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When we explained about the exorcisms in relation to the Tree of Lifewe explained how the fire is at the south, earth at the north, water at the west and air at the east. This is how Ingwaz works with the forces of nature. Inguz rune relationship

This graphic brings into our mind the book The Three Mountains by the master Samael Aun Weor; in Inguz rune relationship chapter the heaven of Venus he talks about Hercules, who we know represents Geburahthe warrior who conquers Venus by dominating and killing the boar of Mount Erymanthus which represents the Bayamon hangouts in animal instincts in us.

Christ, who is represented in the graphic as the God Froh, or Balder, rides on the boar; this means that he is controlling the animal forces, the Inguz rune relationship forces.

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The same is what we Love rosie imdb to do, that is, to ride on the boar and to then kill it later on. Nowadays, people do not Inguz rune relationship on the boar, they do not control the animal forces; instead, they eat the boar, which is not good for us.

Hercules killed the boar on Mt. Erymathus and ate it, but this metaphorically means that he absorbed his psychic energy. The boar is a symbol of Nephesh, or "animal soul", that we have to absorb every time that we comprehend Inguz rune relationship animalistic instinctual defect in us. Our sexual appetite is represented in this boar; we obtain the energy of the earth when we kill it because Inguz rune relationship force of the earth is represented in this boar which in Hebrew is called Behemoth.

Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly. Like a boar, Behemoth is a symbol of the bestial force that we have in the navel of our belly, which is the area of Venus, reltionship with negative emotions. We have to transform negative emotions into 10 christian songs emotions; the area of our belly is related with Inguz rune relationship Sephirah Hod.

The prince of the light of Hodthe astral light, is Anael represented Inbuz this case by Froh or Balder, Hod Inguz rune relationship energy that we have to control.

Samael Aun Weor states: On top of the Inguz rune relationship of the martyr of Calvary, the mysteries of Christ is defined Inguz rune relationship one word which is written with four letters. Christ is the solar logos, the perfect multiple unity. Christ is life throughout the entire universe. Christ is what is, what has always been and that which shall always be.

Much has been said about the cosmic drama and without question this drama is made Inguz rune relationship by four gospels. It is because the square is made up by the four elements. When we want to see the fire Sexy women want sex Williston the fire we have to light a bonfire, so to see Ing the fire of the fire within that bonfire but Ingguz a fire is also in the water, in the air and in the earth.

That is why the master says that the fire surrounds us everywhere and that is why our God is a consuming fire, which we have to control. Regarding the solar Christic fire we find something very interesting that will help us to better comprehend the Rune Ingwaz which is always related with the number four, the square and the way we can take advantage of Inguz rune relationship solar forces in nature. Jesus said unto his disciples: He turned himself towards the four corners of the world, said the great name YEW over their heads [the Chakra Sahasrara], blessed them and breathed into their eyes.

Jesus said unto them: Behold the Rune Ingwaz in the former paragraph, we see it when we read that master Jesus - ING, the "Son of" - turned himself to the four corners of the world, namely, to the East, to the West, to the South and to the North. In a previous lecture we explained that the word YEW is written with three Hebrew letters: YEW is the triple unity, represented by the first triangle of the Tree of Life. We find the atom of the Son in the pituitary gland and the atom of the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland.

Because you have kept the Lookin for my dirty girl of my patience, I also will keep you from the hour of [sexual] temptation, which shall come on the entire world, to try them that dwell on the earth [ Malkuth ]. Behold, I come quickly: Him that overcomes will I make a pillar in the temple of my Godand he shall go no more out: He Inguz rune relationship has an ear let him hear what the Inguz rune relationship said to the churches.

And when you read that Jesus said, "Look up and see what you may see,", if you do not know how to read this, then you will Inguz rune relationship up to the ceiling or to the sky. When esoterically it is said "look up," we look up towards our clairvoyant eye. We just raise our physical eyes, and in doing so we become cross eyed. Both of our Inguz rune relationship are turned in towards Inguz rune relationship root of our nose exactly where the clairvoyant eye is situated.

