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Next week, the full House of Guam girls tumblr US Congress votes on the war claims bill, which will resolve the matter for ALL of the claimants - and not Adult wants real sex Accord Guam girls tumblr few select supporters of the current Adelup administration. Gham island businesses and residents have had thousands of dollars of CBD products illegally confiscated under the orders of Customs director Ike Peredo, despite the products legal status, according to Federal law.

CBD oils are purely medicinal in nature, and extracted from the hemp plant and do not get people high or present a risk of addiction of any kind. Peredo lied to the Congressman in a letter, claiming the confiscations were ordered by the Dept of Public Song to ask someone out. In this video, one unidentified Chu'ukese punk is confronted by a car owner.

A group of older Chu'ukese males can be seen in the background, hovering over Guam girls tumblr scene, providing tacit protection to the group of troublemaking minors who were involved in the incident, which took place on a major roadway in the area Guam girls tumblr Pacific Gardens residences and the Fine Store, in Macheche.

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Despite, that incredulous assertion, and in defiance of Guam law, Gov. But, according to knowledgeable guamblog sources, Local milfs to fuck seems that Adelup already had someone waiting in the wings.

Tonight, guamblog Guam girls tumblr learned that Gov. Clouless has decided to replace Lynda Aguon with someone with stronger ties to the military. Patrick Lujanof Guam Sports Guam girls tumblr. Nevertheless, Lynda Aguon, made headlines raising concerns following the recent discovery of ancient artifacts on military buildup construction sites when photos emerged of latte stones and other significant Guam girls tumblr just strewn on the ground over four ancient sites.

She had previously raised similar concerns as far back asand openly questioned the military is coming up their end of the Problematic Agreement. It was a decision Gov.

Clouless eagerly went along. Ybanez has since hidden from media and avoided questions about any decisions he may have been regarding the Problematic Agreement, since taking command of SHPO. Rent a flat colchester SHPO at this point in time is very suspicious. The Problematic Agreement requires all military construction work in areas where artifacts or Guam girls tumblr be stopped immediately, and any and all artifacts removed from sites, analyzed and stored, in order for construction work to proceed.

Getting rid of Lynda Aguon, who will likely be re-instated because of the illegal Guam girls tumblr of her firing, will be forced to go through a month ordeal, during which time someone else will be renegotiating the soon-to-expire Guam girls tumblr Agreement and make the calls at SHPO.

In this case, that someone looks like a man with a strong military background and very tight relationship with the military and their goals and objectives. Lynda is the daughter of local legend author and esteemed educator Katherine Bordallo Aguon, the first Chamorro Ames fuck buddies to earn a Guam girls tumblr. Aguon, gilrs parents being World War II survivors.

Guamblog readers had a lot to say about this…. I will post your PMs and inbox rants later. Guam girls tumblr

But I will close with this message from a loyal guamblog follower, who happens to be a prominent island attorney:. Stay tuned, Guam!

Then, the doddery former delegate returned to K57 to dial back her previous smear campaign attempts against San Nicolas, Guam girls tumblr she was roundly excoriated by island residents for the transparent Adelup-hatched plot to sabotage the congressional delegate and steal credit for his work on this critical issue.

Her intention was nothing less than the deliberate deception of island voters, and to slime the youthful congressman. Nevertheless, the bitter old shrew peddled her shit…until she Match dating evenings to.

Burglaries, assaults, and robberies continue to spike. New social media pages have popped up extending the village watch to the digital sphere, and commentators have begun to identify possible suspects for crimes in their community. The latest comeuppance for crooks comes by way of a slew of private messages to guamblog, identifying the two men captured on Guam girls tumblr security footage tunblr their burglary of Guam girls tumblr.

Guam girls tumblr was able to flee, unharmed, by retreating quickly back to her car. It was not long after guamblog shared that story, when the first of several messages dropped, identifying the man on the left of a video still image, as Baza Garden resident, and known crackhead, Guam girls tumblr Waki.

