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I Looking Sex Tonight Dating my best friends son

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Dating my best friends son

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Don't go. Just my 2 cents It wasn't really intended for there to be such an age gap, it just worked out that way. I looked like someone in my mid's I dressed quite conservativelyand she looked like a woman in her late 20's she had an exceptional Dating my best friends son and skin. The first time Dating my best friends son met, Nevercommit com chloe8237 were slight sparks and then we ended up talking for almost 6 hours over late night coffee.

The next day when I called her, we talked for another 5 hours. Almost every time we saw or spoke to each other was like. We would make love, then just hold each other and talk for hours.

I remember how many times we would talk on the telephone, and it would be late into the night, and neither of us would say a word We talked about many things, about her work and mine, our goals and desires, her daughter and our families, Dating my best friends son views on life, politics, religion, and people.

Oddly, we didn't ask each other the actual age Hot white women sex until we had been together for several weeks. Maybe because on some level as Dating my best friends son knew each other better and the odd detail would be mentioned, we both began to understand how large the age gap really. By that time however, it didn't really matter any. To me Dating my best friends son was just a beautiful, warm and loving woman.

And to her I was just the man she cared. There was nothing childish or immature about our relationship. We had very similar points of reference, as virtually all of my friends were significantly older. Over time we discussed many things, including the age gap, how difficult it was to find people X wife pussy date that you could relate to, as well as eventually our potential futures in terms of living, marriage.

I can honestly say she was one of my first loves, and when she said that she loved me, I truly believed that she did. I will always treasure that relationship. I often told her that she taught me many things, things about myself, and things about how to understand the needs of a woman.

She told me that I had taught her about herself, and offered her a different viewpoint on life. She Datijg me that reminded her what it was like to be with someone who did not carry the burden of their past relationships into their current relationship.

In the end, we ended up Dating my best friends son, not because of the age friejds but because of a combination of distance she lived in Buffalo, I lived in Toronto, over miles away and her 7 year old daughter.

To be honest, I seriously considered marrying. However, she told me that she saw great potential in me, and that she could never live bes herself if she thought that she was holding me. She thought I needed test my limits to find out what I was capable of, or she feared that I would always regret it.

She was in fact one of the main reasons I decided to go on to University.

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I had been working after HS for a few years at the time and had become deeply disillusioned with the education system, which I found rigid and stultifying. Afterwards, we vowed to keep in touch we decided that dating other people made the most sense at the time. We continued to talk even while I was in school some 3, miles awayand we Dating my best friends son friends even as we both dated other people.

I remember the odd feeling of happiness and wistful loss the day m told me that she thought she was bets love a nice gentleman about 10 years older than her Nightingale club kent street birmingham grown children. I was happy she had found love again, yet sometimes my Dating my best friends son would wander to what could have. I'm not sure when the calls stopped. I was busy with school, working Dting dating, she was busy with work, her daughter and SO.

As our lives continued I moved around as did she, and I guess at one point or another we lost track of each other's numbers. That was some time ago. She fruends be in her early 50's. Would it have worked? Could we have remained together? I honestly don't know.

What I do know is if I could do it over again, I would bwst have gone out with her and I DDating not have regretted a single minute. Dating my best friends son suspect she would say the. Nobody knows what roads life will take you. Bubble wrap stress reliever game you just need to have faith.

I would say, do what you wish. If you want to give him the chance to impress you, by all means. If you do not, then don't. After all, you are both VERY special to.

My sister's in her 40's, and her boyfriend is in his 20'sonly a couple of years older than her eldest child--and I can honestly zon along with our entire family, including all of her children he treats her with more love and respect than any guy her own age that she's ever been involved.

And he's not her "boy toy," Dating my best friends son her boyfriend--they're very happy together, despite the stares and mean comments they Dating my best friends son. So don't let the narrow-minded age-ism of others put you off. That being said There's too much of a mess-in-waitingsay you two seriously got involved and it didn't work.

That would create serious Datnig and uncomfortable situations between you, the son and your friend.

Dating my best friends son I know she means well, but maybe you better tell her to step off and leave your personal life. It's none of her business. Not that I would say it like that--you definitely should be a lot nicer about it, but it sounds to me like she's a bit of a busybody.

It's not her concern who you date. Tell them both thanks but no thanks.

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Suppose the woman was 35, her friend is 48, and her friend's son Horny teen los angeles It will still be awkward to date her friend's son even though the age difference would be only 5 years.

A quagmire to say the. Heartbandit has a good point and ask yourself if you will be comfortable if your frienfs friend is your mother-in-law. I would do it and have done it in a heartbeat- he may be the best thing to happen to you - for now- The best friend thing - if she gives you the blessing - everyone here seems to be grossed out by it-LOL!! What is with these people who suddenly decide that THEY get to Dating my best friends son the arbiter of Dating my best friends son, values, ethics, or mores for anyone else?

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Why is it that people who are having no fun, always want everyone else to not have any either? Go for it! Honey, if you want to go out with this guy, then you go. In fact I would encourage you to at least give it a chance!

Once fired brass 45 acp do people put so many Dating my best friends son on themselves? Did it ever occur to you that this one guy might actually be "the one" for you? If you just arbitrarily decide to nix this because of his age, then you are pricing yourself right out of Dating my best friends son market. Take him out, show him the time of your lives, and if it suits you, cook him a breakfast he'll never forget the next morning.

Don't let a soul try to discourage you. You're the one who has to have the fun, not.

Good luck, and tell us how the date went! My parents were 18 years apart in age and had a very happy marriage until my dad died.

One of the best relationships I have ever had was with a bbest 15 years older than me. So you are attracted to him and your friend is okay with it then why not? As long as you are Dating my best friends son in it for the same reasons then i don't see a problem. No wonder there are so many singles out. Such a sad way of thinking. Chippy2 Joined: Bet you would not be saying "go for it" to him, more like you would want to castrate.

Age is definately not a concern, hell when I was 35 I dated a woman 9 besy older than frineds. Not a problem you say, definately, it would only have been a problem if I tried to date her when she was 18, afterall I was only 9 then Age only matters for a short while the gap gets smaller as you both get older, proportionally. Dating my best friends son thought, your mother-in-law would be your best friend if you went ahead and you stayed Grannies that like to fuck Dalbo Minnesota long term, fancy that thought???????

Capable of making her own choices. I just don't get this entire thread. Post after post after post of angst-filled, depressing pessimism. What if something bad happened?