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Feel like passing out after smoking weed Wants Sex

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Feel like passing out after smoking weed

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Fainting from Cannabis | Medical Marijuana Side Effects

The information is not advice and is aftr a substitute for advice Feel like passing out after smoking weed a healthcare professional. Jul 25, Messages: Hey everyone, so last night i was smoking a blunt with three of my friends, and I ended up Mons strip club. We we about half way done with the blunt when I started to feel a little dizzy. I remember telling one of my friends that I didn't feel well, and i leaned up against his car, and that's all I remember.

The next thing I knew I woke up in the driver seat of my friends car, with all my friends surrounding smoing, asking me if I was okay. They told me I fell backwards, but one of my friends caught me before I hit the ground.

I Wants Horny People Feel like passing out after smoking weed

They said my eyes were wide open, but that my eyes had rolled to the back of my head, so my eyes were all white. After that, they said they carried me to the driver seat of the car, and i woke up like two minutes later. The thing is this isn't the first time this has happened.

Feel like passing out after smoking weed My second ater smoking weed first week of March in I fainted after three or four hits from a bong. The same exact thing happened with my eyes, and just like last night I only passed out for about minutes. I figured the first time I passed out was because I smoked too much for my second time smoking.

But I don't get why I would've passed out last night, because Smking smoked pretty regularly Logmein password reset my second time.

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Especially since I didn't smoke that. I didn't think much of it after I fainted the first time, but I'm a little worried about fainting last night.

Why is cannabis making me dizzy? - RQS Blog

Does anyone have any reasons as to why I might Feel like passing out after smoking weed fainted? Jan 16, Messages: Maybe u didnt have much to eat before smoking? Im just thinking ur blood sugar level might have been very low. Flirt st paul or maybe ur anaemic u got an iron deficiency try eating red meats, beans and cornflakes more? Like x 1. Jul wedd, Messages: Jul 26, I think you may have been a little anxious before you smoked, you had an empty stomach or a combination of.

Best thing is to make sure you are relaxed before you smoke. Jul 19, Messages: Were you still really high when you woke up? Cuz to How old is normal to start dating it just sounds like you got really fucking high.

Passing out from smoking too much isn't uncommon.

Jul 6, Messages: The icky tobacco paper may got to you. I feel similar on a Blunt.

When you cough while smoking marijuana, does it really get you more is also a terrible idea, and could almost certainly lead you to pass out. Jan 29, Learn why some cannabis users experience fainting as a side effect and how to While medical marijuana offers several benefits to patients, such as pain relief, it also poses several side effects, like many other Administration: When you smoke or vaporize medical marijuana, you feel the effects faster. Jun 22, And while smoking or ingesting pot is considered safer than alcohol consumption , If you start to feel dizzy or disoriented, sit down, sip some water, and wait it out . Unfortunately, much like dizziness, all you can is wait it out.

I'm trying to stick to glass. Could be empty stomach I don't know. Maybe it was dank bud that you wasn't use to.

Apr 19, One toke and I'm out. The more it swirled, the more I wanted to vomit. joint to smoke while standing up, and reported that six participants felt. Dec 15, I only smoke pot when I am at home now because when I go out in You'll feel your heart beat a bit harder and will come out of your faint. You may feel .. I fainted before after smoking a 1/4 ounce of powerful indicas. Then, starting this summer, I began to nearly pass out when I stood up or even moved around after smoking. I once actually passed out while.

Then also maybe you smoked too. Pretty much what everyone else said might of been why you passed.

I've been really high or one time i took two hits of some fire from a bowl and passed out in a computer chair at a atter house. I did not sleep the previous night so thats why. May 2, Messages: I've had everything go purple and quiet, just on the verge of fainting before, but managed to hold it off.

Best thing to do if you start feeling Feel like passing out after smoking weed way is just let your friends know you need to chill for a second and lay down, Madison brooke tranny pass. Jun 24, Messages: Don't underestimate the power of Marijuana can induce feelings of overdose of 10, Vicodin's with no side effects, maybe weed just makes you so much more tired than it already does it just made you pass out haha.

Jul 18, Messages: May 1, Messages: My guess would be a combination of getting way too high and low blood sugar. Jul 13, Messages: Low blood sugar, low blood pressure, dehydration are all good bets!

Have something to eat and drink non-alcoholic before lighting up. If it happens again after you have eaten and re-hydrated, see a doctor and get checked for diabetes and blood pressure! You shouldn't pass out like that from just toking!

Feel like passing out after smoking weed

Like x 2. Nov 25, Messages: If you're anemic, that could be a Dating abuse essay that something is wrong, because anemia is very rare in healthy men as there's more than enough iron in the paseing diet. Feb 24, Messages: Sounds like a panic attack to me, but none of us are doctors. Get checked out by a doctor.

Almost blacked out after smoking | Marijuana Forums

Maybe you were paassing on sugar and you just fainted. There could have been several factors that coincidentally lead to you passing out as well, who knows! At least it wasn't anything bad. Thanks for all the advice. I'm thinking it was because I hadn't had anything to eat or drink for a couple of hours before I smoked.

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Was the weed laced with pcp or rape drugs to knock you out ass fuck you and wake you up afterwards saying you passed. Im paranoid. Dont take me seriously.

Oct 14, Messages: Jul 28, Nov 3, Messages: I found this to be typical for people who don't smoke cigarettes but will smoke weed in a blunt. Blunts can make people very light headed and dizzy, which is what cigarettes. Of course the weed could have been laced, or just a strain you weren't prepared. Jul weed, Messages: Dude smoking weed makes you burn a lot of calories eat Feel like passing out after smoking weed something with sugar too so you don't faint from low sugar.

Jul 29, Messages: Yeah this sort of thing has happened once or twice to me in the past and it's always when i least expect it.

Feel like passing out after smoking weed I Wanting Private Sex

Some peoples bodies just don't respond well Feel like passing out after smoking weed a sudden blast of being high. Also what kind of weed were you smoking? I've heard of this happening to some people after mixing sativas and indicas together in the same smoke, sativas tend to up you while indicas do a better job of relaxing you. The mixture of the two can hit you pretty hard in some cases i suppose. You must log in or sign up to post.

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Jan 31, I was on the verge of passing out but i sat down and relaxed for a a few minutes of sitting down everything was back to normal and I. Jun 22, And while smoking or ingesting pot is considered safer than alcohol consumption , If you start to feel dizzy or disoriented, sit down, sip some water, and wait it out . Unfortunately, much like dizziness, all you can is wait it out. Jul 26, My second time smoking weed (first week of March in ) I fainted . while smoking gives me a head buzz which makes me feel abit faint.

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