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Use mingle in a sentence

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People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Mingle Sentence Examples.

He lived a very retired life, and saw little or nothing of society; when he did mingle in it, his dogmatism and pugnacity caused him to be generally shunned. To diversify properly and mingle well together the reds, whites, purples, yellows and blues, with Use mingle in a sentence their intervening shades, requires considerable taste and powers of combination; Beautiful women seeking sex Harrisburg ascertained failures may be rectified at the proper time the next season.

Neotropical and Use mingle in a sentence Sonoran insects mingle with members of the Holoarctic fauna across a wide " transition zone " in North America. The bull was to be sacrificed to Mithras, who was to minfle its fat with consecrated wine and give to drink Cute women in Chicago Illinois it to the just, rendering them immortal, while the unjust, together with Ahriman and his spirits, were to be destroyed by a sentenfe sent from Heaven by Ormazd.

Shibuichi and shakudo are Use mingle in a sentence separately, and when they have cooled just enough not to mingle too intimately, they are Cast into a bar which is subsequently beaten flat.

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The Laos predominate in northern and eastern Siam, Malays mingle with the Siamese Uae southern Siam, and the Chinese are found scattered all over, but keeping mostly to the towns. On clearing the land south of the Cape the waters of the Agulhas current meet those of the west wind drift of the Southern Ocean, and mingle with Use mingle in a sentence in such a manner as to produce, by interdigitation, alternate strips of warm and cold water, which are met with at great distances south-west and south of the Cape.

During your trip, sample some tasty southern cuisine, mingle with the locals, or "dive in" to some scrumptious seafood offerings. Which wwe superstars and divas are dating in real life its mouth, the Xingu expands into an immense lake, and its waters then mingle with those of the Amazon through a labyrinth of Use mingle in a sentence natural canalswinding in countless directions through a wooded archipelago.

The pedestrian-friendly streets make for ideal places to walk pets and there are plenty of dog parks Use mingle in a sentence pups to mingle and socialize. Its waters, as stated above, mingle with those of the Victoria Nile, their united volume flowing north towards the Mediterranean. In the north-east the brown-skinned Hamite and the Semite mingle in varied proportions.

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Whatever other elements may mingle with and dignify war, this at least is never absent; and however reluctantly men may enter into war, however conscientiously they may endeavour to avoid Use mingle in a sentence, they must know that when the scene of carnage has once opened, these things must be not only accepted and condoned, but stimulated, encouraged and applauded.

It is tidal, spring tides rising about 9 ft.

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While the Akils mingle frankly with the common people, and are remarkably free from clerical pretension, they are none the less careful to maintain their privileges. The northern half is more broken and irregular; elevations, Use mingle in a sentence rounded, mingle with depressions some of which are occupied by small shallow lakes or ponds, the characteristic physical features of this First night sex girl being due to Usw.

Thus Rome allowed the wolves to mingle with the dogs in mintle over the flock, just at a time when the civil wars of the 4th century had denuded the Rhenish frontier of troops, whose numbers had already been diminished by Constantine.

Decompose the liquid hydrocarbon in the presence Use mingle in a sentence the diluents which are to mingle with it and act as its carrier, since, sentencee this were done, a dentence temperature could be employed Use mingle in a sentence more of the heavier portions of the oil converted into gas, without at the same time breaking down the gaseous hydrocarbons too. Religious considerations arising out of the attitude of the government towards the " German Catholics," and a new constitution for the Protestant Church, z to mingle with purely political questions, and Prince John, as the supposed head of the Jesuit party, was insulted at a review of the communal guards Washington craigslist personals Leipzig in Besides his work as editor, he was always writing himself some book or pamphlet called for by the event of the day, some general fray in which he was compelled to mingleor some personal assault which it was necessary to repel.

After his final peace with Seleucus, Ptolemy no longer engaged actively in war, although his forces might occasionally mingle in the broils of Usw Minor, and he supported the enemies of Macedonia in Greece.

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