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What kind of shoes do ninjas wear

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I believe the split toe shoe was fairly standard footwear worn in Feudal-Era Japan. Real Ninja would have worn straw shoes.

When the samurai swings his sword at the ninja, the ninja does a kind of hand-stand and catches the nknjas in between the toe gap. I am an expert who doesn't lie about this kind of thing.

Jika-tabi - Wikipedia

I believe it was the master ninja Oda Nobunaga who first performed the maneuver in the great war ofand since then What kind of shoes do ninjas wear become common knowledge that the toe gap saves lives.

They're called jika-tabi and nninjas presumably notched at the toe so the wearer could also wear geta wooden sandals when the situation called for it without having to Verses about falling in love their current footwear.

Is the OP assuming that Ninjas in general don't exist, or is he referring to the fictional media version of Ninjas? I don't know. Oh, the ubiquity? Pretty much everyone in Wsar at that period in history wore that type of footwear.

IT's just period-accurate. If you're sneaking into a castle you'd have an easier job wearing dark colored servant garb.

I mean ninja's were real, but they did usually just dress like poor people, cus its easier to blend in and sneak around that way. I always thought that the tabi boots were to make climbing easier.

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Better grip with your toes and all. Please Log In to post.

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MarkWahlberg Follow Forum Posts: These fucking things Was there some proto-ninja film that set the standard in ninja attire? OhCollusion Follow Forum Posts: Well im pretty sure the consensus is that their underwear is in the same shape.

what kind of shoes do ninjas wear?

JZ Follow Forum Posts: Feet grip. Umm, ninjas aren't imaginary. MariachiMacabre Follow Forum What kind of shoes do ninjas wear CaLe Follow Forum Posts: In recent years, jika-tabi have been seen in Hollywood movie productions.

The Dark World. Also worn in short movie Anima from Thom Yorke The distinctive boot tread pattern of the jika-tabi shoes used by the Japanese special forces was shies to the Allies mostly Australian troops with some American units during the rout and mopping up operation, as it was easy to identify and kijd through the muddy forests.

Examples of the boots are held by the Australian War Memorial. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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What kind of shoes do ninjas wear Looking Sexy Chat

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Japanese clothing.

Obi Uwa-obi. Retrieved from " https: Boots Japanese footwear.