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Contact information: The objectives of our mission are being realized year after year with noted growth and expansion.

The project Having sex Slovenia 40 specially trained instructors — medical students — with in-depth knowledge of the material at hand and an especially keen sense of communication, the right as well as shameless approach. On an annual basis, we organize about lectures and make sure that 2.

Teachers are enthusiastic about our work because sexual knowledge and especially questions young people tend to have are far beyond the scope of the usually rigid curricula.

The main problem in Havijg society is Having sex Slovenia stigma that comes along with sex education and the lack of interest for it from school workers.

Most do not know where to get tested and what the result can mean for their lives. Of course, due to internet, there is no lack Having sex Slovenia information about SRHR, but we have to present them the right ones.

We have to make them talk about this topic, to discuss it with friends, families Having sex Slovenia others, so we can all unite and overpass this controversial culture that we live in.

Firstly, there are participants of our workshops and those are youth our target groupbetween years old. Secondly, we Having sex Slovenia target students all over our city, passersby on days when we organize awareness campaigns from children to elderly and also parents who have a major role in educating their children.

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All of our objectives can be achieved via lectures in grade schools and high schools, where we teach about Having sex Slovenia of the above mentioned objectives.

We also organise stands throughout our town where Having sex Slovenia inform the general public about above mentioned objectives.

Lectures and informative stands are also the concrete actions that make up our Activity.

We gather and evaluate our monitoring from the gathered feedback of the students and the questions which were asked during the presentation.

One Having sex Slovenia the best feedbacks are collected from the professors who contact us every year in order to present the topic to the new students since they Having sex Slovenia less shy when interacting with a younger and more open trainer. Name of the activity: Focus area: Target groups and beneficiaries: Objectives and indicators of success: Plans for evaluation: This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

We will assume you consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. Accept Read More.

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