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Guys eating their cum

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Jump jump Jump over the broom I do October or november that is the Guys eating their cum of our WEDDING :)) if you are seeking to get married--email me if you are needing to settle down--email me- lets meet and see if we can make this happen.

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Lots of straight women regularly swallow their partner's love juices.

But do straight men ever guzzle down their — — own love juices? In fact, if you dig deep enough on the Guys eating their cum you can find a plethora of sex-themed communities where men freely discuss their experiences eating their own semen, and even offer other guys tips on how to do so.

One word: Out of curiosity, we ventured into Guys eating their cum of these forums over on Reddit to see exactly what these men had to say about the practice. Below, we highlight 15 men revealing what it's like to taste their own sperm.

I've also had girls kiss me after swallowing and I'm generally fine with it as long as it's a quick peck rather than a full makeout. That being said, I sort of do want to try it properly at least once just to know what I'm expecting her to ewting, but here's Guys eating their cum problem that I'm sure all guys can relate.

My diet was terrible as a teenager, it was a lot saltier and more bitter than I'd been led to expect. I tried it one more time after that, after I started eating a bit Guys eating their cum, and it wasn't quite as nasty. The texture, though, was always odd and mucus-like.

Both times it left this weird half-burning sensation at the back of my throat, like anything really salty. Before I finally balled up and tried it, I theirr several times before that to do so, but post-orgasm shame kicked in and I couldn't do it, until finally one time I had an orgasm-less ejaculation and so I was still horny Guys eating their cum to want to try.

I don't think there's anything inherently nasty about tasting your own theid. I mean, that was in my body in the first place right?

Plus, it's not like it's not something Theig wouldn't let another person have in their mouth, so why not? Besides, if a girl can swallow it, I can certainly swallow it.

I was surprised how hard and fast it. Next page.

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