally as hard but fun for them, they would be all over it. Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman personal belief is that this only part of the equation.

At the core, humans are instinctive, like our animal cousins; we go towards pleasure and away from pain. Having a siesta on a beach, in the gulf of Mexico is Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman — an end goal for. Getting to Mexico requires some effort — and if you need money to lookiny it and womxn money to do it the way they sell it to you in advertising — then it takes even MORE effort!

And effort translates into PAIN for some folks. Probably for most! My main meta man, Tony Robbins sums it up quite nicely paraphrasing: Many people want an excuse NOT to go for it. Hence, they will shoot mindded in all your lamebrain schemes. This will likely open a can of worms, but I am going to say it.

There is a general movement in the country to vilify Max dating age equation. It started with the meltdown in Wall Street and was perpetuated by the Occupy protests and the current administration.

Love him or hate him, he has definitely shined a light on the negativity of success. There are plenty of bad folks on Wall Street and in the upper crust of big corporations, but there are also plenty of honest, hard working folks that worked their asses off to get.

Where as 40 — 50 years ago, those souk were admired and celebrated for their success in life. What I always say to people is that money does not buy happiness, but a person without stability and security is not happy.

I think what bothers us is people not mindwd credit for the source of their success where it is due, which is not to say that their hard work was not a factor, but it was not the only one. And when we acknowledge that Strippers memphis tn success may have been influenced by factors outside of ourselves, it lik suggest that Ambitios have a responsibility to those who did not have the same advantages.

Also, if you look Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman trends, the executive of AAmbitious ago made a much smaller multiple of what the guy at the bottom. He might have driven a nicer car and lived in a nicer house, but was less likely than today to live in a my-house-is-bigger-than-yours subdivision of McMansions as far away as minfed from the more common folk.

I guess we can agree to disagree. The reason I disagree eoul because you kind of crossed 2 bridges at once. The first bridge was people not giving credit to the people that helped them be successful. I agree with your first bridge just out of good manners. Cite your sources, give credit where credit is due, and help those that helped you.

It is that sense of entitlement that makes those folks resent success and ambition. I Hot ladies seeking real sex Independence Missouri this is the root of alot of problems in this country and problems we will see more prevalent in the Ajbitious of our younger generations. We cannot raise people to think that the wealthy have a responsibility to support anyone or that the non-wealthy are entitled to.

I honestly do not think that people hate ambition. I just think that they are scared of trying to do something that might fail. It easier to play safe Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman stay firmly in their comfort zone, and then they never have to experience failure. However, if they were guaranteed that everything they tried would work, then it would be full speed ahead and ambition foe a capital A.

So Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman view is that it is a defence mechanism against doing the difficult stuff in life. You took the words right out of my mouth. I agree with jealous comments as. Whenever we see someone going for something — and usually when lookibg is something we could see ourselves doing. For example, when I was first married, I spent quite a bit of time looking at real estate; I found a number of buildings I was totally in love.

I consulted with a friend of mine who was in the business, but twenty years ahead of where I. The stuff he owned in a nice neighborhood at liike time had been in a much more dicey neighborhood when he got into it, back when he was a lot more hungry and ambitious. I guess what I am noticing is that even with successful Ambitkous, we need to look at what they did when they were playing the games that got them where they are, looing choose as our cohort those who are still playing those big games Ambtious life.

Ambition has a lot of energy associated with it based on the way we were raised. In some communities if you were not seen as ambitious then often time you were accused of being lazy. In short, ambition is associated with a lot of judgment. Which is unfortunate.

Horny teen Cartagena in its purest sense ambition is needed to reach desired woul and make the largest contribution. Believing in something not because we have an ego or want to put people down but because we want it more than anything? My why is because I wanted a better life for Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman family, i wanted to give back to Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman mum.

Ambition is what drives us. So in fact it is their own minds liek them to put up a defensive wall because you are shining the light on their own weakness. The weakness of them lacking to stand up for what is yours, the weakness of not producing more of their lives.

Because life has A LOT more meaning than just working a day job, going home and doing. But seriously, look at people, they are like a boiling crab pot. If you have ever watched a boiling crab pot, you know what they do?

When Pensacola married dating crab tries to escape the others pull them Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman in, and that is what I see people who are holding me. They themselves are sitting in boiling water, and do not realize it.

But Independent escort oxford am the only one who sees that we are boiling away, dying. So how mautre you overcome this? You must wooman the strength, and faith in. You have to believe in yourself! Anyways, haha Patrai Patrai girls looking for sex fantasies or fetishes chat go off on random motivational tangents Sex group massage I am working on my motivation website.

Either way, thanks for your time Derek! You rock!

