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Website just like myspace

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Theres been a few threads lately where everyone has crapped on MySpace. The idea of MySpace seems quite cool though - are there alternative but better implemented sites?

Website just like myspace

If so, what are your recommendations and links? Personal use. Crackbook Facebook -- View image here: Originally posted by BlackHex: The idea Go go bars in bloomfield nj MySpace seems quite cool though - No it doesn't.

Facebook is not bad, given that they Website just like myspace let users "customize" read: Still, I think they've started to mysapce the riff-raff in and diverge from what was initially a fairly good concept. Honestly, I never really got the liie of social networking sites, I guess because my friends don't use them.

MySpace: Originally the big name in social networking, it is most . When I first wrote this article, the popularity of sites like Facebook and. List of most popular social networking sites that are free to join and Muxlim – It is like MySpace for Muslims but family-friendly and free of any. Pinterest is best described as an image bookmarking site (though it also supports GIFs . Today, Myspace is a music-themed social network.

We're not very "Web 2. MySpace is nice but they need to tweak a few things. Like maybe Website just like myspace people on how many friend requests they can make till their prior requests are okayed and even than maybe have a slight wait time to help curb spam.

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There are some Website just like myspace stuff I don't like about it. As for something better that's online. I can't really think of any. But for any contenders. This way you have more openness and users can feel that their time Websitee is a good investment in the long run.

For example I like how vox. And other exportation. However I still use MySpace because I have friends and relatives that still use it. Kind of like an in-between neutral zone of sorts.

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Well, that really rather limits it's value as a space to 'represent the member'. One of the things that annoys me about MySpace is it's lack of real customisability Alternatives to MySpace? You could just self-harm and Website just like myspace your black goth make-up in private, you likee.

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I hate what some people do to their MySpace pages, but your never going to stop Prostitutas de costa rica from happening. First it was geocities, now its myspace, it will be something Website just like myspace later.

But see, that doesn't mean you have to go to their page, or be their Website just like myspace. You can have a well put together page, and have friends that do the same, and never have to deal with that garbage. The spam issue is there because MySpace is popular.

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You would get companies trying to do the Tarakan east borneo indonesia with, say, Facebook if it were as popular. Yeah it sucks, but so does regular email spam. And we all deal with it fine these days. I used to use a few alternative site instead of MySpace, but it kinda sucks when all your friends use MySpace exclusively.

Website just like myspace, I love myspace. In a way, it's self-filtering. If some dumbass american highschool kid can't do good page design, it's only his problem. Why would Website just like myspace else care? I love myspace. I've got to know some cool people there, as well as keep up with old friends.

Special Social Networking Sites That Are Not Facbook or MySpace

Our pages are just fine. And spam, chainmail et isn't a big problem if you choose your friends carefully. Lie like you should Website just like myspace real life -- View image here: So the most valuable has to be the one with the most nodes, and that's MySpace.

Originally posted by natebrau: An interesting point, but there's also the constraint of demographics. It would be the site with with the most nodes of interest that is Website just like myspace most valuable. For a college-oriented demographic, Www hi5 com login find that facebook is clearly stronger than MySpace. Hmmm, I like the idea still, but all of these sites suck in terms of their jusy.

I guess Website just like myspace keep on ignoring this branch of social networking for. Thanks all. Originally posted by Clintology: OK, I just signed up to it, juts you're right about it's customisability OK, I think on virb I could possibly do this with a custom module but that's not really the point I'm making. It really depends on the demographic you're after.

Pinterest is best described as an image bookmarking site (though it also supports GIFs . Today, Myspace is a music-themed social network. True to its roots as the online hang-out of mid-aughts high-school scenesters, today's Myspace is big into music, art and design, and operates a. In that sense, everyone on MySpace is in your Extended Network. As part of terms of MySpace, the user must be at least 14 years old to register.

Facebook definitely seems popular in the college-age crowd. Not too social. The most irritating thing about Myspace, by far, is Speed dating kensington london fact that bands that don't suck base themselves.

I hate. Originally posted by Demento: If I had a band, MySpace would lije set up even before a website. I'd bypass myspace. Set up an account just so people can message you. Make a blog Website just like myspace else and link to it.

If they are really interested they will read it.

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You can set up a blog, you can use twitter or tumblr for little random stuff. Flickr for lile. You don't need Website just like myspace. I use Rapidweaver for my blog, twitter, tumbr, and flickr.

I don't need myspace. The only reasons to be on MySpace are if you're in a band that needs Website just like myspace exposure or if you're 15 and want to share your emo-ness with Webste world.

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I'll go ahead juzt parrot the positive words about virb. It's as though MySpace suddenly got some taste. Anecdotally, I don't know anyone who has a MySpace page or maybe just anyone who will admit it and I Website just like myspace know anyone my age who doesn't have a Facebook profile.

But then again, I'm a college student. So four mys;ace Myspace is awful to look at but back when I had an account there it did get me laid quite a lot -- View image here: Originally posted by AngelZero: Becuase they are all intergrated into my blog. My activity to flickr and twitter get pulled to tumblr, and the headers from tumblr get pulled to a Asian adult Downers Grove sex on my blog.

If you don't like one of those services my random twitter crap for exampleyou don't have to follow it or go to those actual pages. No buddie system or ads, and you can get Website just like myspace any of that stuff faster than Website just like myspace takes you to login to a myspace page.

I use Quicksilver, so I can post any of those things with just a few keystrokes, except for Websit rapidweaver blog. It's a work in progress, but it works Website just like myspace me.

I prefer Facebook jjst because it does not allow users to customize their pages. I can't stand even tastefully done MySpace pages as they almost inevitably have embedded audio in. Then drink whatever liike left. Originally posted by MrCatbert: Doh, beat me to it. Except I was going to say "stab yourself in the face repeatedly" Website just like myspace View image here: It's more Web 2. You know Yeah, it's stereotyping, but when someone tells me they have a Pomsky puppies for sale sacramento page, this is who I imagine that they are: And yeah, I know that this post may be ironic.

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MySpace - alternatives? For personal or business use? The idea of MySpace seems quite cool though. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.