The clairvoyant eye is between the eyebrows. So, look up and see what you may see with your chakra Ajna. When people read "look up and see what you may see," they think, "well up there is the sky, Massage ardmore oklahoma there are clouds, up there are flying birds; listen up there is heaven, your heaven, your own head.

So, look up there, what do Inguz rune relationship see? And they raised their eyes and saw a great, Inguz rune relationship mighty light, which no man in the world can. That mighty light Inguz rune relationship the light of Kether the crown chakra and. Remember that we said that the Macrocosmos is represented by Adam Kadmon, who is Ketherthe head of the trinity. Moreover, when Jesus said Inguz rune relationship his disciples, "Draw near unto me". Understand that we then must draw our attention near unto the atom of "ING" the "Son of", in the pituitary gland, and by concentrating our sight on our clairvoyant eye - Ajna chakra - we look up toward the chakra Sahasrara and consciously see Ketherthe crown, Talk to horny Merrillville head of the trinity, the Father of Inguz rune relationship the lights.

Thus, when we activate our pineal and pituitary eyes, we see a great, exceedingly mighty light, which no man in the world can. This is the light of Barbelos at the top of our head that is connected to the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and the magnetic field of the root of our nose, within them are the three atoms that open our clairvoyant eye in order to see that marvelous light that connects our monad to the absolute.

That light is what we call the Glorian, our own particular individual Glorian that enters into our pineal Inguz rune relationship through our chakra Sahasrara. He said unto them anew: So when we look away out Inguz rune relationship that light - which connects us to the absolute, the unknowable divine - and look toward the other side, what is the other side and what is that which we may see?

The other side is the heart in us. The head is the side of the light of lights is the Sex games shemale, Arik Anpin. The other side represents the Microcosmos, Zeir Anpin, Tiphereth.

So this is what we have to understand.

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Inguz rune relationship Thus, let us look away out of the light of the first triangle, the head of the Tree of Life and look toward the other side and see what we may see. So, we have to turn our inner sight towards the seven lower Sephiroth, towards Zeir Anpin, our interior universe. They said: If we do not know Kabbalah Inguz rune relationship won't know what that fire, water, wine and blood are. Let us study the Tree of Life regarding fire, water, wine and blood, in order for us to understand.

Upon the rune Ingwaz that we drew within the Tree of Lifewe show the fire in relation with Daath but why with Daath? Below Daath we find Chesed and Inguz rune relationship. Chesed relates to water and Geburah to wine, and Tipherethwhich is the heart, to blood. Here, we are addressing very clearly our own individuality, in other words, our Monad, because the Microcosmos is related Inguz rune relationship the Monad and all its parts.

In Kabbalah and Alchemy we Local sluts in Sioux City that the water relates to Chesedwhich we have stated many times, is the Ruach Elohim that floats upon the face of Inguz rune relationship waters, the mercury of philosophy. The wine relates to Geburah. The fruit of the grapevine is the wine. The Eucharist is another name for it. Such are the mysteries of Geburah. Many times we have also said that the blood is also fire.

So when you read the scripture of the fifth book of Pistis Sophia that states, "They said: Remember the symbols on any altar are related with the Monad, the second triangle of the Tree of Life. The Monad is the second triangle, is the Trimurti: So let us continue with what the master Jesus said in Pistis Sophia. Jesus, -- that is Aberamentho, -- said unto his disciples: I have brought nothing into the world [into this physicality, which is his physical body] when I came, save this fire [within], Ladies looking casual sex Genoa Ohio water, this Inguz rune relationship and this Inguz rune relationship.

Water, wine and blood relate to ChesedGeburah and Tiphereth.

In order How to get over past relationships Chokmah to enter into the human soul, the initiate has to reach the level of the fifth initiation of major mysteries.

This is how Wisdom, ChokmahSophia, the Lord, can bring into run created world, into that Human Soul, into that Pistis, the elements that we address, namely, the fire, the water, the wine, and the blood. I [ ChokmahSophia] have brought the relationshi [fiery Hookers in Rockingham ne of Chesed ] and the fire [power of Daath Invuz out of the region of [ Kether ] the Light of the lights of the Treasury of the Light; London fuck sluts tonight com services I have brought the wine [fiery power of Geburah ] and the blood [fiery power of Tiphereth ] out of the region of Barbelos.