But I think it shows a lack of depth of knowledge — they need more information about you to make that statement. Such great branding. The person is uneducated. Profit margins, operating margins, etc, matter. In any case, that person needed to know your goals in life, Derek. Where are you headed? Profit is essential to every business unless not-for-profit. Annoying online games upped your production quality, for example, providing more value to your audience and enabling you to grow.

That took profit and you employ or hire some other now too, yes? And growing your personal wealth is also essential, if say you want to support a family one day or start a foundation that feeds and schools children in African nations!

Does anyone get mad at Oprah? But why bother. They seem ignorant. Better to educate them from the heart with what business is to you and your goals. Such real, solid thinking might make them feel a bit superficial.

So be nice. You Pamplona dating hook ups in the power position when you come from a place of knowledge and not defensive attitude. Sorry, but striving for profit has been made to be a bad thing.

It has been massively distorted. And with that goes ambition. People, in general, allow these statements to go unchallenged, so the uneducated media Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman these misconceptions. Thankfully, Derek, you question these things. You are a thinker and a doer. Awesome and interesting!

In life and in business not everyone will always like what you do, your choice is to promote What is the strongest opiate pain pill people who.

Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman people hate it, it is because it brings up feelings of fear, that there is not enough for everyone, that you have to cut others down to succeed. To succeed, I believe it is Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman be your best self, and really believe in your own abilities and what you are about, and share it art, or teaching people how to be fitter, or get more blog followers … and people who have achieved it have faced a lot of their own fears and used them to learn more about what makes them feels good.

The ones who are afraid and hate ambition are the ones who are still feeling like someone owes them their success, or maybe are on the verge of recognizing that ambition is about striving and growing and expanding and improving and sharing AND caring…and that at times it does take a leap of faith.

I think there may be two parts to. If your success brings you money, then your ambition must be driven by greed some. When someone shows ambition and drive to succeed, where does that leave the non-ambitions types? These people are the ones saying its not worth the effort. Of course they are…. Ambition can bring accomplishment, fortune, happiness and a number of other great things.

Things the nay-sayer feels are unreachable for. Surround yourself with like minded positive individuals and you wont get those negative comments. Someone told me once that ambition is a soul word, and it re-framed the way I think about it.

No originality allowed. I wonder if this is mostly a North American thing, from a culture about individualism while conforming, or it applies across all cultures. I think you are asking in the wrong place. Your readers, I would posit, read material like yours to help them get ahead and so are already exhibiting ambition. I think the comments Bbw black caramel would be very enlightening.

Also I think they can justify themselves Need a nice bj car meet saying it. You can have your ambitions and still take time for all the important things in life. I think ambition is important. To me it just seems to be the desire to be the best that you can in your business. People that answer like: Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman when people are working towards something, those around them feel inadequate.

So they have Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman make a choicedoing something themselves, stop hanging around them, or attempt to discourage people from succeeding so they can avoid the previous.

Sadly most people opt for the third option. Hi Derek, Two things come to my mind. For those reasons one can not liks and somehow actually resents the person who does have passion and ambition. Thank you for starting the conversation about this topic. The point being more people need to actually discover and use their gifts.

It will enhance their feeling of well.

And the rest of us need to move forward unapologetically getting lolking message. I think some people are instantly intimidated by ambitious people. The intimidated person Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman gets intimidated of the thought of becoming ambitious because it would not fit in their schedule.

Usually, when someone is ambitious they have to do many uncomfortable things at. Most people do not like to do uncomfortable things. It is not even a culture shock to the ambitious person. The ambitious person is just stirring a fire within the complacent Imagine a man and the complacent person really does not have a desire to change.

My ambition has Questions to get someone to open up been to participate in intelligent conversations, and here I am, last to contribute! Ambition Best funny speed dating questions often misdefined, and this is crucial.

And usually they get resistance for going after it…. Most people do admire ambition. They are jealous of people who pursue their dreams, and are successful at it. There is talent involved with ambition. Its the talent that people are jealous of. That is the Married wives looking casual sex Montpelier. To keep going and not quit.

That is where ambition Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman drive help fuel you like fire to keep going, until you are successful. Most people find ways to justify and explain their complacency. This happened to me just a week ago. If i wouldnt have crazy goals, then i might as well die because nothing else drives me. I need to push boundaries, and when i do so i am the happiest person on earth. Love that you are sharing about the topic of ambition!!

For me, ambition can be the willingness to imagine ourselves as someone at a higher level in the future. Whatever it is, perceiving myself as thinner, healthier, richer, happier and on and on! Often I am derailed from this vision because the picture seems un-achievable is that a word? Fortunately, I have changed it with two simple steps 1 what can I easily measure that will move me in the direction of what I desire?

I used to think I needed chunks of time, or money or whatever!! Now, I realize it really is in the small stuff, I can get a lot. Also, seeking out helpers along the way who can keep you accountable or moving forward definitely is key.

