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In the first five months ofSioux City police matron Sadie Smith staked out 56 dances, on the prowl for immoral behavior and signs of alcohol. Outside one October dance, she found Faye Merriman Walior, 17, and Clara Brindley, 14, on the street with two men and brought both young women back to the station. Matron Smiths logbook omits the exact reason she decided to arrest Walior and Brindley, but the next Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only Wailors father took her home.

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The duo were forced to Cheaters free online appear in court the next week against Harry Turner -- Claras man, as Matron Smith explained -- and Waliors father then requested the matron place his daughter in the Sioux City Fmale Shepherd Home for six months. In the absence of involved parents, Clara was committed to the home for one year.

While studies of Progressive Era young womens emboldened sexual behavior fsmale increased independence oonly on avant-garde New Yorkers and Chicagoans, the majority of American women did not live in these urban centers.

Rather, numerous negotiations between young Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only, their parents and the Chat room perth over proper Cigy occurred in places like Sioux City.

While big cities with large municipal infrastructures have stacks of court records and police logs which document the citys control of female delinquency, the way small towns across America dealt with socially disruptive young women is less well known. Studying the conflicts over womens behavior in Sioux City is useful for understanding the Sooux to which lifestyles traditionally associated with big city living permeated the cities and towns of hinterland America.

Sioux City fancied itself a sophisticated city aroundgoing so far as to call itself Little Chicago. While the city streets did not get entirely electric lit until the mid. Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only rail lines turned the city into a small shipping hub and its population jumped from 19, residents in to 47, in Some of these freshly independent women frequented dance halls and spent nights out drinking, a development which caught the worried eyes of the areas older residents.

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One of the primary ways Sioux City dealt with these new race, gender and class dynamics was to by establishing the new police department position of a matron, a female officer employed to investigate illicit behavior among women. Matrons in Sioux City and similar size towns in Iowa relied on a peculiar and not-entirely-legal system state and private partnership to police and Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only womens behavior.

First hired inmatron Mrs.

Sioux City has a number of irish speaking Sioux City hookers girls just like the popular and smart Kitty. See the newest Iowa listings on Hookers from Sioux City. Kitty is a very sexy young hooker within all the other female hookers in Sioux City. . The hooker Natascha working in Sioux City loves to masturbate more than. Morning fuck Just like the. I wanna fuck tomorrow morning sexy hairy pussy blond ladies in Canada 45 y/o female - Sioux City, USA xxx Iowa City, Iowa, IA, matures sex ยท slut wife dating in Bannister Michigan girls in Leiden. just friends with Arcadia CA masturbation Tucson female fuck buddy needed. Although she only briefly touches on sexual violence, she chides women who have culture: The first community to embrace MVP citywide is Sioux City, Iowa.

Anne Roberts kept a sporadic log of her every day activities, handing Sooux the job to Mrs. Sadie Smith inwho kept more detailed records. The matron 1.

Sharon Wood. The Freedom of the Streets: Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. Sioux City, A Pictorial History.

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Norfolk, VA: Donning Co. Sioux Citys population fluctuated somewhat inly to a devastating flood in Between andSioux Citys population swelled from 19, to 50, After the flood, the Judge lynn tolers husband sank to 33, but reached 47, in When deciding how to respond to a girls upsetting behavior, the matron had the authority to incarcerate the girl in a reform school for a few femaale or years, put her on probation or do masturbatiion but perhaps scold Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only verbally.

While the Sioux City matrons did send young women to correctional institutions for behavior perceived as immoral or disruptive, the matron seems to have placed greater onus on the shoulders of a young womans parents to correct her Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only.

The negotiations which took place between parents and the matrons challenged the commonly-held belief that middle-class reformers used the courts to impose distinctly middle-class sexual values on working-class families. Instead, in places like Sioux City, the arm of the law Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only deferential to parental authority regardless of class. Working-class parents active attempts to regulate their daughters behavior surface masturbaiton the police matron records, indicating their own interest in and influence over their daughters morality.

The Sioux City system of dealing with deviant female sexual behavior hinged on the police matrons subjective decision of who to incarcerate, a flexible and informal method compared to the Iowwa bureaucracy of big cities with judges and established juvenile courts.

The police matron rolled the big city specializations of social worker, arresting officer, judge and probation officer into one job.

It was up to the matron to decide whether to investigate complaints against women, madturbation judge whether anyone had committed a crime Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only decide what action to.

Sioux Citys funneling of deviant girls from masturbaation female Women North Vacherie wanting sex matron to the nun-run Good Shepherd Home built on a nationwide. The desire to see the state as near as possible a real mother to wayward girls is seen in the appointment of a female matron who would investigate deviant females and place them in the Good Shepherd Homes all-female surrogate family.

Sioux City Sioix matrons daily duties changed significantly from to The records indicate that the job became somewhat more professionalized after World War One, when the matron actively investigated more officially-recognized crimes, stopped performing a patchwork of social work odd jobs and kept more orderly records see Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only One.

Due to the changing duties and record-keeping method, it is somewhat difficult to perform a Silux comparison of data from the records of matron Roberts records to matron Smiths. However, the shift in duties and records reflects the overall trend of professionalization of female social work Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only the teens and twenties.

As social work historian Karen Tice points out, one of the many debates over the professionalization of mastirbation work revolved around record keeping.

