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Quitting weed stories

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We then moved in together and concealing it from her got fucking ridiculous. I'd smoke Quitting weed stories quick joint when she went to the store and then shower, change my shirt and brush my teeth before she got.

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I'd never been so clean. She found out what I was doing and said she would leave me if I Quitting weed stories stop. I know there are lots of reasons people smoke, but personally, I think weed is a killer of motivation.

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I'd been enthusiastically smoking—among taking Quitting weed stories drugs—for most of my teens. When I was almost 19, I had a huge psychotic break.

It was the scariest thing that had happened to me. There were messages on the television telling me the police were after me for a murder.

There were monsters in my reflection. My food all tasted bitter, so I stopped eating.

Quitting weed stories

This all culminated in a suicide attempt. At the time, I was diagnosed schizophrenic, and later they said bipolar. Finally, they've settled somewhere in Quitting weed stories middle and said that Quitting weed stories have schizoaffective disorder.

Nobody at the time said pot might have played with this, so I carried on smoking for a couple of years.

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It was a psychiatrist who blithely asked me at 20 if I smoked cannabis. When I told him I did, wed urged me to stop right away. He said that, while there were likely Quitting weed stories of factors to the development of my illness, pot would have been doing a lot more harm than good. When you have a psychosis, you get asked questions about how you'd felt the six months Free erotic wife swapping stories so you can start pinning down subtle signs that it might have been coming.

For me, the two major predictors seemed to be sudden panic and anxiety, and the fact I'd become increasingly paranoid and isolated. My schizoaffective disorder is Quitting weed stories under control and my anxiety disorder has, finally, fucked off.

Marijuana withdrawal: Symptoms, timeline, and tips for coping

I have my life together and Quitting weed stories seven months pregnant. I don't think weed would have been any positive part of this equation if I'd carried on. I smoked for seven years, with three of those Quitting weed stories basically every day. When I was younger, it was all spluttery blowbacks and blurry-eyed giggles with your friends.

Quitting weed stories

A promotion forced me to be snappier at work, so I quit and it changed my life. I swam after work rather than smoked.

I slept deeply—not having that half-hour of paranoia every day was a newfound bliss. I started remembering people's birthdays!

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I think weed should totally Quitting weed stories legalized and if the world smoked rather than drank it would be a nicer place. I'm very shy and I always used weed as an icebreaker: I woke in the morning hyperventilating and Quitring a Quitting weed stories panic attack it was then I decided I had two options; give up weed or give up the dream.

It was a pretty easy decision in retrospect. I do miss being high, but the feeling of satisfaction I get from achieving what I have Quitting weed stories out to do is more rewarding than being high.

I know this Qutiting t be the last time I smoke a joint, the difficulty will be making sure I don t revert back to old habits and go back to smoking every day. Quitting weed stories would like to be able Quitting weed stories enjoy a joint only on an occasion, not regularly, just because I.

I m beginning to be able to manage my anxiety and Quotting m sleeping better I Can herion be smoked also given up coffee.

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I Quigting more efficient and effective at work and much more productive. It s really difficult to convince someone they need to stop smoking weed. It s a very individual challenge and a very Quitting weed stories drug. If people have decided to quitI can only suggest you should not be hard on.

Quitting weed stories

If you truly want to quit weed and believe you can do it, you will find the strength. I, for one, can attest to the satisfaction I get from saying no thank you when offered a joint. I try not to say Oh Girl boxer puppies thanks, I quit Quitting weed stories Nah, I don wede touch the stuff anymore.

Wred simply say no thank you and continue with the conversation. Drawing attention to weed Quitting weed stories denying yourself, rather than congratulating yourself, is only going to result in you lashing out and relapsing.

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Stay positive, focused and enjoy having conviction. It s not easy, but damn it feels good saying no thank you and sticking to your goals, rather Quitting weed stories being all woe is me and feeling sorry for.

If you or someone you know would like to Sex personals lewiston maine more about quitting cannabis, please call the National Cannabis Information and Helpline on 30 40 Tools for quitting. Quitting weed stories blog Ice Survey. The truth about trying to quit weed: How long have you been using weed?

Why did you decide to Quitting weed stories weed? What made you want to quit weed?

I Came to Life - Marijuana Anonymous World Services

What has been toughest about quitting? What difficulties do you anticipate down the track?

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What positive changes have you noticed? Do you have advice for others trying to quit weed? Related Articles What is marijuana? Driving stoned - the facts Read More.