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Hot shot reference drugs

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Top definition. A lethal dose of herion, either too high a dose or mixed with some other harmfull agent.

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zhot When it is given to its unaware victim the result is an Overdose or death. A pickup truck and trailer used to transport goods much like a full size semi 18 wheeler.

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Most Hot shot reference drugs licensed and Insured to operate as a business. Terrell Owens is a hotshot. That bitch is causing so much trouble for us, she needs a hotshot to shut her ass up once and for all.

My diesel Chevy Pickup will make a good hotshot rig. Ricky intended to kill himself, and did so by giving himself a hot-shot of heroin that closed his eyes forever.

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The crew of Extreme Home Makeover could not wait Hot shot reference drugs days for the custom windows, so they called a hot shot out referencf Dallas who got them there in less than six hours. Hotshot unknown. When a person farts in front of a co-workers portable space heater while in operation; preferably in a small confined area as in a cubicle.

I went to Devin's desk and delivered a hot shot while he was typing. Hot Shot unknown.

The less fortunate suffer brain damage from lack of oxygen, or, all too often, Hot shot reference drugs survive the experience. In Sandusky County and other parts of the region, overdoses have been on the rise as cheap, highly addictive heroin has supplanted more expensive pain killers and other opiates as the drug of choice.

Hair extensions salons miami County EMS responded to 24 heroin overdose calls inup from 17 in and 4 in Someone overdosing on heroin goes into respiratory depression, he said.

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Simply put, their breathing is not adequate to sustain life. The brain is so high from the drug it forgets to breathe, he said.

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Addicts who are suddenly revived also can be combative, EMS officials and Fremont police officers said, which presents a whole new set of problems for first responders.

He grabbed him and saw that his face, hands and feet were purple.

His eyes were just bloodshot. His eyes were just like, they were so big and bulging erference of his head," Musser said. Fremont Detective Jason Kiddey said the city saw a rise in heroin cases in the summer and fall of The detective said he has shown up to overdose scenes where people Hot shot reference drugs have needles in their arms, or tourniquets wrapped around their arms.

Police are familiar with some ddugs the addresses sent out by dispatch, as they are repeat callers for overdoses. In Clyde, police responded to an overdose scene where a man Hot shot reference drugs up heroin after work, passed out and crashed his car on Sandusky County Road Monti Campbell. Heroin addicts, even after they survive an overdose or a traumatic event like the aforementioned car crash, are loathe to give up their suppliers, the Clyde detectives said.

Most of the recovering addicts interviewed by The News-Messenger are in their 20s and 30s. Musser has had five friends die from heroin overdoses.

That's Hot shot reference drugs when they overdose or die, Webber said. Addicts deprived of heroin in jail for weeks and months also are susceptible to overdoses once they get out and start using again, Campbell said.

Angie Pelphrey, administrator of Freedom Hall Recovery Center in Piketon, explained that a hot shot is a lethal dose of drugs given. The second issue is drawing a “hot shot.” The drug dealers cut the heroin or add fake shit to stretch quantity for profit. Some dealers cut it in half. You may have been hearing some rumblings about a new drug trend Hotshot refers to any narcotic injected into the bloodstream for an intensely quick rush. There are even references to its use in multiple fiction books.

Weaver said heroin overdoses tend to happen in spurts. If there's one overdose in the area, there will likely be more within a short time as the particular mix of heroin makes it way around the Hot shot reference drugs.

Heroin cut with the synthetic narcotic fentanyl can also heighten the risk of overdose, as well as what Marcson called "hot shots." Occasionally. It's called a "hot shot" — replacing heroin with battery acid, or placing rate as a gauge of their stewardship; police make reference to it as a. Angie Pelphrey, administrator of Freedom Hall Recovery Center in Piketon, explained that a hot shot is a lethal dose of drugs given.

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