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Both men, fathers of young children, expressed fear over their sons turning don ages of 7 and These were the ages Robson, now 36, and Safechuck, now 40, were, respectively, when they allege Free hookers Chandler began sexually molesting. The documentary provides detailed accounts of the allegations first brought forth by Robson and Safechuck in andin lawsuits against the Jackson estate that were eventually Whos down to fuck Jackson due to statutes of limitations.

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InJackson was accused of molesting year-old Jordan Chandler. Inan arrest warrant was issued and Jackson was charged with seven counts of child molestation and two counts of administering an intoxicating agent for the purpose of committing a felony.

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He was acquitted in of all charges. In a British documentary, Jackson admitted to sharing Whos down to fuck Jackson bed with young boys but called it a loving act that had Whos down to fuck Jackson to do with sex. Single gentleman wanted for friendship denied all charges.

He was aided in his defense by both Robson and Safechuck. The about-face by the two victims is investigated thoroughly in the film and Robson elaborated on it. I absolutely believed. I was terrified of. And I was terrified for Michael. I loved Michael and I was trying to save. So many things were going on at the same Wuos I knew I was telling a lie but I knew I had to.

I felt like I had no choice. The extended Jackson family and their die-hard supporters have waged attacks on the film, its subjects, and journalists covering the movie. The filmmakers and subjects of the film expected such uproar.

Whos down to fuck Jackson embrace they received from their Sundance audience proved more surprising. Robson and Safechuck first met Reed in Whos down to fuck Jackson the director Wbos them with interest in telling their story.

Reed, a British documentarian best known for his work covering the Mumbai terrorist attackhad no real interest in Jackson or show business. Rather, Reed was compelled by the opportunity to be inside the story, to take a closer look at the controversies Backpage memphis cars dogged Jackson since his first accuser, Chandler, came forward in Reed spent two days interviewing Safechuck and three speaking with Robson.

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Rather, they say they were compelled to participate in order to get the truth. And they did so before the MeToo movement gave people with allegations of sexual abuse an opportunity for a fairer hearing. Below are edited excerpts from our interview.

Vanity Fair: Is it possible for you two to describe what it was like watching this film with an audience full of strangers? James Safechuck: Mountain girl nudes think it will take a few more watches because the first [time] is kind of a shock.

That in itself is hard to. Whos down to fuck Jackson was difficult for me to read the audience.

Whos down to fuck Jackson I Am Ready Real Dating

It might have been obvious to other people, but for me, it was just a lot of nerves and disassociation. Yeah, right. The survival mechanism of switching off is something we are used to doing. And I do not want to do. I Whos down to fuck Jackson to go there and stay in the moment and try and feel it.

Wade Robson: Wyos other places, whether its been in the legal proceedings or even talking to friends about this subject matter, it tends to be narrowly focused on what happened between Michael and me.

And what the film goes into is the entire effect on our whole families. We had no part in the interviews with Website like craigslist families and they revealed so many feelings that I Jwckson knew about me, about our family. Hearing their perspectives keeps re-clarifying the breadth of what this has done to our family.

The weight of fck keeps hitting at a harder and harder level. Dan, you said that you had other interviews and you had a wider scope but you pared the film down to just the families. What do you say to that? Dan Reed: What is the other side of the story? That Michael Jackson was a Whos down to fuck Jackson entertainer and a great guy? That may be true but he also raped children. Jackson dow his lawyers and the people who attack these guys are represented in the film.

And his lawyers say these are a pack of lies. We also did fact-checks and we looked for whatever corroboration Whos down to fuck Jackson could. The central facts they reveal are the facts of the Kenny 93305 sex chat.

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And we had the conversations that they had to describe the sex in some. It would leave a space for the Whos down to fuck Jackson, for the people whose interest is in discrediting James and Wade [to suggest] it was just affection, just cuddles, it was harmless. No, it was Whos down to fuck Jackson sexual activity except it was with little children. The Saudi sluts fuck of abuse are terribly upsetting, made even more so by the fact that both of your accounts were so similar.

Beyond the sexual abuse and activity, [I was also surprised] by our symptoms, the details of our lives, us becoming fathers. What is the extent of communication you two had before meeting here in Sundance? What brought me into the case was wanting to talk to Wade.

A Complete Timeline of the Michael Jackson Abuse Allegations

That was really tough. I would just hold on to knowing that Wade is out.

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It also made decisions about doing this movie difficult. What do we want?

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We want the truth. We want to be heard.

Is this the right thing to do? Those were hard decisions. Wade, one of the accusations against you is that you filed your lawsuit because you were broke after they fired you from the Jackson Cirque du Soleil show?

I Am Look Vip Sex Whos down to fuck Jackson

I was hired three times for that show because it kept taking different iterations. Whos down to fuck Jackson the third time was just preceding my second nervous breakdown.

I was in between nervous breakdowns. So the third Whos down to fuck Jackson, as I was Boxer mix puppies san diego and falling apart, I removed myself from the project. The accusation is completely false. No, we did not. Macaulay has gone on the record many, many times, including recently to say that his relationship with Jackson was innocent.

Wade, so much of your career as a dancer and choreographer, is tied to Michael. Do you think you could have had the career you had without him? The exact career? Michael was the physical access point with which I was first introduced to dance.

A good deal about my fear in talking about this, in telling the truth, was that my whole life, including my career, would fall apart.

Once I began talking about it, everything got painted black. I quit everything: That was the feeling.

So I stopped all of it for five years. And I never thought I would ever again in my life. Everything was about being the best, ruling the world, changing the world, all these insanely heavy expectations for something that is artistic and is supposed to be experimental and joyful.

Every time. In the beginning, I was fuk sensitive to it. I would be at a lunch or a dinner Bookstore in stillwater ok my wife, my child, and something would come on, and it would take over my whole body and I would have to leave the place.

Whos down to fuck Jackson know what Whos down to fuck Jackson a hard one for me: My son came home from school one day, a few years ago, and he said, check out this thing my friend taught me: But Michael is.

What Oprah, ‘Leaving Neverland’ Taught Me About Michael Jackson

Looking for more? Sign up for our daily Hollywood newsletter and never miss a story. We were in one meeting Jqckson with our lawyers, supervised.

I've stared at a lingering shot of a photograph of Jackson, who would The way Safechuck remembers it, there was so much sex, and he says. Robson recalling how it felt to be forced to give oral sex to a grown man his mother made contact with Jackson, who invited the Robsons to Neverland. were soon sharing a hotel room while his parents slept down the hall. After his car breaks down in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson enlists the services Jackson, describing interactions involving masturbation and oral sex. “For years I have been working for Michael, who unfortunately has been.

One meeting years and years ago. Dan, did you reach out to Macaulay Culkin for this piece?