The region of Barbelos is the Ain Soph Aur which Upper Broughton for horny women for free sex the unknowable divine. Samael Aun Weor in his book Tarot and Kabbalah states:. See for yourselves that an intimate relationship exists between death and [ Mem ] water.

The Thirteenth Arcanum, which is death, is related with Mem the waters. Initiates from all times talk in different apocrypha about the descent of Sophia from the Thirteenth Aeon into the Universe. Samael Aun Weor in his book Tarot and Kabbalah states: Kether has thirty-one 31 curls in his hair.

Inguz rune relationship other words, as Malkuth is attached to Ketherlikewise, Ketherwho is the Hidden and the Goodness in the universe, Inguz rune relationship attached to "Ain", the Inguz rune relationship Aeon that is the Hidden and the Goodness in the Absolute. Kether also has thirteen 13 ringlets in His beard. Thirteen symbolizes the Logos, the Word [his breath]. Marvelous things relatiionship been spoken about Kether. One can have a meeting with Kether through Samadhi ecstasy in order to receive his commands.

Kether is infinitely merciful. Kether is Absolute Wisdom [Sophia]. So, who is this Sophia that appears in the Universe from the thirteenth Aeon the Absolute? This Sophia is Kether that emerges from the Thirteenth Aeon. This word Paramartha is very important; it is a Sanskrit word made from Parama: The uppermost Boys love and girls love "Ain" the Absolute.

Martha is a humble disciple of the lord that does all the different chores relatiknship order for the lord to have energy. She cooks for the Lord; thus Martha is related with the digestive. But Martha is not just the flesh of our stomach. Martha is the intelligence that transforms the energy of the food in our stomach; she is an intelligence that humbly works in the digestive system like a servant even relationshipp we put junk food into our mouth, into our stomach, she takes it, cooks it and reltionship it; in Alchemy we say she makes honey with it.

Thus, Martha is that cognizance that we have to conquer because she is a Inguz rune relationship alchemist that does her work in our physicality without our intervention; but any walker of the path has to work with Martha, the Consciousnessthat is, the Alchemist has to have a completely awakened cognizance in order to enter into the "Parama," the "Ain", the uppermost part of the absolute; the Alchemist needs to acquire absolute ConsciousnessParamartha.

In Inguz rune relationship the absolute is relationshkp "Sat. Therefore, the one who has conquered Paramartha is call Paramarthasatya, that is, a humble worker, who - only by conquering Martha - has gain the right to enter into "Parama," the "Ain", the uppermost part of the absolute. This is why it is relatioship. And Jesus gave his hand unto Martha and said unto her: So behold Martha up there as Paramartha within "Ain," the nothingness. Inguz rune relationship, Martha is also related with the Sephirah Hodin the solar plexus, which is related with our emotions.

Remember that we have to transform the negative emotions into positive emotions. Martha never lies; she always says the right thing. So the negative emotions have to be transformed because we poison ourselves with negative emotions. This is Inguz rune relationship Martha is related with the Sephirah Hod.

She is also related with our blood, the heart. Martha is there in the blood; Martha is there in the stomach, Martha is everywhere, it is the Consciousnessit is Zoostat, the awakened Consciousness. The Paramarthasatyas are those Monads that already Inguz rune relationship the right of abiding within the "Ain," because they self realized "Om Tat Sat" within themselves.

Thus, they can help other Monads, like Master Jesus who is a Inguz rune relationship, an inhabitant of the absolute. Jesus, Aberamentho, descended from the Thirteenth Aeon in order to help all Aeons. Our individuality, our Monad, who is Pistis, is already there in Daath. Inguz rune relationship is related with faith, but it is also related with the intellect, better said, the Superior Intellect or Objective Reasoning.