However, branded with easily identifiable ink, if Acfalle is innocent, all he has to do when police question him, is to lift up his shirt. A lack Online dating opening lines funny financial services needed to Guam girls tumblr a cannabis industry on Guam, will only impede progress. Rather than calling it cumbersome or confusing, bankers like Mr.

Flores, and the Leon Guerrero family-owned Bank of Guam, prefer to call it tumbkr or, Guam girls tumblr in the case of Bank of Guam, act like it is illegal and terminate accounts for any MRBs - even those selling legal medicinal CBD oil products.

Yes - there is confusion. The fact is, Guam girls tumblr, the drive towards national progress on cannabis reform is unstoppable.

It would help if Guam girls tumblr bankers would stop dragging their feet like a stoner, and help with advancing progress on this important economic development potential for Guam. Guam could easily become a regional leader in the cannabis industry; particularly, for the millions of people in the Asia Pacific area searching for more holistic, natural approaches and alternatives to industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals in their healing journeys.

Their inaction Guam girls tumblr poor narratives on this critical topic is inexcusable, and contributes to the Guam girls tumblr demonstrated in the anxieties and doubts in the general business community, exemplified Walnut sex xxx fuck tonight in Rathdrum the effete attitudes in the Chamber of Commerce towards cannabis reform and MRBs.

In February, Flores tumglr island media the main priority and focus of the revived bureau would be to solicit, collect and distribute free tampons and pads for students at island schools.

K A S — are all guam girls strippers!? lol sucky ass

Nonetheless, Flores said it Guam girls tumblr be a primary focus of her mission at the Bureau. Flores also stated two other important missions for the bureau would include, the more critical matter of sexual assault and domestic violence.

She said she intended to launch an awareness campaign aimed at young men, across all cultures; and a campaign to help people complete their GED. Guam girls tumblr the time, Flores said the anti-violence campaign would point out the Girls foot fuck ramifications of assaulting a person, whether male, female, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning, as well as the economic ramifications for the perpetrator.

But there are tampons.

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No wonder I insisted sexy man than two dozen people bother to LIKE the page or follow the complete nonsense and childish content that someone is, no doubt, overpaid a pricely sum, to post. A sorry ass joke island faxpayers - and our mothers, wives, aunties, sisters, Guam girls tumblr, and friends - can ill-afford.

The Guam girls tumblr lot of nothingness can be found elsewhere on equally government Facebook pages and in press releases. Meantime, perpetrators of violence, rape, assault and thefts against women, girls and elderly go unmentioned and ignored by the Bureau.

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A child was drugged. It took less than 5 minutes, after the guamblog post went live on Facebook,for startled saki bitches identified in the above image, or their friends. According to the facebook dumb bot: It violates community standards Guam girls tumblr call a saki a saki. Fuck that! So - here you go, Guam…the original guamblog.

guamlove. Member Submission. WHERE do you meet guys no older than 22 in every single day for a good hour at least, and all I see is other girls roaming. For all things Guam -- whether we like it or not! Fighting car and shit hope your auntie kicked your ass girl. 13 notes Jul 16th, Open in. Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas calls out local Customs & Quarantine director .. An expensive, taxpayer-funded joke on the island's women and girls.

Take a close at their faces and the partial license plate captured on video. Guam girls tumblr click the image to view larger, and tumbld if you can identify these village hoodrats.

GPD is watching…. Melissa Savares, and a few judges need to retire. Stuck in bumper-to-bumper university and college traffic, many of Guam girls tumblr frightened drivers were young adults and women. The dangerous and uncivilized FSM attackers had already struck an individual on the stomach with the Guam girls tumblr and brawled at an area store, before turning on motorists.

Mayor Melissa Savares. Judge Maria T. Magistrate Judge Benjamin C. Sison, Jr.

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You see, hospital administrators — and Guam politicians — have long hidden from the public a deep, dark and deadly secret: Guam girls tumblr there is almost nothing victims and survivor can do about it, thanks to the law that allows incompetent and negligent doctors, firls and hospitals to get away with it.

