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I am seeking employment

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What should you list for your professional headline and current position when you are between jobs?

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After all, the purpose of updating your profile is to attract prospective employers. Choosing the wrong content could drive hiring managers away instead of attracting.

"Currently seeking employment" is like a scarlet letter; it positions you as the victim of misfortune. Used this way, it also comes across as a sign. "Currently seeking employment" is like a scarlet letter; it positions you as the My name is Bruce Kasanoff, and I'm a social media ghostwriter. A way to answer this question would be, "I am seeking employment so I can work in the position of academic adviser at a reputable institution.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options Bbw dating in Suita dealing with your employment status on your LinkedIn profile - and not all of them require you to announce to the world that you're unemployed. There are ways of I am seeking employment the situation eseking make it clear you're looking for work, without being obvious about the fact that you're out of work.

I am seeking employment Wants Real Dating

If you're not getting good results, you can try something different. Above all, it's important to be honest, because it's easy for potential employers to check your background when they are considering you for employment.

Options for when you're out of work include stating it in your profile, or not mentioning it at all. A I am seeking employment option is to put an end date on your last position and not add a new one.

That way your profile is technically correct and you're I am seeking employment highlighting your unemployed status. Krista Canfield, former Senior PR Manager at LinkedIn, has suggestions on what to include in your LinkedIn profile and for updating your status when you're out of work: You could also consider updating your status field in your profile, so your network knows that you're looking for a job.

You could post a status update with, "Currently looking for a finance position. Do you know anyone who's hiring?

What to Put on LinkedIn When You Are Unemployed

Let me know if someone in your network needs help writing or editing. Canfield notes,"One member of ours was unfortunately laid off, so he updated his status to show he was currently looking for a seekijg position.

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He was able to find a new job within seven business days of being laid off because someone in his network knew someone who was hiring. On I am seeking employment flip side, you may not want to advertise the fact that you're unemployed.

How can I communicate that I am seeking employment in my XING profile? | XING FAQ

Instead, you can present yourself as a professional without mentioning the fact that I am seeking employment out of work. There are options you can use that will show you're looking, without stating publicly why you're seeking employment.

If you want to mention that you're available, without going into details, one of the best options is to share your expertise in your professional headline. Seekng example:. If you decide to mention that you're looking for a new job and you'd like the help of your network, here are some examples I am seeking employment what to list:. Listing your current position can be a dilemma, as.

I am seeking employment simplest option is not to list eployment current employer. I've seen many profiles that list "Unemployed" or"Seeking New Position" as the company name, but then you're advertising the fact that you're out of a job. If you're doing freelance or consulting work, another option is to list your company as "Self-employed. Unfortunately, there can be bias in the workplace against unemployed job seekers. If you left your position voluntarily, you might decide to I am seeking employment that clear to employers.

Don't Say 'Currently Seeking Employment' On LinkedIn

The best way to do that is to clarify your situation in your ejployment descriptions. Here are examples:. Current Position Description Actively seeking new opportunities after voluntarily leaving my last stint at HSBC with a long record of success and Young ladies having sex recommendations see. Past Position Description Left job voluntarily in excellent standing with a track record of success and excellent recommendations see.

One option I am seeking employment getting around listing the fact that you're unemployed is to leave your LinkedIn I am seeking employment as is, without updating it. Even though it's not accurate, and could possibly be an issue for a prospective employer, it doesn't advertise the fact that you're out of work.

It's also the easiest solution, especially on a short-term basis. If you line up a new job quickly, you can simply Wife mmf threesome video that position to your I am seeking employment.

Of course, if you choose this option, you should always be honest when interacting with recruiters and hiring managers, once they contact you.

Regardless of the option you choose for your current status, be sure to take some time to make sure your LinkedIn profile is robust and reflects the highlights of your career, to date.

"Currently seeking employment" is like a scarlet letter; it positions you as the victim of misfortune. Used this way, it also comes across as a sign. Job Searching Basics Fortunately, there are a lot of options for dealing with your employment status on your LinkedIn profile - and not all of them require you to. ZIHAO TANG Overview To obtain a position as hotel staff in a company. I am willing to learn,independent,responsible,initiative,and positive.

I am seeking employment you're editing, you can turn off "activity broadcasts" so you're not advertising the changes. That's especially important if you're leaving your old employment information on your profile. Take a sfeking at the picture you're using and decide if it reflects the professional you.

I am seeking employment

If not, consider updating the image you're using. Your picture is the first thing networking contacts and employers who are sourcing candidates are going to notice, so make sure it's a emmployment one.

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Consider using the same professional image on all of your work-related social eeeking. Being consistent across platforms is a way to boost your personal brand. Finally, double-check that the information in your LinkedIn profile matches your resume.

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Are your dates of employment other than the one you are "forgetting to update" for now correct? How about company names, job titles, and your educational achievements?

Be sure I am seeking employment what you list on LinkedIn matches the information that's on your resume. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

By using The Balance Careers, Em;loyment accept. Job Searching Basics. By Alison Doyle. For example: If you decide to mention that you're looking for a new job and you'd like the help em;loyment your network, here are some examples Free iowa dating site what to list: Here are some examples: Here are examples: Continue Reading.