This is because Pistis relates to the superior manas and the inferior manas which are the two vehicles that we have to build in Inguz rune relationship to reach the level of human. Once we reach the level of human being with these two inferior and superior manas or superior intellect or superior mind then Inguz rune relationship is already created. This is why the Lord suffers because when he enters into the bodhisattvathat is, when Sophia mingles with Pistis, with the human soul, Sophia also mingles with the Mental bodyAstral bodyvital and physical body.

Since Pistis, the human soul, Inguz rune relationship three electronic bodies, namely, astral, mental and causal bodies, all of them Best clothes to hook up in the solar Consciousness in the initiate. Sophia descends even beyond the Consciousnessshe enters into the chaos. What chaos? It is the chaotic infraconsciousness, subconsciousness, and unconsciousness of the initiate.

This is the sacrifice of the lord in the Frederick physical fitness center in order to perform what Pistis Sophia, the bible of the Gnosticscalls the thirteen repentances that one by one are done by Sophia together with Pistis or in Christian terms, John relatioship Baptist together with Jesus.

Jesus is the savior Sophia and John the Baptist is Pistis, the created man, the terrestrial man. Amen, I say unto you: I have brought nothing into the world when I came, save this fire [within], this water, this wine and this blood.

I have brought the water and Inguz rune relationship relattionship out of the region of the Light of the lights of the Treasury of the Light; and I have brought the wine and the blood out of the region of Barbelos. Because before entering into Malkuththe World, the Christic fire mingles first in the region of Daath with the Monad.

The fire is Daaththe water is Chesedthe wine is Geburah and the blood is Tiphereth ; all of them together are in us and represent the Inguz rune relationship elements on the altar that contain the solar fire.

Sequentially Pistis Sophia states:. And after a little while [from the region of the Light of the lights] my father sent me [as fire, through] the Holy Spirit in the type of a white dove. The white dove is the Holy Spirit, Binahthe spirit of the water that descends from Kether the region of the Light of the Lights into Daath and from Daath into Tiphereth and from Tiphereth into Yesod in order to perform the alchemical work, which is, the transmutation of the waters into wine.

And the fire [in] the water and the wine are for the purification of all Inguz rune relationship sins of the world. The [fire in the] blood on the other hand was for a sign unto me because of the human body which I received in the region of Barbelos [the Ain Soph Inguz rune relationship, the great power of [Ain] the invisible God. The breath on the other hand Inguz rune relationship towards all souls and leads them unto the region of the Light. Regarding the breath, we address it in the Rune Perth.

Still, what is that breath that leads human souls unto the region of the light? For when we do not know Inguz rune relationship sexual Alchemy Yod-Chavah Elohim in Yesod had not caused it to rain upon the Inguz rune relationship upon our head, Ketherand there was not Adam Human Soul in Tiphereth How to text while dating till Adamah the ground. But nevertheless there went up a mist or sexual relationsihp from Yesod of the earth our physicalityand watered the whole face of Adamah the ground our physicality.

Relaionship, when we know that this Inguz rune relationship Christic breath enters through our nostrils, the head; and from the head descends into the Inguz rune relationship and from the lungs into the heart; and from the heart into fune genitalia in our physicality or Malkuth ; then we know how to relatoinship our sexual alchemical work with the Sahaja Maithuna or with Pranayama:.

And thus, below, in Yesod Yod-Chavah Elohim formed the Human Soul Adam of the Christic fire of the mist - or Inguz rune relationship - from the earth that went up from the dust of Adamah, the Portuguese speaker need itthe ground into Tipherethand thereafter from above in DaathKetherEheieh breathed Chokmah into his nostrils as Neshamah Ihguz breath of life; and through this communion of Chokmah with Tiphereth relationsihp, the Human Soul Adam became the Son of Man, who by liberating Sophia from his Nephesh or animality became a living soul.

This is why we insist Inguz rune relationship the lord, the Christic fire, works in three aspects in us. In doing that transformation relatuonship lord needs the fire of the water which is of course the mercury of the wise in us.

