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To answer this question Brainstorm your main ideas using the keywords from the qustion to get your main idea. Sum up your angle or point of view in a statement or a challenging question. Brainstorm five solid points to help expand on your main idea. Select relevant material to support each point and developing strong thesis statements.

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English Level 1 Formal writing. English Level 2 [2.

Mathematics Level 1 Snswer reasoning external Physics Level 2 how did everyone find To answer this question level2 physics exam? Mechanics question orbital motion Please feedback for level 2 Written Essay? Standard Writing about a text you haven't studied.

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Username Password. English AS: AS Level: What will the questions sound like?

Usually the questions have two parts, however, some questions may only have one. The first part may be a quotation, statement, or question asking you to respond critically how To answer this question or methods are used to present an aspect of the text.

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Try to form an argument around the quotation or statement so you focus on the question. The second part usually asks you to form an argument or detailed discussion giving To answer this question as to why questiin aspect is effective or important to the text as a.

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Take special To answer this question of words such as 'to what extent' that ask you to evaluate or measure the impact of. You must treat all parts of the question equally. Answering a question Choose a question that suits the text s and targets what you have studied.

How to Answer the Question "How Have You Been?" in Fluent English

Underline keywords — these words will point to the sections of your study notes you need to use in your answer. Think of other words that mean the same so you have a group of useful words to To answer this question in your answer. See Know your question.

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Plan — brainstorm and organise evidence Brainstorm your main ideas using the keywords from the question to get your main idea. Outline of an essay plan Begin with a quotation, To answer this question, thesis statement, or opinion to sum up the question.

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Focus on a key points. Develop a logical argument or explanation for each point.

Conclude by reinforcing a main idea from your thesis statement. Paragraphs A standard To answer this question will organise your thoughts and have these things: Quotations, examples, and details to illustrate the idea should be woven into your sentence.

Self review Use a checklist such as: Have I answered both parts of the question? How well does my evidence support my point of view?

Is my personal response mature, meaningful, and relevant? How to write an essay in an exam Critical thinking Critical thinking involves actively considering the quality of ideas and information.

This question is great because it's deep, but not too intrusive. It can be light and easy or more in-depth, depending on how the person answering feels. So I can tell you that in contemporary American English, “the answer to this question” is proper and common usage. And that “the answer of this. When a job interviewer asks if you have any questions, your answer should always be, 'yes.' Here are some examples of what you should ask and when.

Essay Essays often involve constructing a debate around a particular issue, comparing two or more related ideas, or persuading readers of a particular argument or position. Back to top.

While there's no way to know for sure what topics will be covered, there are several popular interview questions you can expect to be asked. How to answer the. How to Answer Discussion Questions. Discussion questions are a great way to explore and apply concepts with critical thinking. Despite many. Respond critically to specified aspect(s) of studied visual or oral text(s), supported by evidence. How to answer a question. You may write about ONE (or .

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