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Lexus is 250 premium gas I Searching For A Man

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Lexus is 250 premium gas

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Rick explains.

Lexus is 250 premium gas I Am Ready Sex

But ;remium on…you may yet be off the hook…. Many years ago, premium fuel was thought and sort of advertised to contain added detergents that helped keep fuel injectors clean. Detonation can also occur in engines with heavy Lexus is 250 premium gas deposits in the cylinders, and this, too, can sometimes be remedied by using a higher-octane fuel than is recommended.

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When it comes to fuel recommendations for vehicles. Three words are pivotal: Should I Use Synthetic Oil?

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Regular and mid-grade fuels are typically found rated at 87 and 89 pre,ium, respectively. Premium fuel varies by location, but is most often available in and octane formulations.

FAQ: Which Fuel Grade Should I Use? – North Park Lexus at Dominion Blog

In some high-altitude areas—usually over feet elevation—octane gas is also available. Mid-grade fuel is 89 Octane. Although rarely recommended outside of some Chrysler-produced Hemi engines, some people use it if they experience knock when using Regular-grade gas; sometimes, the slightly higher octane is enough to get rid of it. Lower octane numbers are commonly Lexs at pumps in higher-elevation markets, such as Denver, Colorado.

Lexus is 250 premium gas

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The small power and economy increases come from the engine being able to run greater ignition advance without causing knock. Regardless of what you may have heard, using fuel with an octane rating above what your vehicle requires will not improve Lexus is 250 premium gas.

Premium fuel or not on Lexus IS - Honda-Tech - Honda Forum Discussion

She used 87 octane. The sales person said "Premium is NOT necessary. She said the sales guy said it's not.

So she is following what the sales guy said. The sales guy is a pro and not some rookie so I think he must have told his other customers the same thing. View Public Profile.

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Find More Posts by EGlovr. Why NOT use 91 in there?

Should I really only use premium gasoline only? And IS use of such gas wil cause persistant heavy knocking. If severe, this could lead. General Discussion and Debate - Premium fuel or not on Lexus IS - Not to hash a debate that's been done already. Sister got a brand new. If your wifey is concerned about gas mileage get her a Honda Fit. Premium fuel really doesn't cost that much more. It's only a few dollars a.

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Ed Just another dumb chick that only cares about being seen driving a Lexus. She doesn't care about the performance, engineering involved, or caring for the car properly.

How big are the sunglasses she wears while cruising? Send a private message to Ed Find More Posts by Ed Sticky Tires. Find More Posts by Sticky Tires.

Barney Stinson. Only makes hp and requires Premium??

Many car owners, at one point or another, have faced a decision at the pump: add premium gasoline for their luxury vehicle or save money with. According to the manual, yes. While some here will claim you don't need it, you can choose to believe the engineers who designed the car or. General Discussion and Debate - Premium fuel or not on Lexus IS - Not to hash a debate that's been done already. Sister got a brand new.

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Manual says use premium, Send a private message to hayabusa Find More Posts by hayabusa Send a private message to SilverDc2. Find More Posts by SilverDc2.

Lexus Fuel Recommendations

When an owner's manual says to use premium, it usually wise to listen to the engineers who wrote it Best fwb site not some slick talking personality void of a salesman. The puepose of higher octane is flash Lexus is 250 premium gas. The flash point is the temperature iz the fuel-air mixture pre-detonates. Which causes pinging and knocking that might result in total engine failure at some point.

Higher performance engines create more heat with higher compression, turbo boost pressure.

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I wouldn't use anything but Premium in a performance vehicle which the IS certainly is. Send a private message to Knightsport.

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