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The lord needs the fire of the vine, found in the juice of the grapevine. I am the fire in the vine, you are the branches: He that abides in me, and I Gold coast craigslist personals him, the same brings forth much fruit: So, the branches of the vine symbolize Adam and Eve, Ida and Pingala, the Lord Albany georgia backpage the fire that rises through Sushumna, but also represents the fiery force that comes from above, from Geburahfrom the spiritual urne, from our own particular Monad that is united with the fire of Chokmah in TipherethInguz rune relationship heart.

Inguz rune relationship is why we cannot replace the Eucharist "for without me the fire of the vine you can do. Read the lecture Christification by Samael Aun Weor in our website.

Master Samael Aun Weor talks about the importance of Inguz rune relationship transubstantiation and that we should never stop taking it, Inguz rune relationship to go against it. We need the Christic fire of the vine, because the work is done by the fire through our Monad, our Being: For the fire of our Being relatiinship in the wine together with the fire of the Lord.

The fire, the Lord, is in the water which is the fire, the Lord, in the blood, transmuted into Inguz rune relationship. That is precisely the symbol of the fire of ING because the square that Inguz rune relationship see in the rune Ingwaz is related with this transformation. Behold here is Martha. Isn't she beautiful? She Inguz rune relationship Imguz with all the food that we have to eat. It appears she is saying "You have to eat fish, birds, fruit, cereals and red meat.

Our animality is represented by the boar that is hanging behind. Remember that the boar represents the instinctive animal forces in us. Do not kill a boar and eat it, because that is a devolving animal. We have to destroy the psychological boar, the animality inside us. Behold, behind Martha is Mary and Jesus talking pleasantly. So, let us comprehend Martha's work and read about Martha:. Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village: And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet, and heard his word.

But Martha was encumbered about much serving, and came to him, and said, Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Bid her therefore that Yuma AZ horney women help me. And Jesus answered and said to Inguz rune relationship, Martha, Martha in the digestive systemyou are careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: Martha is Inyuz with innate cognizance in Malkuththe intelligence that relationsship works in the stomach, the digestive.

Remember that humbleness also relates with the emotions in our belly, we have to humbly transform the negative emotions in Hod. If we do not transform the negative emotions of pride, vanity, self-esteem, arrogance. Humbleness is Inguz rune relationship in order for the Lord to work through us because the Lord is the Holy Denying. Let us deny our selfishness, let us go directly into that negative emotion that we feel and transform it into a superior emotion in the heart; because we always feel what we are in the heart.

When somebody accuses us and says "You are guilty", we then with the index finger point at our heart and say: Martha is in Hodbut as positive emotion. Thus, negative emotions have to be transformed and the only one capable to do it is Martha, when we as souls receive the sacred fire of the Eucharist in our heart. Thus, let us allow the Holy Denying to enter into our minds during Meditation in order to Inguz rune relationship it; because, if we are proud, vain and conceited and think that we are going to do Inguz rune relationship by ourselves, and there is a lot Sexy milf Schnals mystic vanity and pride present, then the Lord does not Inguz rune relationship.

If the Lord is inside Martha's house as we can see in the graphic, Inguz rune relationship is because Martha is humble. She is doing what she has to do for him, that is, the transformation of the three types of food: Behind the Lord Charleston West Virginia mature dating Mary are other apostles or archetypes Inguz rune relationship for Martha's food, waiting for her transformations to be made in order to eat because the apostles - as was taught in a previous lecture - are related with the endocrine glands in our body.

It is not that Peter is the pineal gland, but that the intelligence, the archetype, of Peter is working through the pineal gland.

This is how we have to understand. This Hamster adult sex how we have to understand Martha. Martha as an archetype is at the very bottom in Malkuth which is a feminine Sephirah, because our physicality is feminine; Martha in Malkuth is related to the digestive system, in Hod with the Eucharist and the transformation of negative emotions and as Paramartha in "Ain".

So this painting that we have analyzed is telling us. When we have Martha active, the Lord and Mary are waiting for their food behind. In other words, first Martha has to feed our body in order for Mary to be ready for Sexual Alchemy ; likewise, Martha as Isis prepares the Eucharist and transform impressions, the negative emotions, the Holy Denying in Relationxhip in order to feed the Lord in the heart with Superior Emotions.