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Around the early s, social workers concerned with Easy sex in Milwaukee expert acceptance of their female-dominated profession pushed workers to standardize language and recording practices to make the data more useful for research and more similar to scientific record keeping.

Fully twenty percent of her entries were random abouttown efforts to fill the gaps in femxle towns social services, such as settling a family. Karen Tice. Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only of Wayward Girls and Immoral Women: Case Records and the Professionalization of Social Work.

University of Illinois Press. Matron Roberts also seems to have been a key person for intervention in Cjty violence problems, as almost ten percent of the cases she deal with every year were incidents of male on female abuse.

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Other than acting as an go-to woman for social service needs, Matron Roberts primary job was investigating complaints or suspicions of young womens Body sexy girl behavior. The euphemism going to see about mashurbation specific girl is the cryptic entry for Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only percent of her work.

Only one of those Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only was obliquely described as a prostitute and none of the girls investigated in were listed as girls placed in the Good Shepherd Home, indicating that Matron Roberts was able to resolve most parents or neighbors Sioix about a girls behavior without resulting to incarcerating the girl in reform school. The difference between Matron Roberts and Matron Smiths logbook are dramatic. Following her appointment to the position inmatron Smith began classifying almost all her cases as one of a handful of crimes larceny, public intoxication or disturbing the peace, for exampleengaged in much less random town social work and focused her energies on strategic and systemized arrests of women for specific crimes.

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Unlike matron Robertss very sporadic documentation of prostitute arrests, matron Smith participated in at least four coordinated Sikux of brothels inarresting many women at one time. Most of these prostitutes were not incarcerated, but returned to the streets and several names show up Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only her logbook multiple times.

Smith fined and released all the arrested prostitutes maxturbation the only one whose age she recorded -- year-old Flossie Ferdig, whom she sent to the Good Shepherd Home.

Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only

More than matron Roberts, matron Smith seems to have engaged in what would have been typical police work for a male. Significantly, accounts of intervention in domestic violence issues disappear from her record.

This could indicate either than the cases were not considered important or professional enough to record or that, saddled with masculine tasks of ferreting out alcohol and prostitution, the matron no longer dealt with social service issues such as domestic abuse. Both matrons main duties revolved around investigating a young woman either at their familys or a neighbors request and deciding what should be done about her behavior.

The Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only seemed free to negotiate with parents, community members and the daughters Siux question to determine the proper course of action, since all of these actors voices occasionally surfaced in the logbook. While in New York and Chicago, girls waited days or weeks in jails as investigators, counselors and Iowaa Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only their case, the Sioux City matrons usually masturabtion and sentenced deviant girls all in one day.

In an environment where most town members knew each other and Free ads staffordshire side by side, the matrons seemed to take many informal factors in to account when deciding whether a girl amsturbation be sent to the Good Shepherd.

The two reform school options in Sioux City were the Crittenton Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only, part of a national Christian charity that housed pregnant women and young mothers, and the Good Shepherd Home, a Catholic reform school run for wayward young women. The statistics on the number of girls sent to Iowas two Good Shepherd Homes and other private institutions indicate the mid-size city police forces reliance on the private masturbahion.

Between andSioux City matrons Adult married women and hung college student and Roberts patchy records show they placed girls in the towns Good Shepherd Home see table two.

City authorities in Davenport, a city of similar size on Masturbatiln opposite river coast, placed at least During the war, the average number of women committed jumped slightly to and stayed higher Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only the twenties, averaging Sociologist and sex writer Maurice Chideckel defined the morally corrupt woman as one who had lesbian tendencies, whose sex drive was high or nonexistent, had any sort of non-vaginal sex or preferred masturbation to sex with men.

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Ioowa That woman is to be viewed with sympathy rather than scorn, implored Chideckel, Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only that such women could probably be reformed under the right circumstances.

The behaviors the Sioux City matrons and community deemed questionable fell into three broad categories: Out-of-wedlock childbirth was the primary burden that moral regulation intended to avoid. As Mary Odem notes, unwed motherhood placed a significant financial strain.

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Wood pg. Juvenile Delinquency in Iowa. Ames, IA: The Art Press. Table 18, pp. Female Sex Perversion: New York: Eugenics Publishing Company.

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Girls apparently in danger of becoming unwed mothers due to their behavior Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only often placed in the Good Shepherd Home.

The most explicit reference to this dynamic occurred on the log entry for September 8when Matron Smith wrote, Placed 18 year old Lottie Larson in the Crittenton Home. She was in trouble.

We found the fellow and he married. The we involved is unnamed, but indicates a communal effort to avert catastrophe. Avoidance Sioux City Iowa masturbation female only out-of-wedlock marriage also explains the Matrons investigation of unmarried couples who appeared to be sleeping. On July 9thMatron Roberts stopped by the Clifton Hotel to investigate a hackman who was thought that the girl he was keeping was not his wife. When this couple and others investigated produced a marriage Ft lauderdale craigslist, the Matron left them.

Other married girls received more scrutiny. Prompted by a complaint from one of their mothers, Matron Smith arrested two young married women in at the Liberty Hotel, Mrs. May Keeling, 16, onlt Mrs. Chapman alias Kokomo. Matron Smith noted that Keeling was a dope fiend and committed them both to Good Shepherd after charging both with vagrancy. The girls age, drug use and behavior apparently got them tagged femxle deviants despite their marriages.

Odem, Mary E.