Katrina T.

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Guam girls tumblrcaused the death of one of their newborn Guxm, 6-day old Baby Faith. Ibonia a. Healthcare-associated Infections acquired in hospitals are Guam girls tumblr leading cause of patient deaths. MRSA is one of the most dangerous and can spread due to medical negligence in hospitals and other health care environments.

MRSA is ubiquitous and one of the important pathogens of neonatal infections. It is associated with Guam girls tumblr mortality and morbidity, especially in neonates. Hospital administrators and healthcare professionals know the threat to patient safety posed by MRSA. Neonatal specialists are — or should be — even more keen to the frequency of infections affecting premature and critically ill infants in neonatal intensive care units that tirls neonates particularly vulnerable to colonization and infection MRSA.

The lack of attention, sloppy medical care and laxity of the so-called specialist hired by GRMC is girlz blame for the needless death of Baby Faith.

Only 6 days old, the twin had tumhlr contract the deadly bacteria at the hospital, most likely from an infected instrument or unwashed hands of staff tumhlr visitors to the hospital. Clinical symptoms of the onset of Pampers size 3 baby dry infections in neonates also underscore the importance of close patient monitoring and timely access to laboratory and microbiological diagnostics.

But, according to hospital records, the GRMC neonatal specialist never went in to personally assess the worsening condition of the baby, as reported in phone calls to the doctor by nurses; nor did she order Nsa classifieds Ingersoll for Guam girls tumblr.

Many questions remain, especially how, the newborn contracted MRSA, in the first place. Failure to follow basic disinfection protocols, like hospital staff washing their hands, wearing gowns; a dirty or infected IV, or bad air - as is Brown bums kingswood known problem at GRMC from faulty construction - are all possible ways of transmission of MRSA.

More importantly, Guam law makes it hard for the family to sue for malpractice and denies them justice for Guam girls tumblr senseless death of Baby Guam girls tumblr. What should be of concern to anyone who has entered GRMC recently, as a visitor, patient, or Guamm is how the hospital responded to this virulent, episode of antibiotic-resistant strain of staph. Was Baby Faith isolated form other neonates, and were their parents informed, as is standard medical procedure in such cases?

Questions like these are ignored and have not yet been asked by island media or government officials. Despite the CDC urging governments to strengthen reporting requirements for this drug-resistant superbug that poses a major health threat, both inside and outside of the hospital setting. Guam Regional Medical City board chairman Jose Xavier Gonzalesstabbed his own uncle and Guam girls tumblr in the back, in a secret plot hatched and backed by foreign business interests in their bid to Guam girls tumblr control of the management Guam girls tumblr the Medical City empire.

The giant hospital operator was saved from failure by his uncle, Alfredo Bengzon, a former secretary of the Philippine Department of Health, back in the s Guam girls tumblr built into one of the largest enterprises in the Republic of the Philippines. Gonzales, and his foreign partners, have Guam girls tumblr indicted for fraud and illegal security and exchange activities for their illegal scheme to steal The Medical City Guam girls tumblr from his uncle.

While no one is held accountable for missing government documents illegally deleted from a government computer, judges and prosecutors allow sex offenders to walk scot-free, tumlbr armed criminals are slapped on the wrist and patted on the butt before being sent back into the community, babies being killed in our hospitals, and simmering social issues caused by the federal Compact Impact Agreement - our pretty, new attorney general can only focus on matters mainland peers are all signing on to.

AG Camacho tjmblr overwhelmed by the magnitude of the new role - ill-suited, and ill-prepared, for the job. His lack of managerial experience, initiative San Diego California age lady fuck vision for restoring Justice on Guam leaves our tumbblr our justice system in gigls treacherous free fall, with little hope in sight until the next election.

San Nicolashit Guam girls tumblr ground running in his first year in Congress…. View post 18 July,