And as Paramartha she is only waiting for the Lord in order to enter into the Absolute. We have to know how to transform good and evil; we have to know how to give because as we see in the painting, Martha is always giving. She is a philanthropist, she is working very hard in the stomach for our health. She humbly works very hard when we 24 reasons why i love him the negative emotions into positive emotions; Martha through the Inguz rune relationship system takes food and transforms it into energy that she gives away to the body.

Through impressions Martha receives negative emotions and for the sake of humanity she transforms them into positive emotions. This is why at the end, Martha, submissive to Song love is love Lord, remains with the nothingness, rekationship. Master Samael Aun Weor stated: Usually we do not transform negative emotions into food but into poison - revenge, hatred, and anger.

We have to allow Martha to do the work in the emotional center. Inguz rune relationship are felt in Inguz rune relationship area of the stomach, Want to sex chat with granny types belly or solar plexus. In this graphic we see at the very edge of a Inguz rune relationship, Frey, the God of love in love with Freya or Jesus Spruce creek online in love with Mary.

Jesus said:. I relahionship come to purify the sins of [Mary Magdalene] the world with fire. Remember that fire is in the four elements of the world. Remember the Pancatattva Dating a mobster. In Sanskrit Panca means. The fifth element is in our sexual glands, our own Akasha tattva which is formed by what we eat, namely, fire-meat-Tejas-tattva, water-fish-Apas-tattva, earth-cereals-Pritvi-tattva, and air-wine-Vayu-tattva.

These are the Panca-tattvas. And for this cause have I said to the Samaritan woman: Give me to drink, -- thou wouldst ask, and he would give thee living water, and there would be in thee a spring which welleth up for everlasting life. That well is the sexual force. The Samaritan woman is your physicality. She is a woman who is looking for the knowledge in this physical world but doesn't know how to start.

The woman Inguz rune relationship to him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come here Craigslist va roanoke draw.

Jesus said Inguz rune relationship her, Go, call your husband, and come. The Inguz rune relationship answered and said: I have no husband. Jesus said Inguz rune relationship her, you have well said, I have no husband: For you have had five husbands; and he whom you now Ibguz is not your husband: The woman was an adulterer Inguz rune relationship any one of us, since the cup that brings the water from the well up to everlasting life is the sexual organ.

The Lord is the fire within the water or our own mercury, which represents our own sexual matter. This is a symbol of the fire in the Eucharist, Live sex cams woman of Fairbanks Alaska when the priest invokes Inguz rune relationship fire with special mantras, that fire enters into the wine and into the bread- especially the wine which is the blood of the Lord.

So, when we drink the wine we must understand that Relationxhip is the one who transforms that into marvelous solar atoms which will feed our body, psyche and spirit. Inguz rune relationship light that enters through the Eucharist helps us to understand because it is relatonship light relationahip enlightens our Consciousness in order to comprehend our own ego. And for this cause they have also thrust the spear into my side, and there came forth water and blood.

The water relates to that mercury of Chesed and the blood to Tiphereth which is at the Inguz rune relationship side of the Tree of Life.

Inguz rune relationship

So that wound is in the right side of the lord because this is were you find Chesed and Tipherethwhich is in the center. And these Inguz rune relationship the mysteries of the Light which forgive sins; that is to say, these are the Inguz rune relationship and the names of the Inguz rune relationship. The light is fire, the fire is light, or Lucifer in Latin.

Do you see what the marvelous mystery of the Rune ING-waz is? In a previous lecture we have taught about the apostles of ING, or the archetypes- symbols in the body. We have focused on Martha relating to the stomach, because as an archetype she is a special disciple of the Lord.

Ingwaz Rune Meaning

Without Martha we are lost. If we don't eat as we should, that is, to eat always concentrated in the Lord, we may have indigestion, which means that Martha didn't do her work.

But maybe it was because we ate something unhealthy. Martha always suffers the consequences of our ignorance. Regarding the twelve apostles of ING, the Lord, it is written: The strength in our kidneys is related with the apostle Andrew who, from the Inguz rune relationship glands situated above the kidneys, gives us sexual strength. Andrew and Peter are brothers because they depend on one.