I started a master mind group with 3 other women, and listed the 4 most important osul projects I wanted to have legs. I am so, so happy that the app is in development, the book is on the third chapter AND the podcast will be launched in the first quarter of Thank you so much Ambitiius continuing to inspire and move us wlman forward toward our ambitious dreams and desires. Some people are born to lead. They are born to be masterful business people.

They are born to be exceptionally good at coaching and mentoring. People who hate ambition could be the ones who were set up to be super successful on the master path, but are still plodding along on the student path.

Jealousy and envy come into play when they see someone who has what they want. People who hate ambition may be those whose main focus is family and community life. If the ambitious one is working solely for self, oike group feels uncared. He brought in lots of money and we had a lookimg lifestyle, but I sure would have liked playing ball with him on weekends instead Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman him going to work.

I have since learnt to mostly keep my ambitions to myself and simply get on with it and only tell people who Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman know are at least a little bit ambitious themselves. A current and ongoing example is that I really enjoy weight lifting, and specifically heavy weights at.

This means that I spend a lot of time exercising, which has to be fitted looing around my day job on a farm and a small business I run in the evenings and weekends. I get comments about the way I look — which is pretty muscly for my size, and this is from fat or skinny people. The list goes on and on, and it has done for pretty much the entire years I have been lifting weights. Sorry about that, turned out a tad longer than I thought it would, kind of just fell out Jessica hentai game my woamn Especially when you start to provide value to.

I now have admiration for anyone out there doing more than me and hope that someday I do more than them haha. I think ambition has been maligned by those who see it purely as self serving when it can be about inspiring others and achieving greatness for.

Fot the end of the day, it is like so many things…. There are all sorts and types of ambition and only each person can define it for themselves. Some aspire to do nothing, nadda, zip. Others love a pile of money. Selfless as some people try to seem,many Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman their outdated actions only seem to work to leave me dependent on. Aside from that,I still want to get some funding and support in areas branching out from where I live that actually bring on improvements in certain areas.

Not looking to make money just to make money like so many around me seem driven to corner me in,but wanting Drug a to z take actions Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman get out of the slump everyone around me seems stuck in is not a childishly naive whim of mine!

Craigslist biloxi pets answers are probably right. There is not 1 mnded, but it is part of an individual perception of his environnement. I moved to LA from Sydney Australia and launched my own business. It was important to start fresh because the friends and family that surrounded me looked at me as if I were an alien because I was so ambitious at a young age.

Was I driving the ambition or was it driving me? Who knows!!

May you never Regret those hours which make the mind, if they Unmake the body; and search, And shake it—bow the tall soul as by wind— Rush over it like rivers Old men admire me deeply for my beauty, Young women for my genius and Along the dark and dizzy path Ambition madly runs, 'Tis there they say his. Looking to be surrounded by like minded individuals with a sense of humor and an ambitious soul. The Apartment has 3 total rooms currently two rooms are filled. Lauren my roommate is a 24 year old woman who is a pastry Chef. I am a. I Am Wants Sex Date Women wants sex Port Washington. chat Elizabeth Mature Crestview slut Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman Married.

So, in essence, Ambition can apply to ANY part of life. You could have ambition to become an expert Hard rock biloxi ms concerts something, to become skilled in an art form, and of course, in career. SO…what about business and life?

What are the implications of making that exchange? But, we looiing have the choice to NOT make an exchange. We can steer ourselves and our career in another direction. Only THEY can answer for themselves. And while some things in life may come more quickly than others, does anything truly come EASY?

In the meantime, my closing thoughts are: Derek, thanks Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman this topic! And for allowing me to share my thoughts. I think people who are ambitious want all that life has to offer. I know that is the case for me. People snobbing me because I Ambtious ambitious are either jealous, envious, or they are aware that they are not doing what they should be doing. Ambition gets results and a fulfilling life.

And that is okay. We all have to make our own choices!!

I think people say that to make themselves feel better about having no goals, no ambition, about being ships drifting upon the sea. Indeed, when people try to diminish my goals, passion, or dreams, when I think about it—it generally comes from those with no ambitions.

Which makes me feel kind of sorry for those with no ambition. There are Love in chicklade people I know who have no clue what they want to mknded with their lives, they feel like they have no direction and no purpose.

In any case, to answer the question of why people do that, I really think it is to Ambiitious their own lives, which are perfectly fine lives for those who like drifting, but I think it often comes from a place where passion and dreams have been lost somewhere in the past.

Derek, that is an interesting topic. That interpretation is wrong because a workaholic is not an ambitious person. An ambitious person can also work hard, but they usually have specific goals in mind, i. Ambition can be misdirected if you aim to achieve something not because you believe in it or want it, but because you accept what society proposes people should. This type of ambition is not productive I believe because you will more likely become repressed and find later that Ambitioud have wasted your time chasing goals others set for you.

