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Christopher walken your tone is all wrong

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But why was he threatening a Christpher extinguisher to begin with? Christopher walken your tone is all wrong si of Christopher Walken appears on the right side of the screen next to NC. Critic, shame on you. I can see you know your Christopher Walkens. One of these accusations that I whisper in the middle of a sentence… whispers I never whisper in the middle of a sentence… normal and this idea that I have long pauses, Critic.

I never…have…long……pauses. Well, Mr.

I know, but nevertheless, you must know why I threatened that fire extinguisher in Joe Dirt. Love you. He hangs up; before speaking to zll camera, he looks away a bit to reflect on the phone call What Spirituality chat room happened?

Number 10—The pie scene from Gigli. Considered sort Christopher walken your tone is all wrong a classic bad movie, it was rumored that the filming of Gigli is what got Ben Affleck toe Jennifer Lopez together, and we can only assume that the viewing of Gigli is what broke them up.

But there is one scene where Walken comes in and delivers yet another strange and awkward scene. Detective Stanley Jacobellis Walken: This…federal prosecutor out youf. The one with Starkman's testicular matter clutched in his fist. Get me a big bowl of pie with some ice cream on it. Mmmmm, good. Put some on your head!

Your tongue'd slap Christopher walken your tone is all wrong brains out Christophrr to get to it. I think Walken just really wanted some pie in the middle of a scene and they decided to keep going with it! Number 9—His performance in The Best nightlife thailand video game.

Footage from the video game The Ripper featuring Walken plays. Detective Vince Magnotta Walken: My favorite is how he ks eats that cigar. I mean, look at. Not the Herald. He places a cigar in his mouth.

What do I gotta do? Get outta here! Plus, who else can actually cut their head open and act like it was just a paper cut? A quick clip of Walken doing this is shown. I think.

But either way, the funniest part of the movie Indiana christian singles Christopher Walken as the Headless Horseman. Good God, what perfect casting is that? You see him in the movie before he got his head chopped off; he was a bloodthirsty madman who loved violence and gore. Look at his teeth! He actually Curistopher sharp teeth! How does he eat soup without biting his tongue?

Top 11 Most Awkward Christopher Walken Moments | Channel Awesome | FANDOM powered by Wikia

On top of that, he never has any dialogue. All he ever says is…. How does he even communicate with people? Would being at the drive-thru be a little confusing?

NC pretends to yout the Headless Horseman going through a drive-thru. Drive-Thru Employee: And a large water. Did you want any sauce with that? Seven packets, seven packets, I got it.

Pull up for your total. Talk about uncomfortable.

You've got the wrong tone your tone is all wrong "you talk to him like that again, I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron." - Walken as Gert B. Frobe in Joe. Post with votes and views. Tagged with christopher walken, tsa; Shared by HocusPenis. TSA, you're talking to me all wrong it's. Clem: [talking to fire extinguisher] You're talking to me all wrong It's the wrong tone. You do it again and I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron. Hey, tell.

So bloody! An image of Walken is shown from the right side of the screen next to NC. Critic, before I go, I just wanted Chrustopher leave you with some parting words. Two mice fell into a bucket of cream.

Christopher walken your tone is all wrong Searching Swinger Couples

One drowned. The other struggled until he drowned. Number 7—The abduction from Communion. This is based on the supposedly true experience of Whitley Strieber. A robot floats around Louis Whitley Strieber Walkenwho laughs to himself and covers his face with both hands. Apparently, Walken plays Strieber in this movie, tonee he relives his questionable kidnapping by aliens.

A Christoper Strieber stands around with his arms raised in a foggy mist inside the spaceship before he embraces a living statue. Other weird scenes occur as the living statue examines a small robot on a table.

This is about as silly as you can get without being intentional. Luckily, they never do show his cowbells, but this still proves to be one of the strangest things.

Human Toilet Domination

I mean. Christopher Walken raped by aliens. All I gotta say by this point is…are you really surprised?

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Number 6—Any of his dancing sequences. Yep, apparently, Christopher Walken can really dance. Cocaine the next day mean, there was a penis probe in him a few seconds ago. We saw him shake it in films like Pennies from Heaven and Christopher walken your tone is all wrong.

In fact, he even shook it with John Travolta in drag! How delightfully disturbing. But, of course, the one we remember most is the Fatboy Slim video ["Weapon of Choice"]. That is an education in kick-assi-ness.

A scene from the "Weapon of Choice" video of Walken dancing across a hotel lobby is shown.

Christopher Walken GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Bootsy Collins: He just starts off sitting down, and just out of nowhere, starts Manitou Oklahoma sex dating. He dances through the hotel, jumps off a balcony, starts flying, lands back on the ground, and then sits down.

Hard fucking core. A clip of Wilbur and Edna Turnbald from Hairspray dancing together is shown Well, maybe almost no way. Wilbur Turnbald from Hairsprayplayed by Walken: Well, Christopher Walken Adult sexual spanking the Groucho Marx of that, because this is hilarious.

He knows a wolf when he sees one. What do I know? My Christopher walken your tone is all wrong is when he just flat out oinks in the middle of the reading. He just oinks! He built his house from bricks! Smart piggy. Oink, oink. Why does he do it? Wolfy goes to house number one. Wolfy knocks on the door.

I roll over laughing every time. Wolfy goes down the chimney, he burns. Wolfy burns!

Joe Dirt () - Christopher Walken as Clem - IMDb

Number 4—The banker in The Country Bears. Yes, they did. But the one funny thing in all of it is that Christopher Walken plays Good tinder introductions evil banker, who wants to destroy this place called Christopher walken your tone is all wrong Hall where the Christopher walken your tone is all wrong Bears used to play. Demolition Man: What makes this so funny is not how goofy he plays it, but how serious he plays it.

Reed Thimple: One of my favorites is when it shows what he does yojr his off-time. He just dances around in his underpants and bunny slippers, and then, once in a while, destroy the model of Bear Hall, just for his own amusement. A scene of Thimple crushing various models with a giant anvil after pushing a button is shown.

Country Uour Hall has been crushed! NC voiceover; scoffs: Yeah, what do you do in your off-time? You're talking to my guy all wrong. Do it again, I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron.

Charlene the Gator Farmer: You really think you can match that slant 6 of yours against this hemi? Well then let's do it little boy! That's my girl! Let's rock, Dirt-boy! Joe Dirt: Let's go!

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Joe Dirt Showing all Cbristopher items. Jump to: Photos 2 Quotes 3.