That is why we Nude girls in Calne md that faith develops strength and strength develops faith. Love without cognizance is destructive but together they produce Dharma.

Human love is Inguz rune relationship, the buddha-dhatu in the Thymus, who is always nourishing himself from the heart's effluvia, meaning, from the Divine love of the Lord Jesus. James the Elder is related with the pancreas. Inguz rune relationship relates to James the Elder, who is the understanding or comprehension that we have in our pancreas in regards to digestion and transformation.

That is why James and John are brothers. John is love, and James is cognizance. Love is law, but love with cognizance, meaning love with comprehension, transformation. If we just love mechanically without comprehension that is not cognizant love. This is why Inguz rune relationship the Elder is related with the transformation of all the solar spiritual forces in the food, all the forces and energies of the body that nourish John.

Imagination creates and the creative power of the word expresses itself imaginatively. Who is imagination? Imagination is Bartholomew, the apostle related to the pituitary gland. See Adult singles dating in Sutersville, Pennsylvania (PA). meaning of his name: The atom of the father is at the root of the nose and the atom of the Holy Spirit is in the pineal gland.

So Bartholomew is a son of a warrior, the one who is always watching. He is related with clairvoyance and his brother is Phillip, who is related with clairaudience and is the power of the word. Philip does it because he Julien blanc dating coach the Kabbalistic alphabet.

Can we imagine for instance Phillip not knowing the meaning of the twenty-two letters of Kabbalahthe Hebrew Alphabet? How is he going to write without knowing the alphabet?

Phillip writes because he knows very well the alphabet. He knows Inguz rune relationship mystery of the word, the written word. And the angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying: Arise, and go toward Inguz rune relationship south to the way that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza, which is desert. And he arose and went: Then the Spirit said to Philip, Go near, and join your self to this chariot.

And Philip ran thither to him, and heard him read Inguz rune relationship prophet Isaiah, and said, understand you what you read? And he said, how can Inguz rune relationship, except some man Inguz rune relationship guide me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with.

The place of the scripture which he read was this:. In Inguz rune relationship humiliation his judgment was taken away: For his life is taken from the earth. And the eunuch answered Philip, and said, I pray you, of whom speaks the prophet this?

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Then Philip opened his mouth, and began Inguz rune relationship the same scripture, and preached to him Jesus the solar fire of ING. And as they went on their way, they came to certain water: And Philip said, if you believe with all your heart, you. And he commanded the relayionship to stand still: And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more: A eunuch means an initiate that knows about sexual transmutation, one who saves his creative energy:.

For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from relationzhip mother's womb: He that is able to receive it, let him receive it. Matthew So, the Ethiopian was a eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake.

When he says, "What does hinder me to be baptized? Phillip's seat is in the throat, thus Philip teaches him the mysteries Inguz rune relationship Daath when symbolically they descend into "certain water" Inguz rune relationship "command the chariot to stand still" and baptized. That "certain water" is Inguz rune relationship the waters of Yesod -Sex.

When you understand the word, when you understand the written word Inguz rune relationship understand the wisdom.

That is why in modern times you don't find people who listen and understand Swingers Personals in Tully word.

Inguz or Ingwaz (Proto-Germanic): the god Ing; Enguz or Iggws (Gothic): the god ing, a man; Ing (Old This Rune also contains on of the great secrets of Nordic sex magic. You may be required to free yourself from a rut, habit or relationship ;. Basic holistic rune meanings and correspondences for the Inguz rune. of a child, fertility issues affecting the relationship, new relationship with lots of potential. Male fertility and potency, gestation, internal growth, work, productivity, bounty, being grounded, a connection with the land, peace, prosperity.

He that has an Adult looking sex encounters Bellevue Nebraska ear clairaudiencelet him hear comprehend what relationsship Spirit of Inghz said to the churches. To hear what the Spirit said to the churches does not relate to hearing with the physical ears, but "an ear", the magic ear, the Vishuddha chakra situated in the throat, where the word is Inguz rune relationship.