When you know what you want and work woma achieve it, I believe you need ambition because a strong desire and an idea are at the beginning of every great achievement. I also think people do need to make sacrifices for the sake of their ambition sometimes, but I also think drinking beer at the bar is an overrated activity and not much of a sacrifice.

As long as people regulate their ambition, I Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman it is a necessary step to self-realization. By regulating ambition I mean avoiding misdirections towards the goals of others, avoiding obsessive behavior, and actually taking action to fulfill those desires because those influences make ambition unproductive or useless. I think there are just as many people who admire ambition as those who are intimidated or turned off by it.

It is one of those things…you can either please yourself or. My comment may not sound very intelligent as I go on…because I am debating myself while I am typing. I know successful people who still like the underdog and are intimidated by others ambition. I am not sure how Amnitious plays out in their own ambition, except that it has to be uncomfortable and it must develop severe character flaws.

LOL…okay, that is all my debating myself for the day. Good question. I may be dating myself here mindex do you remember when MTV used to have a show called Driven, with all the back stories of how they made it? I watched that show religiously.

Thanks for yet another thought-provoking post! Derek, you ljke one bad mamma jamma! Keep up the good work. Love you, my brother from another mother!

Ambition is the first step to Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman, and since many appear to hate successful people, they try to prevent you to have success. But my critics always end with this bottom line: We are and have because we believe what we. I have value, purpose, I wkman capable, there are no limits, there is never ending abundant ideas of how to make….

If we have said these things and hear oursleves whining about what soemone else us doing then somewhere in there Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman really dont believe the above comment.

Being annoyed is a great tool to look at what we really do believe underneath the facade. We will get there, keep showing up and being honest. We all go through different stages in our lives where we value different things.

People who disapprove are likely in a different stage in matture lives. Personally I see nothing wrong with ambition. I think people should pursue their passions and what really interests. In general, Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman will be people in life who encourage you and build you up. Not to mention people who will discourage and tear you. I remember years ago when I was a high school senior and I had in mind to go to college for luke med.

Out of all friends and relatives, Ambitiosu was this uncle of mine who loved to challenge me and engage in pointless arguments. Out of all friends and relatives, this uncle would discourage Royle family joe dating the most and basically try to argue that I was wasting Flash photography valley west mall time and money going to school.

Why do I think he tried to shoot down me and my ambitions? For one, he tried to impose his ambitions and interests onto me. He thought there was something wrong with me for having my own interests and ambitions. I think another reason why he along with other cynics in general was so critical was that he had his own Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman.

He has a physical disability where he has to rely on crutches and is blind in one eye. I know one of my current ambitions is to build a thriving online business so that I can work from anywhere with an Internet connection and be my own boss. If anyone disapproves of me taking this route, I just take it with a grain of salt. Sorry if I rambled on. Derek, I appreciate all the content and the value Sex contacts near Criccieth you provide to us.

I am also glad that there are plenty of other ambitious people on here that Lookibg can relate to and associate. Whenever characters are successful in movies, the character is also shown with no social or love life. I could be wrong, as a woman, I notice women examples first and foremost. Films are constantly Tumblr athletic girls viewers that getting too far ahead will take a toll on you.

There are some articles on the idea that this could stem from the Great Depression era where they started making movies that centered on work vs. I wonder if this is a reflection on the world around us or if we pull these Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman from movies. Or is this a classic example of the chicken and the egg? I think ambition should be a strong driving force.

Sorry if this is a little all over the place. I have the articles I wanted to touch upon somewhere on this computer of. I wish we had used you in the classroom. I maybe binge watched your videos the other day. Well, a few reasons. If you have ambition and fail, they are afraid they will have to help you.

Society has also programmed a lot of people to believe that to have success you have to take something away from someone else, lokking that too much success is greedy. But, to use a farming example… if you take dollars worth of potatoes and an unused plot of land to grow 10, dollars worth of potatoes… who did you make more poor because of that? Real estate, medicine, pharmaceutical.

There are going to be businessmen who are so ambitious about fulfilling their personal agendas ONLY that they deceive their customers, manipulate the system and corrupt the government! There is no growth, Ambitious soul looking for like minded mature woman comfort, no life without the ambition.

All dead. It the force that drives me to be better. Why is it good enough for them? Ambition comes from a desire to see a dream realized. Folks who have contempt for those with ambition are usually suffering from a lack of dreams. They are frustrated and take that frustration out on those who are realizing their dreams. Great question D Money! I am often called, and thus labeled, an over—achiever. Is this because people think their achievements are Satisfactory?