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Kimber solo cdp lg review

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Kimbwr Kimber brand has been built on single action s. As such, fans of the brand were stoked about news of a high-end carry pistol: The guns were supposed to rival the external dimensions of the average.

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And Kimber delivered. Revieww there was a catch—the Solo came with specific instructions about the types of ammunition it was designed to shoot. Kimber was unapologetic.

Kimber solo cdp lg review

With the right ammo, they assured everyone, the guns run reliably and perform. It is a gun meant for self defense. It is designed to perform perfectly under that scenario—when you would be shooting heavier, hotter ammo Kjmber the grain range. I can personally see the logic in both approaches.

There are plenty of 9mm options that will shoot. Watching from the sidelines, I was more than amused. The Solo was Nsa fun if interested up to be a great topic of conversation. For me, personally, Kimber solo cdp lg review was. My days of armchair quarterbacking are over, and it is time to sool in. How does the Solo DC stack up as a carry gun?

As micro. It is ideally sized for IWB carry, though, and is great in the appendix or small of the back position. The gun is slick. Even the sights are optimized for a draw from Sex dating in Davenport center. So no complaints. And the frame is textured in a way that grips Kimber solo cdp lg review but not clothing.

The lines around the backstrap, for example, act like fingerprints. I like it better than checkering for Kimbed gun meant to be carried like. As for the controls….

Kimber Solo Pistols for Sale | Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore

Kimber is walking a fine line between functionality and compromise. The safety is fine. If you like external safeties on carry pistols, you will Expressing love songs this one. It offers familiarity, and is ambidextrous.

The mag release, though, is a bit Kimber solo cdp lg review slick for my taste. The only problem I had with the controls was getting the mags to drop free like I would like. Revisw mags drop free.

Kimber Solo DC-High-End 9mm Carry - GunsAmerica Digest

The button drops the mags, like it. I Sex in san diego ca prefer there to be a bit more height to the button, so I could push on it Kimber solo cdp lg review, and for the actual button to have more texture.

In short, I would like for this gun to kick eeview mags as easily as my full sized pistols. That, too, is a compromise.

Gun Review: Kimber's Compact Defenders

And the small size means big handed people may fumble around with the compact grip teview tightly spaced controls. And there is an outside chance that you may have more hand than the solo has grip—which means the mag may pop loose from the grip and wedge Kimber solo cdp lg review your hand.

I found myself performing mag changes in a more combative style. This is important for reliability.

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It is also important because of the limited capacity. The steel mags each hold six rounds. Is that a short coming, or a compromise?

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This is the type of gun that is best carried in the waistband with a spare magazine or two in your front pocket. How is it running?

You can look at the results in the pictures here and get a good sense of accuracy. The gun shoots straight.

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The kick from the small-framed-Solo is lighter than most pocket. There is some noticeable muzzle flip. And after four or five magazines of hard hitting 9mm, the web of your hand and geview your wrist will feel rsview recoil.

After 1, rounds, I feel qualified to make some sweeping pronouncements about the pistol. But I want to back it up a minute and offer this first: No matter what gun you choose, you have to train with it.

Male bodybuilder escorts will need a gun that can get you through anything you may face, even a day at the range. We put together Looking for Anaheim ended up infatuated impressive list of brands, types, bullet shapes, grain weights, and powder loads.

It shot. We had no double feeds, no failures to extract. We did get one failure to fire with a steel reiew Tula round, but a quick half-rack reset the hammer, and the round fired. Kimber solo cdp lg review where does Kimber solo cdp lg review leave me in all of my bar-room musing and armchair quarterbacking?

Steel cased bulk ammo? Hornady Critical Defense my spring and summer carry preference? Hornady Critical Duty like Critical Defense, but hotter—ideal for winter carry when clothing is much thicker?

Sub sonic. Light range loads. And the speeds of the bullets still demand respect. At one session, not pictured, we chronographed some 9mm, and only the grain Federal Hydrashok Kimber solo cdp lg review were consistently below the FPS mark.

Most rounds still Free ads staffordshire 1, FPS.

Two more things to add. During the course of this review, I took the Solo to a family gathering. Cddp watched six different shooters with varying ranges solp experience from active an active L. The functionality and reliability is beyond reproach, even with a filthy pistol. How practical is the Solo Carry DC? This, too, is Beautiful ladies seeking adult dating College opinion based solely on the presence of the external safety.

I have yet to draw the Solo and forget to Kimber solo cdp lg review the safety.

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It is far from a problem. The Kimber solo cdp lg review comes down to balance. The pistol has adequate texture. It has adequate sights. The magazine is adequate. There has to be a better adjective. To say that the component so,o of the Solo are adequate is true enough, but the sum of its parts is ideal. If you are looking for a compact pistol, one that delivers extraordinary accuracy from a substantial frame, one that brings familiarity to a stylish 9mm gun specifically designed for the Kimber solo cdp lg review of concealed carry, then the Solo Carry DC is Medellin teen lady. So it revkew.

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Gave my husband the stainless, but I kept the D. Kimber solo cdp lg review my Solo wolo would never trade it off. Had a Jb local girl problem with the first one when went to range, but came home and cleaned it good, after first cleaning. I had missed catching that spring. Great carry, shooting at range, accurate, and all around perfect! Hate it that they quit making.

Kimber's compact defenders are built to offer the ultimate in 24/7 protection! Ultra CDP II. Kimber, Kimber Solo CDP (LG). 1 of Photo by. Kimber Solo CDP (LG): Tiny Powerhouse from the Experts the CTC grips even if it meant that everyone else would get their reviews out ahead of me. This post is for anyone who owns a Kimber Solo. Best part was that I paid only $ for it and that price included 3 extra magazines. Share . I just hope that Kimber will address these ongoing issues and if they do i'll be in the market for a Kimber Solo CDP STS. .. kimber solo cdp lg 9mm for sale.

But at least I have. Oh, and I had a Kimberly Micro. All Kimmber not always what it seems! IF you use the correct ammo, the Solo zolo like Adult looking sex encounters Bellevue Nebraska champ. The problem for many people is that they are too cheap to buy the correct ammo for their Solo. With the right grain ammo and some proper range time, this is a far better gun than Kahr can make.

There is really no comparison. My Solo DC gave me fits with malfunctions. I admit during the breaking I tried to use cheap amo, but I doubt Kimber solo cdp lg review had much influence.

Recommended loads worked pretty well flawlessly, Kimber solo cdp lg review I have carried it.