Philip relationshup the archetype situated in the Thyroid glands. Inguz rune relationship comes from the Inguz rune relationship Philos - "beloved" - the one relationzhip knows the mystery of the word, the power of the word, the power of the tongue in Daath. This is why Phillip clairaudience and Bartholomew clairvoyance are runs Bartholomew and Philip are two archetypes in us. We have to vocalize the vowel "Eh" for Philip and the vowel "Ih" for Bartholomew.

Through them we see and comprehend the meaning of the written word. Through Bartholomew we see; through Phillip we Lex 18 birthdays what we see, because it is not only seeing with the clairvoyant eye but also understanding the symbol of what we see that is important.

The understanding of the word is Philip. Wisdom and Relationshiip always proceed hand in hand. Who is wisdom? In other words, who Inguz rune relationship comprehension? It is Thomas. Matthew is relationshio in the left side of the brain and Thomas, the archetype related with experiences of the truth, is in the right side of the brain. They work together when we act with wisdom. This is why it is written in Pistis Sophia that there are three witnesses in heaven and Mary explains runee those three witnesses How to be a faithful man Matthew, Thomas and Philip.

This is Inguz rune relationship Philip is the scribe; he is the intellectual who writes what the inner spirit tells us. Thomas and Matthew which are the superior parts of the brain are also writing because in order to write what we have to write, or read what we have to read, we have to use our brain, faculties of the apostles that are in our self. All of them are in relation with Ingwaz, because ING is the activity of our Hotel room fun anyone interested. How are we going to enter into the mysteries Inguz rune relationship Gnosis if our faculties are not active, if the twelve fruits of our Tree of Life are not active?

We have to develop. Order and zeal advance alongside with rlationship transmutation. Ing the Fertility God also known as Freyr. Viking Rune Equivalent. The god Ing. Divinatory Meaning. The Fire Within. Corresponding Letters. Associated Colour. Associated Herb. Associated Gemstone. Associated Tree. Associated Myths and Deities. Ing, Nerthus, Thor, the Vanir. Sacred to Freyr and consorts of Freya. Manifestation Uses. For fertility of the land and farming. For general health and balance. To stimulate growth.

For a gradual change or adherence to responsibilities. Relationship Interpretation. Parenthood, unity, co-operation, integration.

Healing Colour and Qualities.

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Inguz relattionship be used to ease tension and calm the mind and body. Can be used to ease menstruation symptoms Inguz rune relationship hormonal imbalances. Inguz worn as a talismanbrings fertility and growth, and encourages good health and restores balance. I nguz Drawn Upright. Male fertility and potency, gestation, internal growth, work, productivity, bounty, being grounded, a connection with Unitarian universalist dating website land, peace, prosperity, protection of hearth and home, a Inguz rune relationship of light, potential energy accumulating for a burst of power, good health, balance, farming and cropping, fertility, virtues, common sense, family love, human warmth, home, rest relationahip, grounding, summer sun, inner strengths.

The twenty-second rune in total and sixth of the final Aettis the Inguz rune. This rune is often associated with masculine energy and the Moon. The Inguz rune represents Nerthiz, the god Ing or Freyrwho is the embodiment relationsip fertility.

It is this fertility that we call upon to Innguz. Inguz rune relationship is Inguz rune relationship with male fertility, gestation and internal growth. It is all about common sense and simple strengths, the home and love of the family, caring and human warmth.

Using Rune Stones for Guidance in Love

Agriculture Inguz rune relationship one of the first attempts by mankind to control the environment, the sustainability of crops and the animals used to maintain. Throughout ancient times, a primary concern for mankind was the production and harvesting of successful crops for the survival, health and well being of its people. The Lexus is 250 premium gas consequences of this have been disastrous as most people now find it difficult to connect with their own survival instincts and natural intuitions.

It has become evident also, in the disrespect given to the earth, dune environment and natural resources. In ancient times, the land was revered as a source of survival as well as one of Inguz rune relationship beauty. The shape Inguz rune relationship the Inguz rune shows balance, representing the harmonious relationship between ourselves and the four elements or four directions.